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found thing

25 Mar

london 4.31pm 12.1C sunny sunday 2018


the bag has a fine stippled pattern which is rather pleasing. its a deceptive bag, its base is small, but it spreads out above it to a very wide opening. i have never seen such a design before. you can carry a lot of things in it. the front flap has D TURKMAN on it. i thought it was the initials of whoever threw it away… a novel idea i thought to initial your shopping bag with your name so it does not get mixed up with others… but i googled the name and it seems it is a brand. but there dont seem to be a company website.

i found this shopping trolley placed beside the bins of an old folks home. it was actually not as nice looking as this when i first saw it. the bag  was all crumpled up on the frame , it had no  base cardboard. only later did i realise the base cardboard was taken out … i dont know what made me take the trolley, maybe because i was on my way to the tesco supermarket and thought a shopping trolley will be useful. it was only when i was waiting at the bus stop nearby and was examining it, that i realise it has not got a base… so i went back to get it, because earlier i saw a rectangular board covered in black plastic lying near it… and put two and two together and realised it might be the base. it was, fitted perfectly  which was good to have, as it firms up the base of the bag and let it rest securely on the frame and enable it to support heavy things in the bag.

the wheels were white and look like new. usually the threads are worn down with constant use. but not these. and it turned out to be just what i needed to carry lots of vegetables that tesco was selling cheap.

i bought cabbage, carrots 1kg, brocolli all 3 for £1. and celery for 29p. this trolley is quite compact so that it is easy to carry around , it is very light when empty, which is an important factor i realise, because i have another trolley that is quite big and heavy when empty and i find i am reluctant to carry that around when i go shopping. it is useful for those times when i know i am going to buy rice… because the trolley is quite long handled, and that gives it a lot of leverage and make it very easy to carry very heavy loads.

its quite a fun thing, to come across  unexpected things in the rubbish bins that turn out to be so very useful. 


i found that fr###ging tv remote

5 Jul

london 12.32pm 25.9C sunny wednesday 2017

oh what a bother! i am in the library and was rummaging in my bag, and saw this… the freaking remote control for the tv. how did it get in there!! i must have put it in there without realising it. i think in my haste to put in the adaptor, i must have grabbed the remote as well. though if it has been sitting on the side table it would not be anywhere near the adaptor. i am trying to think back but it is all a blank. i dont switch the tv on in the morning as there is nothing on tv in the morning that i want to see. so by rights this remote should have been sitting on the side table far from the sofa where my adaptor would be. 

Digital StillCamera

that is the naughty remote hiding in my bag, and i found it just now. i wonder if simon can cancel the order . maybe not.

 and i got a message from someone who i have lost touch with from my past. it was from the meetup group that i recently joined, the one that organised the naked sunbathing session. he joined yesterday it seems  and saw my photo, and sent me a message asking if it was me, and if i am in london. i was puzzled at the message because i did not recognise him. but anyway i replied saying i am in london and why did he ask. and he said its been sometime since i went to malaysia. that was when i realised it was him, and i went looking in my address book and saw his telephonenumber in the address he was living it at the time, near marble arch, and i called him and he answered . he is still living there after all these years. i last went back to malaysia to look after my father in 2008 i think. it seems he called when i was away and simon told him i have gone back to malaysia and dont know when i will be back. so he thought i have gone for good left the country.

he said he left a message on the phone, for me to call him back if i got back; but when i got back many months later, simon forgot to tell me he called and i did not access the messages in the phone and so i forgot all about it. now and then i did wonder what happened to him. but i think i forgot his name and so did not think of looking up his number in my address book.

i can be very casual about keeping up with friends actually and have just forgotten friends.

ah well, it seems he got married to his thai friend who he has been having a long distance relationship for many years. and when they got married the guy was able to come to london to stay with him. well i shall be seeing them tomorrow so i shall be able to catch up with him on his news then. so it looks like i have found two items that i have lost. one a few days ago, and the other a lost friend of something like 10yrs ago. 

