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flowers in winter

6 Jan


there is this flowering plant just outside the front door to the block of flats where i live that seem to in bloom the whole year ever since it was first planted. what an amazing plant. or more likely it is getting lots of heat warfing its way from my downstairs neighbour. her outlet pipe for her gas boiler in her bathroom is just near by.

Digital StillCamera

taken today , we are in january, and just look at this plant. so many flowers. i call it japanese/chinese lanterns but i am sure that is not its name.

the camelias in the communal garden near the bus stop is also blooming, but that is normal for carmelias, they bloom in january. that is why they are my favourite flowers, because just when we are all in dire need of some colour in winter, there it is, bursting with flowers. sometimes when it snows, it can still flower poking its flowers above the snow.

 I got some pork selling for £2/kg. at asda, saw their advert this morning in the daily mail when i was at the library. it is a good buy. though i got one on boxing day that was even cheaper and wish i bought more. ah well, next boxing day haha. that one i have in my freezer now, intact as i will be roasting it. this one i shall cut up into 3 packs and freeze them and eat them pack by pack so i dont have to cook it all at one go.

ah well,  I hope that now the holiday period is over  the prices are coming down. when i was at the self service till, the machine refused to accept 2 of my £1 coins. after repeated slotting in, it accepted one but continued to refuse to accept the other. in the end, the assistant had to go to the manned till and ask for change , and she came back with two 50p coins.

i wonder if the £1 coin is fake. i kept quiet of course because if it is a fake i would be the one to lose out. haha. but the shop assistant did not think so, so maybe i am wrong. i hope there is a way to weed out the fake coins. i think the govt will have to make a new design soon to stop the forgery.

living in london pt 7

19 May






the white flowers are rhododendrons. found out they are hydrangeas.

I saw the gardener in this housing estate planting the plants in the container just outside the front door entrance to the block of my flat.

this is like instant garden; with the flowers blooming away. its great for people who dont like to wait for the flowers to appear. it is pretty and i suppose it is one of the advantages of modern life. we dont have to plant seeds and plan ahead and wait ages for them to grow for the flowers to arrive. instead, one day there is a bare flower bed, the next, everything is blooming like crazy. haha. i think i like that. so now with the weekend of high temperatures, it feels like spring. it fact it feels like summer. flowers everywhere i go. 

even the roses are coming out in bloom  . I always thought they come out in august but no. there are huge varieties of roses.

I was at a friend’s garden yesterday, i got a call from him out of the blue yesterday, inviting me to visit him, enticing me by saying we could sun bathe naked in his garden. he lives near manor house, north london, and it was true, we can sun bathe naked. His is a rare garden, because no where in london can anyone sun bathe naked without the neighbours seeing. but what i want to say is that he had a huge white rose bush in his garden but practically all of it shows signs of remnants of a prolific blooming. now there are only a few flowers, so that bush has bloomed and gone. 

I got a email from waitrose telling me they have roses to sell. i thought they sell  the flowers, but it seems it is the whole bush plant. i suppose if u buy them and plant them in the garden u would be enjoying them for years to come. 

this blog that i follow  talks of musk roses. he lives in indonesia, and i wonder if that picture is of a rose in indonesia. it is not something i associate with s.e.asia but of course rose do grow in highland areas in the tropics.

i have not heard of that term (musk in relation to roses) before. i have heard of tea roses. i wonder why they are called tea roses. well, i googled it and found this link which gives an explanation. it seems they smell of tea.

And it seems musk roses smell of musk. i have to admit i did not notice the difference when i smell a rose.  rather, i mean when i smell a rose, i dont notice that it smells of tea. haha. to me it smells of rose. maybe my sense of smell is not acute.