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No ID, no checks… and vouchers for sob stories: The truth behind those shock food bank claims | Mail Online

22 Apr

No ID, no checks… and vouchers for sob stories: The truth behind those shock food bank claims | Mail Online.

when the trussel trust said demand for free food has increased enormously and concluded that govt cuts are having a huge impact and making people starve,  i was a bit sceptical. they concluded this from the increased numbers of food parcels and increased numbers of people wanting coming to them. but knowing human nature if something is given away free, i dont see why anyone would refuse. so i can understand people coming to get it even though they are not in dire need. it is free food after all.

this investigation simply shows it happening. the trust is likely to give parcels to anyone who says they want it, and not investigate too closely whether they really are penniless. it is not necessary. they are a charity and anyone who says they want it should get it. to start imposing rules and allowing some to get it and others not, because of a definition of what is poverty and what is not, is really not a concern of a charity supposed to help the needy. by definition anyone who says they want it, is needy.

but the trust is wrong to conclude from this that the govt changes on social security is causing it. too many other factors to heed , so there is no clear cut cause and effect to warrant the conclusion.

the trust should just do its work and let the politics alone.

but the trust is a franchise. it seems it charges organisations £1500 to join and a regular yearly subscription. but that is what always happen when something is set up as a charity with good intentions at first. business practices take over and they are run as a business. it is inevitable of course. and it becomes self propagating, no charity i know ever makes itself redundant. which by rights should be its aim. if ur aim is to reduce poverty, u should be working hard to make your charity redundant, because that would mean u have defeated poverty. but i cannot imagine any charity wanting to do that…