coffee and cake

22 Feb

london 12.26pm 12.3C cloudy wednesday 2017

this morning i was reminded that i still have a voucher for free cake and coffee/tea at john lewis oxford st store. so i decided to go to the marylebone library instead of the local ones,as it is a short walk from there to the store.

well i took the bus, as it does not entail a tube change , and anyway today is a tube strike. i suppose i shall be reading of all those office workers stranded at the station later today. but around midday, the roads were relatively quiet.

i got a cheese cake, which is what i wanted. they are not as sweet as a cake.

i think it is lovely to be able to just come here and relax and just enjoy the fun of people watching and also to browse the shop and look at the stuff.

i used to do a lot of window shopping in the past. even in those days i dont have the urge to buy stuff, so my window shopping trips never end up with me spending loads of money buying unnecessary things.  to those who cannot resist i would not recommend they do this. but it is a very enjoyable way to spend some leisure time. now of course everytime i see something, my immediate reaction if i like it is to wonder whether i can find one like it in the recycling bins… haha. hehee.

in the past , at one stage of my life, i would wonder if i can find it in a charity shop. now i want it free or not at all. like this lovely fleece jacket that i found in the recycling area. it is a brand called guise. it is a large size, but great for me as a house coat. or if simon wants to wear it he can too. it has a very luxurious feel. 




Digital StillCamera

banoffee cheesecake.

found things

5 Nov

london 4.07pm 8.6C cloudy saturday 2016

i havent found many things recently so i am right happy that these few days i have found quite a lot of things. the kettle and kitchen stuff i found this morning on my way to the library in marylebone. someone have left it near the recycling bins.  there were a set of frying pans and saucepans too but i did not take them as i got a lot of those allready. the saucepans did not look like they are stainless steel otherwise i would take them as i am looking for them for my induction stove. that flat dish i shall use as a butter dish, to replace the one i broke. i got the cover for it. though when i put them together, i found the cover was too big for it. we have been using the margarine container in the background for our butter. the margarine container may not look all that great but it is actually quite useful for that.

this morning i saw there was a broken up mannequin in our estate recycling bins. it was  a woman mannequin , with detachable arms and torso and slim legs standing upright. and there was another mannequin but minus its torso and arms. a man was looking at them and he began to put one torso in his car boot.he asked me if i want them,  i told him, no, you can have them and dont forget her arms. hmm, if it were of a man, i might keep the torso. haha. 

the kettle works and will come in useful when our old one conks out. we got two but  one of our old kettles is leaking, dont know why it should do that, as we have not knocked it to the floor or anything like that. i could not find any obvious hole or anything like that to account for the leakage. and it does not leak all the time, only when i tilt it in a certain way. it is a mystery that . kettles are so useful. 

the mug i found another day lying on the ground beside the roadside. any mug with a message on it costs money. i see them being sold for £1 . this one says go greener, respect the environment. a long message that goes right round the mug. we could do with some more mugs because for some reason quite a lot of my mugs have gone. simon must have done a clear out. or he broke them. haha. they get cracked and broken very easily. its a lot of fun picking up these things for free. and very useful things they are too.

the kettle is really nice. 



31 Oct

london 1.21pm 21.4C (that cant be right!!) monday 2016 marylebone library

they did say today’s temperature will be as high as 17C but it seems to be higher than that if these figures of 21.4C is correct. it certainly feels very warm in this library. it is because they have got the heating on.

i saw today’s daily mail on the desk, and there was someone’s credit card holder underneath it. i asked the person sitting next to me if it was his. it wasnot. have a look at it below.

its quite a nice looking thing,leather look, and the day pass seems quite expensive £25.70. i wonder whether that person had to pay another fare for that day if he left this behind and find out he has no ticket for the return journey. on the other hand, there were no credit or business cards on the folders. so it might be this is an old item that has not been used for ages. anyway it is so old fashioned, who carries around business cards with them these days? and to put all your credit cards in one holder is asking them all to be stolen at one go. in fact no one has taken this holder, all the time it has been lying about the library. which is telling. even i myself am not going to take it. haha of course i just thought of it, a thief might have mugged someone or stole it from someone as long ago as 21st oct, 10days ago,  and had gone to the library to get online and try to buy things using the credit cards there. quite possible. it is so easy to order things online with credit cards, as they never ask for proof of ownership and u cannot sign for it either. 

