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hot february

25 Feb

london 9.43pm 10.3C (high of 20.8C) monday 2019

it seems today is the warmest february day ever in the history of uk, (since records began that is). but actually if u live through it, i can tell you it is not that hot, haha. and so it is easy to not notice it.

if the newspapers have not trumpetted it, i would not have known of it. i was asleep when the website says it hit 20C,(at about 4pm) and even then it was only a very brief hit, before the temp went down. 

20C is nothing really, in terms of hotness… tell me when it is 38C, haha. if it ever get to that kind of temperature in uk. it will be a rare day indeed and really would convince me of global warming if london gets 38C every summer . maybe one day in the long far future who knows, if what they say about warming is correct.

but what i find more noticeable about today is the brilliant clear cloudless blue sky … i get to feel happy always whenever i see it. i have come to realise that it is not everywhere in the world you can see blue sky. i know in malaysia it is really rare to see it, because if the sky is not hazy with the smog fires , it would be cloudy with monsoon rain clouds at other times. in london, it is quite often i see cloudless blue sky. and yet i read of people always saying how grey the skies are in london. not from my own experience living here for ever so long.

i like roast chicken, and usually i cook it myself. but recently, these few days, i have been finding tesco near me have reduced their cooked roast chicken from £6 to £1.50 (like it is today, and £1.80 a few days ago). it was so cheap , i bought it even though i had only recently finished the last one i bought when it was £1.80 reduced.

the convention here is that for final reductions, expect them to cut the price to a quarter. that is why i bought the raw chicken breasts, (another buy which was reduced in tonight’s tesco bargain reductions) reduced from £4 to £1 , even though at 450mg, it is still quite pricey. even at these reduced price it comes out to £2.22/kg. you can get a whole chicken for £2/kg.

and also at the tesco today i bought minced pork for £1.38. 500mg. it says the original price was £5.50 but i think that is a really inflated price. usually u can get such minced pork normally sold  for £4.£3 added. this is very interesting. the pack i bought is a woodside farms mince pork 12%fat, and in the tesco website it costs £1.99. yet in this pack i bought, it has a reduced label with the original price as £5.50, reduced £1.38… hmm, it looks like tesco is doing a cheating game… putting in stickers with a higher price on their products and then reducing it to a quarter…( actually, i noticed its sell by date is today 25.feb. i wonder if it is still inside its sell by date, and not due to be reduced. in which case it should be sold at its normal price of £1.99, but in this case it  has been reduced by 50p. i have noticed that tesco has not been putting price stickers on their pork products, they put a shelf price label on the shelf instead. quite a sneaky trick. this pack i bought had no price sticker on it, so that i cannot see the original price and got fooled . 

it is rare to find mince pork sold in supermarkets though. and to find any reduced in price is even less common.

unlike minced beef, the supermarkets dont sell a lot of mince pork …i think more minced beef are sold because i suspect any unsold beef gets minced , or cheaper cuts of beef are used and sold as minced beef, so it is a way of getting rid of excess beef that cannot be sold at the higher price.

but pork is allready quite cheap when u sell it as a roast, (£1.60/kg) and so not many left over to mince. and what with the extra cost from the labour to grind them up, adding to the cost it would be a loss if they sell it cheaper than the roast pork prices.  also there are very few recipes that uses minced pork. no pork burgers for eg. whereas there are lots of recipes for beef burgers. and so demand for minced pork is not high. at least that is my theory to explain why they dont sell more minced pork. 


chicken breasts are really very expensive, because here in uk, people like it because it got no bones. i find it great for stir fry and buy only if i get it reduced like this; otherwise i dont buy it  normally and i never buy it at its normal price.

in the past, we can get whole chicken reduced to £1. not any more now, those days may be gone. but when we get that price, we buy lots of the chicken, and that is when i cut them up, keeping the breasts, and freezing them for later. 

but what i mean to say is that it is really nice to be living in london and be able to get these unexpected food bargains in the supermarket.