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i like the fog

30 Dec

london 9.04am 3.9C fog friday 2016

i woke up early enough to see the fog that they are talking about. it has caused alot of mayhem in the country, with accidents on the motorway, the latest one involving a coach , and people have died or got injured. but it is weather , and fog has been around for ages through history.

i kind of like this foggy look. its a nice change from the usual, and makes me appreciate a blue cloudless sky a lot more when it comes.

 i think people forget that and take every deaths or injury that it causes too much to heart. we would all like everyone to live forever of course, it makes us feel caring. but of course the world would be in a mess if everyone lives forever and nobody dies. 

i think the stoic attitude is the best to take in these circumstances. deaths will happen. it is just that nowadays with the internet we get to hear of it instantly as it happens, so that we are aware of it. it gets depressing to hear of it constantly. important to get a sense of perspective on it. and not feel one must never enjoy anything because there are all these deaths that we hear of, some of people who are famous but really we dont know them… and others of people we dont even know at all but as numbers, who died if not in an accident then in a terrorists massacre, or in a murder. but lets keep it in perspective. 

i like this fog, and i think all these happenings should not stop us from enjoying it for what it is. just enjoy the weather really. and u are not callous for doing so. nor are u uncaring if u ignore all these deaths that are reported. you should not be expected to be caring of the deaths of strangers. there is enough anguish from deaths of loved ones, dont add on to it unneccessarily  for you to take on the burden of caring and anguishing over the deaths of strangers. get real, and let the dead bury the dead. it is good advise . 

added 4.21pm 4.2C very foggy . this fog has been lingering on even now. 

trafalgar square, and parliament. showing the fog.

foggy bottom

30 Oct

london fog 8.14am sunday gmt 2016 10.8C

first fog of the year. its a white fog. that is why i call it fog, if it were black it would be a smog. i am glad it is not a smog. this one looks just mysterious in a fun sort of way, whilst the other is just sinister. i guess some pedants might call it a mist… to them a fog is worthy of its name only if it cuts visibility to a few feet. 

usually i can see hide tower looming behind and above the luxury flats from my  window but this morning it is completely hidden. the high rise used to be council flats. and is a 60s concrete building . in those days i think they really give a lot of permission for high rise that are quite out of place. dont seem to have any rhyme or reason to put one there especially a 60s concrete block. 

the fog seem to dampen the noise. it is very quiet. the birds are not talking. i love these varieties of different weather we get here even in london. i am sure fog and mist are quite a common occurrence in the country but it is rare in london. or rather they dont linger long and gets dispersed. i notice this one because it had lingered longer than most. 

not much to see if there is a fog. usually hide tower looms behind and above those flats. now the sky is just a white space.

Oct. 30, 2016 Rise Set
Actual Time 6:51 AM GMT 4:36 PM GMT

at a stroke, we jump straight to an hour earlier for sunrise and sunset today.

fog in london this morning

2 Nov

london 8.18am 9.2C fog monday 2015

its really lovely that it is so foggy in london. maybe it is bad for the travellers, as planes have been cancelled and driving on the roads is difficult because of poor visibility, but to me, it is just wonderful. it is difficult to capture the mood in film, so that pictures dont really do justice to it. 

this latest painting of bamboo done by brushespaper blog evokes the ghostly effect of the fog rather nicely.

i can use my library wifi now

1 Nov

london 12.21pm sunny 14C sunday

how nice! i can get online using the library wifi. so they must have fixed that weak diffie helman whatsist!! they have taken their time! maybe the big interest in hacking stories from talktalk et al, may have persuaded them to strengthen their security. 

the fog has lingered quite a long time, and it is a nice effect it gives to the air; very autumnal.

but now it is clear and it is sunny. the effect of the fog is like haze. obscuring the far views, but without the smell of burning. i read that the haze is going in malaysia, singapore now. so that must be a huge relief for those living there, though i fear it will come back every year. 

funny enough when it is the fog, no one feels upset and worry about pollution, and the effect on their lungs. it is a different story when it is the haze and then everyone wants someone to blame.

i wonder what causes fogs… isn’t it polluted air? as usual i google it and here is the answer to what caused fog in the morning. no , it is not pollution. though london used to be fogged in victorian times, and that was due to the coal fires… so maybe the fog in victorian times is really smog.