added. 3.16pm 20.9C sunny. i went to chinatown to buy black soya sauce. the usual brand , pearl river, that i buy has gone up by 20p from £1.35 but i saw lee kum kee  black soya sauce being on sale for £1.25 for 500ml, so i bought it instead. as far as i am concerned they are all the same as long as it is black soya sauce and not light soya sauce. hard to tell from reading the ingredients . but i think there is less soybeans in the leekumkee. the pearl river brand says it has 24% , but the lee kum kee do not say it at all, just saying soya sauce 30%… i opened it and it has a thick consistency, rather like the black soya sauce i remember from my childhood. whereas the pearl river brand has a watery sauce. well, i shall try it and see if i can notice any difference. i might even get to like it , who knows. one wonders how they get that dark caramelised look. do they add some kind of colouring agent i wonder? growing up as kids in a chinese household we are used to seeing and using soya sauce. we never ask how it is made, but i gather it is rather a smelly process and involve mouldy stuff. people say if u ever see how it is made, u will never eat it. haha. i wont be surprised, a lot of things look horrible if u see it being made. 

added. 6.25pm 8.6C dry night wednesday 2.11.16 . i have used the leekumkee black soya sauce. it is actually very nice, has a sweet caramalised taste that brings back nostalgic memories taste of black soya sauce like in my childhood. 

i found a carpet

12 May

london 8.35am 15.8C sunny thursday 2016

yesterday when i came out of my block entrance, i saw this carpet by the recyling bin. i had a good experience in the past with found carpets,that one i found ages ago and  it is on my bedroom floor for ages now and given me a lot of pleasure. so i did not hesitate to take this one, esp when it is right by my door step as it were.

later i had a good look at it and am pleasantly surprised at how intricate the design. i had thought of putting it on the floor of the spare bedroom, but it looks so good i will spread it out on my living room floor instead.

it has the name valby ruta at the back, and so i googled it and found this. it is an ikea carpet. and surprisingly cheap at £49. it is synthetic of course, hence the price, but still looks good. it is easy to upkeep unlike wool carpets which are prone to attacks by a moth caterpilla.

the bedroom carpet, it is softer to step on. picture is fuzzy, because   the button to activate the flash in my camera is not working and the bedroom is dark. added. i shall take another pic again though not sure when  i can do it because simon is sleeping in there after his night shift work. added. 7.23pm another attempt to get it focused.still not very sharp, but it will have to do.

princess mononoke’s warrior headpiece

15 Feb

london 5.55pm 5.4C sunday 14.2.2016

i was walking back from the library and saw this on the ground, it is a face hood. one that i have not seen before. it looks like this , worn by the warrior in princess mononoke. i happen to watch this and saw him and was reminded at how similar his head piece was to the thing i found.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

the one i found is made of fleece. it has not got any brand name, which is surprising, because it looked very well designed. it has this inner face mask, with two draw strings on either side of the face to tighten it over the nose. very useful, because if there is a fierce cold wind blowing, the nose and mouth always gets it, so something to cover those two vulnerable areas would be great. the other areas which can get cold are the ears. this one protects them too. this design is like a balaclava, but much more elegant.

london 8.08am 3.2C cloudy but bright. monday 2016

i had to wait till this morning to get the picture of the hoodie. 

its an interesting design. don’t you think? and no brand name. just a little label ‘made in china’ 100% polyester.

only a few days ago i was telling this guy who was waiting at the bus stop; who was saying to me he was freezing, that he should get a hoodie , a scarf and gloves. and i told him u can get it free too, people tend to drop those things, and i showed him all those things i was wearing which i got free from just finding them on the street. (and here is this hoodie, just lying on the pavement).

 i ended up telling him off for not wearing these things, no wonder he felt cold.