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italian food exhibition, ikea 30th anniversary

14 Oct

london 3.06pm 19.7C cloudy saturday 2017

i think a lot of us like italian foods, and this exhibition today at the vincent square exhibition hall tries to popularise them. we were able to get some free goodies too, like this lot of stuff that i got. there were also samples of food to try. mostly dried meats, and the pesto sauces and other sauces that we can try with pieces of bread. there was even a demo where a chap was making mozzarella, and we could taste it . it is actually not salty at all, very different from the usual bought mozzarella they sell in the supermarkets. and lots of dried pasta, so many weird looking pasta shapes. 

Digital StillCamera

those cartons i found out are cooking creams. i have no idea that there is even such a thing. i googled it, but still could not figure it out. what is it? how do u cook with it? can u use it in coffee as ordinary cream, or what? they might be useful, because they can be kept in the store cupboard and do not need refrigeration. all those items have italian labels, so might be they cannot be bought in this country. the soft drink is rather nice, its peach. but i doubt we can buy it here. they dont tell where to get it, so i wonder if it is just a goodwill gift on their part and not a advertising gimmick. its a pity they are not sold more here, instead of the watery drinks that we get. on the other hand, it might be they are very expensive… they were telling us those 180mg of pesto, and other sauces are like £6 each. so much. maybe i misheard her, but that much for a small bottle of sauce. i suppose they are used to flavour pasta dishes. like instant pasta sauces that u can take out of the bottles for a quick meal. they sell wines too, and they gave us glasses to sample them, not that i bother, because i dont really like wine. but a dedicated person could get real drunk if they want to sample all these wines from all the stalls. haha.

i got an email from ikea to celebrate their 30th anniversary they are giving us free cake and a £5 voucher. but when i tried to find my ikea card i could not find it, and rummaging through everything, especially all my coats, i find 2 old £1 coins, and went to the sainsburys nearby to buy anything just to use it up before the dateline. i suppose there will be lots of people doing the same thing i did, just buying anything to get rid of it. haha. i found out even though the supermarket has changed their self service tills so that they will not accept the old £1 coin, you can change it at the till, and you might not even need to buy anything. but i bought anyway, two useful things, a reduced price mushroom 300mg 69p and a full price fresh tomatoes 75p.

but it is rather a interesting observation of human nature, this dateline when the old coin becomes invalid, seems to make people just recklessly spend, almost as if it is of no value and so can be wasted. it is strange because the £ coin has its value. i wonder if people really are desperate to get rid of it, or is it just me. and i myself dont know why i should be so worried. after all when the £5 note was going out of validity, i did not panic nor felt i got to rush out to get rid of it. in fact, recently i found an old £5 note and was able to easily exchange it for a new one from my bank , no questions asked… and it is more valuable than a £ coin. human nature can be so funny, as in peculiar sometimes. we behave irrationally. 

i wonder if a lot of beggars are getting the benefit of this mindset, as people just throw it into their begging bowl , especially on monday when they might not be bothered to go to the bank to exchange it. 

then i read this in my wordpress reader, a chap who is divorced and felt the whole weight of the inequality that the laws pile on the father. it is a injustice to divorced men, no wonder so many of them commit suicide. there is a huge incentive to make women file for divorce, they not only keep the children, they also get a huge amount of money from their husbands. and as we see in another case, women can come back to sue for more money many years later even though they have got a settlement. makes me glad i am not married to a woman.

i hope all those men who got married to other gay men, dont start taking the mickey. i would like to think men are not so greedy as those harriden women who are just gold diggers. but then, who knows, if the law gives them that advantage, those men too would start getting into the act. it seems the first person to file for divorce gets all the advantage. 


It’s the onion that WON’T leave you in floods of tears when you chop it – and might even smell OK on your breath | Daily Mail Online

8 Feb

It’s the onion that WON’T leave you in floods of tears when you chop it – and might even smell OK on your breath | Daily Mail Online.

this article saying the onion is now less like an onion, is the trend in modern times. veg have lost their distinctive flavour, which makes them what they are. take for eg, garlic, it is nothing like what i know of it. it is so mild that i have stopped using it in my cooking. it is not worth the cost of using it as it has no flavour anymore.

i think i have adjusted to not having it in my cooking now, because i dont miss it. i daresay when i get strong flavoured garlic or go to malaysia where it is still used in cooking, i shall most probably realise how good it is in cooking, but until then i can live without it. i guess one good out of this is that i dont have garlic breath, which is a good thing. 

i still use ginger, at least for now, as it still has some flavour, though not as intense as i would like. fortunately it does not smell up the breath or sweat.

simon likes his garlic, but because there is so little flavour, he uses a lot. i guess that suits the growers and the sellers,more profit for them.

in the past u dont need a lot of garlic to get that intense flavour in your cooking, but now of course with these low- flavour garlic u have to use more.

part of the popularity of these mild flavoured garlic  is the objection to the smell lingering in the breath. but u cannot have it both ways, liking the strong taste of it without the strong smell in the breath and sweat. unless modern day garlic users dont really like the taste of garlic, even though they say they are garlic lovers.

the same applies to onions.

i wonder what other veg they will seek to reduce the smell and taste of.

look out, world, other strong tasting or pungent smelling vegetables will be altered, mark my words.

flowers allready have that treatment. for eg, commercial roses have lost their scent.