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fish balls and hollyhocks

13 Jul

london 3.14pm 22C cloudy saturday 2019

i went to chinatown just now to buy frozen fish balls. i discovered this supermarket in chinatown selling 400mg for £2.79, and quite big fish  balls too. previously i was buying 200mg for £1.80 from another store there. then i saw today 1kg of the fish balls for £6.75. so i bought it as it was slightly cheaper. they are very nice fish balls, that is why i dont mind buying such a large quantity. fish balls are so delicious. and these are so springy.  on the bus there, i saw lots of school children from europe, wending their way in large groups. so the tourists here consist of school children,  like they are on a school outing or something. there must be a big program in schools in europe organising these school trips taking their students to visit uk. i wonder if uk schools also have the same kind of programs. i guess they must be sending them here while uk is still in the EU, as passport control after we leave might not make it  that easy for them to get in and out.

also read this article about how the changes in water levels in bangladesh is making people there shift to rearing ducks instead of chicken, and improving their lives whilst they adapt and making their lives even better than before. now that is what i like about it, adapt to the climate changes instead of trying to halt them. now if countries would spend money on that , i think the world will benefit more from it. 

lovely mass of hollyhocks

i saw this video of a chap making fish balls, its fascinating, not sure if it is real, or photoshopped. the website is called gag.com so it might be all fake who knows really. nowadays its best to just look at it for amusement, rather than information.

fish balls

28 Jan

london 11.01pm 2.7C dry (though i had a look at morden, south london and it is -2C there now) monday 2019

i was reading a blog of someone who lives in lewisham, and she said she feels cold tonight. it is about -1.3C there , but i was thinking her flat must be badly insulated, because by rights if she have her heating on , she should not be feeling the cold. i dont feel the cold, and my flat have no heating. the thermometer says 18C. so it is no wonder i dont feel cold. ever since my upstairs neighbour put down carpets on their floor, my flat have been warm.   i am getting second hand heat from downstairs flat. i can bet you her ceiling is not insulated, that she do not have corniches in her ceiling. or her upstairs neighbour have no carpets on the floor.

it is winter now, and i expect it to be cold outside of course. 

now that chinese new year is coming, (on 5 feb) i have been thinking of eating fish balls, in hot noodle soup, which would be perfect to fight off the cold weather. so i shall be going to chinatown tomorrow to buy some. fish balls immediately brings up instant joy of chinese food , i think. they epitomise chinese food in my way of thinking. 


fish balls

24 Sep

london 1.50pm 23.3C sunny saturday 2016

pasar malam in trafalgar square today. its a malaysia festival organised by tourism malaysia. i bought these frozen fish balls, 225mg, there were other varieties, but these are the best value for money , 4 for £5, one for £2. the others were 180mg, so not quite as good value.

these are quite nice, i have cooked a batch, and it fluffs up to quite  big balls. and looks very pretty with this red strips of something in it. they are made of fish paste, though they dont mention what proportion of fish in that paste. still, it tastes all right (or rather it takes on the taste of whatever condiment u add to it) and have the texture of fish balls, which is the important thing. they are rather good for adding to noodle soup for a quick meal. 

added 8.52am sunday 16.3C 25.9.16 i had a look at the back of the pack, it is actually made in malaysia. should not have surprised me of course as the whole pasarmalam night is to celebrate malaysia. but i am so used to things being made in china, it did surprise me. it certainly is v good and brings home to us living here that malaysian branded goods are really better than those made in china.