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food poisoning

17 Oct

london 6.07pm 14C sunset, 6.06pm. thursday 2019 inside pimlico library

not sure if it is dark outside. yesterday i came out at about this time, and it was very dark. so dark that it reminded me of sunset time in malaysia, where there is no twilight, and when the sun sets, it suddenly gets dark. and only the street lights cast a pool of light and all round it is black. even the sky is black. that is normal in malaysia when the sun goes down. there is immediate night. 

and that was what it was like yesterday in london.  usually there is a twilight, so that the sky is still glowing dark blueish. but yesterday the sky was filled with storm clouds. that is why it was so dark.

i am in the library now,  so cant say if tonight it is similar. rain is forecast at 6.45pm, so perhaps it is similar, as there might be storm clouds blocking the sky above.

the buses are running through my area now. when the climate extinction blockage kept them from running past my area it was what prevented me from buying the £10 laila 10kg bag of rice that tesco was promoting. now when i went to tesco,with a shopping trolley, it has all gone. i suppose i should have bought   when the buses were not running through my area, but i did not fancy pushing those heavy bags. however, another brand of rice,koh-i-noor is selling for £11,for 10kg and it is quite a expensive brand. so i guess if i dont get anything less, i shall buy that. i have enough in reserve, so i shall wait and see if they get further reduced. 

the news today is that boris the primeminister says he has got a deal for brexit, and it is now left to parliament to approve it and it will be a done deal. i wonder if rice will be cheaper once we leave. so maybe it might cost even less than £10 in future. who knows. so might it pay to hang fire and not buy any? i wonder?

simon was telling me he was up all night last night, with bad stomach ache from a indian meal he ate in the snooker club that he goes to. it seems the snooker club has its own kitchens, an indian kitchen, and he ate a supper last night from there. i know sometimes people get the runs from eating indian, even if it is not infected. just the body cannot take the spices. but he said it was not that, and he thinks he had food poisoning because it was very severe. he said it was so bad he took to sleeping in the lounge so as not to wake me up. he was very successful in not disturbing me, because i did not suspect he had a bad night at all. 

it reminds me that even when you buy your food from eating places, you are not immune to food poisoning… in fact, you might risk it even more than if u just cook the food yourself. so not only do u have to spend money on it, you can get food poisoning too . all the more reason to cook your own food, right? but i have to say, in all the time we have lived in london, this is the first time i hear of someone i know getting food poisoning from food they bought. so i guess it is rare. and it is from a club kitchen, rather than one that serves the general public.