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what to do today

4 Sep

london 10.11am 17.4C cloudy sunday 2016

simon mentioned the burning of a wooden structure on the thames, to depict the london skyline during the great fire of london. it is to be burnt later today as a highlight of the fire of london show going on all weekend. he said he might go and see it, though i told him they are saying it will be so crowded that they suggest people see it on the live show at their website instead. i think businesses there esp restaurants would like it if people did go there and then eat at their restaurants during or before or after the show. 

the lord moon of mall pub near trafalgar square. its a whetherspoon pub. in march 2015 i remember being particularly pleased that they are offering english breakfast for £2.99. i wonder if they still do so. i doubt it. i read in their website that they give unlimited free refills of coffee before 2pm. i wonder if that is still on. if so they should be recommended.

this one is in such a high tourist area, maybe they dont want to advertise it too much otherwise tourists might just go there for  a coffee and use their toilets and nothing else. esp now that the trafalgar square toilets need to pay.

though of course if the tourists are wise, they can go to the national gallery for free toilets.

i pass this pub often but never read their notices. until now when i see in the photo that their chips and hamburgers are about £5.50 with soft drinks. the macdonalds across the road are selling theirs for that much. though u can get a voucher for macdonalds that gives u a quarterpounder hamburger and fries for only £2. this is all near trafalgar square a popular tourist site.

maybe that is the thing about london, the eating places are chains and charge the same prices whether in the back of beyond or right in the centre near trafalgar square. there is a pret a manger, and another chain coffeeshop , cant remember what it is now; with out door seats facing and overlooking the square. it is a great place to linger and watch people. yet the prices are the same as in any of their branches elsewhere. this is so different from european cafes at famous sites, a notorious example is st marks square in venice; where they charge u a lot to sit there.