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7 Jul

london 9.53am rain 14C sunday 2019

i found an umbrella yesterday. it was in the recycling area. and it rained last night and still going on this morning. it is nice and cooling when it rains. i like it. 

isn’t it a pretty umbrella.

found things

5 Mar

london 1.21pm 11.2C cloudy tuesday 2019

i found some plates and a teapot recently. the white plate (there were 3 of them) is gold rimmed, and looked very nice. procelain too. and made in poland it seems. at the back it has chodziez brand on it. the other two plates are staffordshire ware. the teapot has no brand name but it is very cute, and unused.well, as BT said in the BT advert, everyone needs plates.

there must be lots of plates hanging around all over the world, and by rights there should be no need to buy them, they should be easily found free. all my crockery have been found , or in my earlier life, bought in charity shops. it was only late in life, in the last 10 or 20 yrs i think, that i realise there is no need to buy them as they are freely found on the street.  

free sausage, and found a spiderman bag

1 Mar

london 2.01pm 11.4C cloudy friday 2019



i went earlier this morning to islington, it is a new opening of a restaurant that sells specialised sausages from international sources which seem to imply from all over the world (though i suspect they are sausages from europe ) today they are giving away a free meal. i got their special, costing about £10. i dont know where this sausage come from… it looks like one of those german sausages. it was a lovely long size. (i have seen other’s orders  and their food is sausages inside a bun, so not as much as mine) the mashed bits are chick peas i think and beetroot i think which gives it its red colour. i was amongst the first few  to order so i got my food quite quickly. its quite nice. you might think it is pricey, but the price is normal for this area. its fun to try these places when they are doing a opening promotion and giving away free food.  

on the way back, i took the tube to pimlico, and decided to go to the library nearby and passed by a recycling bins and saw this, a spiderman child’s bag. its quite nice isn’t it? i think so. i like the 3-D effect. and i find the size very suitable for my things. i find it is better to have a small bag, so that i dont get tempted to put too many things in it. i have been using a gym bag (it’s a sleeping bag cover)but it is getting frayed and have holes in it. it is about 2 and a half yrs old. and it is still serviceable. i think it got an extended life because ian sewed the bottom with his sewing machine and that sealed the seam very effectively. i might keep an eye out for a tubular bag like that (a ex sleeping bag cover is what i should look out for) in case in the future i revert to using such a bag instead of this spiderman one or when this spiderman bag gets too worn. 

i think this spiderman bag is a lunch box. and an insulated one at that.  it has a label -disney store. this spiderman bag is too small to take my chromebook, but i can put it in there as long as i dont zip it up. so it is a bag i can use if i am not bringing my chromebook with me. or if i do, i need to find an elastic to secure it with the top unzipped. it even got a label on the inside where u can write your name. 

added. i was curious to see if people really send their children to school with packed lunches, and found this article about it. there were a lot of warnings about keeping the food warm or cold, and warnings about bacteria, that even i got to wonder if it is worth it. after reading it, even i felt it is too dangerous to make a packed lunch. and i have been packing my lunch for years and think nothing of it.

in all the years when i have eaten my packed lunch, i have never had any problems, and i never keep the food in insulated containers. or even in the fridge at my workplace. and i know people in malaysia never bother with all that either. and none of us have even got ill and we live in the tropics where it is a lot hotter than here with more chances for germs to grow. but here we all hear or read of food poisoning, and warnings not to eat leftover food. dangerous to eating leftover rice, is one that i keep hearing about. it is enough to frighten u off making your own lunch ever again. 

i found a carpet

24 Feb

london 5.32pm 13.8C dry, (highest 19.2C about 4pm) sunday 2019

i think one of the nice things about living my life in london is finding things lying around.

i was on my way to the bus this morning to catch it for paddington library, which i normally go to on sundays, when i saw this rolled up carpet. i took it back and unrolled it when i got back just to see what the pattern was. it is quite nice.so i shall keep it.  then i went out again to continue my library travel. part of the fun of finding things is the not knowing what i will find. it is that element of chance. and the unexpected. it makes for an interesting life in a nice way. because the surprise is a nice one. as well as satisfy my crave for acquiring useful things. you could say it is my hobby, and a inexpensive hobby that i can indulge without needing money to run it. 

