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high rise fire in a tower block in london

14 Jun

the two cherries that i had hoped to eat , but this morning i see someone else has picked them and presumably ate them. haha. i ate one before this. this is a rare cherry tree that not only have blossoms but fruit as well.

london 1.17pm 25.4C sunny wednesday 2017


feels hotter, i was waiting at the bus stop, and the wave of heat bowling towards me makes me think of the mediterranean. i was thinking it is very nice, in small doses; but also thinking glad that it does not happen often nor for long in uk as this kind of heat means that if prolonged everything will dry out, and plants will wither and grass die, and turn the ground to dust and that means the wind will whip it up into dust blowing all over the place. you see that in france or spain, and it can be really uncomfortable. it just adds more discomfort to the high heat allready from the relentless sun. 

i used to think what a dull life i must seem to lead when u read my blog, talking of things like free meals, and shopping bargains like the chillis yesterday, until simon showed me in his laptop this morning about this resident tower block in west london going up in flames. all the floors are affected and report of people dying and unable to escape. and then i am glad i dont have to have that happening to me and all my excitement is simple things like those.

this tower block fire is unusual, in that usually one flat catches fire and it is confined to that flat alone, or maybe the one above it and that is it. the fire is usually limited. this one must have really bad fire walls, as it seems it started on a 2nd floor flat and spread rapidly throughout all the floors.

and this fire reminds me of the reason why i dont like living in high rise, even though many are now considered luxury places to live. how to escape a high rise is something none of them have been able to allay my fears on that score. though i suppose modern high rise must have good fire walls that prevent any fire from spreading. but i dont think i will bet on it, as i have seen fire spreading fast in some high rise fires in dubai. 



home is lovely when it is cold and raining outside

22 Feb


most of us will have an ordinary day without any dramatic incidence, and i am sure we are very glad it is so. i am sure if we read the news we are quite glad that our day is so ordinary. haha.

i read of the fire that engulfed the high rise residential block , called the torch, in dubai. makes me glad i dont live in a high rise. it makes u start asking yourself what is the attraction of living in a tower block, when escaping a fire miles up will be difficult as u have to walk downstairs, the lifts being out of bounds.

and it seems quite easy for a fire to start, and how come the building is not using materials that will confine any fire to just the flat it is in, instead of spreading so quickly. lots of questions to ask,   it must make all high rise owners wondering if they had forgotten some basic survival principles when they opt to buy a flat in a tower. 

i look at the high rise towers being built all round me in central london, and i wonder do those owners know what they are buying into? that flat may be their coffin and they would have spent a huge fortune to end up making it their funeral pyre.

though i have noticed when a fire occur in a tower block in london, the fire is almost always confined to the flat, and seldom, in fact, as far as i know, never has the whole tower gone up in flames. i wonder if the building fire proof requirements are stricter and more carefully implemented in uk than in dubai. 

this is the weekend after chinese new year on thursday so london is hosting its annual cny festival in chinatown. it may be the nearest time the chinese living here can celebrate as there is no public holiday on thursday. though i know the chinese would have taken their reunion dinner on the 18th feb, and booked a table at the restaurants then.

i remember we used to do it, booking a table of about 10people. but eventually we gave up the practise, as the service was horrible, and the food came in dribs or drabs or in a rush with long intervals between courses. cant really blame the staff or the kitchen … the jam of people  is awful, u would think they are giving away free food. 

not much fun for the chinese workers in the chinese restaurants, having to work on chinese new year eve; but it is great for the customers. and a chance for the workers to get extra pay, i bet. everybody accept that the price will go up for the bookings on chinese new year eve. it is very crowded too so the price hike has not deterred customers. as for this weekend, i doubt there are many chinese actually eating in the restaurants this sunday;  those who do are not locals, or are westerners, or tourists. haha. 

i have just been in chinatown , but did not stay long, as it was raining, and frankly add rain to cold and it is not a place to be outdoors. i see plenty of people around, esp forming long queues outside the eating places in chinatown. and that was at about 3pm. i am afraid i am not hardy enough to hang around and chickened out and quickly fled home. haha.

the buses are jammed even on normal days due to road works but today it seems worst. on a sunday too. so i did not wait for the 88, my usual bus that drops me right by my door, but took the next bus that came along, fortunately the number 3 bus. i  got off at lambeth bridge and walked back to the flat.