its too dark now to take a picture of the carpet so i shall delay posting a pic of it till tomorrow when i can get more light. the back of the carpet has a label with gewell, mattex the carpet i found you can see in the catalogue, under sultan. it is blue. size 120/170 

added mon 25.2.19 in the cold light of today, i see it is actually black with white borders and centre . 



this element of chance, seems to run throughout my life in the things i like to do … like finding free food offers given by eating places to promote themselves. also finding reduced priced bargains of all kinds of food in the supermarkets. all are unplanned, and unexpected, and surprising.

i have been thinking what i would be doing if i were to retire in malaysia, instead of ending up in london. i have a feeling i wont find it so enjoyable as here.

i saw a article about a malaysian guy about my age who came to london on a tourist visa in 2005 and overstayed and was caught working illegally in 2016, and had been trying to get a permanent stay here, unfortunately, it seems the home office dont believe he is gay. saying he dont have a boyfriend… which is really a strange reason for saying someone is not gay… haha. not everyone of us have a boyfriend. that article i have not read before, and it gave more details of his case. it said they could not find anyone to vouch for his being gay, sex partners i think they meant, and it is rather unusual to not be able to find any… after all it is the very freedom in london to find gay guys to befriend and have relationships with, that makes it so nice to be here in london. on the other hand, he came here when he was in his 50s, and that might be difficult to get into the gay scene, where youth, or the appearance of youthfulness, is quite highly priced. 


i found some comfy cushion seats

10 Jan

london 1.04pm 5C cloudy thursday 2019

i need to replace the cushion seats in my sofa bed which i have been using as a sofa to lie on. it was formed from an old foam mattress and is fraying and has lost all its bounce. but funnily enough i did not notice it until i found those sofa cushions and took off the cover and saw it. 

and last night i saw in the next courtyard someone had thrown out their old sofa set, it consists of two two- seater sofas, and i decided to take the sofa cushion seats, and the two soft cushions.

i had seen these two sofas earlier in the day, but it was broad daylight and they were placed just by the entrance to the block, so i was not sure if they were just being thrown away or awaiting delivery. but as i passed through that courtyard to return home last night, as i came back from my bargain hunt in the supermarket, i saw they have moved the sofas to a out- of- the- way area, so i figured they must be getting rid of it. i took two cushion seats at first, but when i got them back and fitted them on my own sofa bed, and sat on them, they are so firm and comfy that i decided to go back and take the other two… and the two throwback cushions while i was at it. haha . i felt a bit bad at breaking up the sofas, because without their cushions no one can use them as sofas. and i always prefer that they be left intact if possible so that other people can use them for their original purpose.

but this morning i passed by them again, and saw in the cold light of day that they are quite ordinary sofa frames and not anything special and when i saw the back cushions that i did not take, which were faded from the sun, i realise i was right to take what i could. i think the only nice thing about the cushions were that they were very firm to sit on. and not many like that degree of firmness perhaps. it is only me who like it that firm as they dont sag when i lie on them. and they really give me a lot of pleasure to sit on them. i love their firmness. 

the sofa frames  will be heavy to carry away, and would require our estate removal service to get rid of them,i think. i wonder that they did not take it to the nearby recycling area, but maybe it was too heavy. 



as usual when i find things, i look them up in google, just to see what sofas are like, and saw a huge variety , but i think i like the what they called ‘english style’ sofas. exactly what i have. they are the most comfy i think. 

i am beginning to get some idea of what i want from sofas. first off , the cushions, i want firm cushion seats. then they dont sag with long use and saggy cushions seats are really awful. but soft cushions are really nice to sit on, so i am wondering if i might miss that with my firm cushion seats. can you get soft cushions that dont sag with use? or is it two contradictory requirements that is not possible to fulfill. ah well, just as well i am not in the market for buying sofas. haha. as it is i got what i want and did not need to spend a penny on it.

this sofa bed that i am sitting on now is one that i found on the pavement, thrown away by someone; so that didn’t cost me a penny either. it must be a long time ago, because i cannot remember when i got it. it is the right length for me to sit on it and still be able to  accommodate my whole length. that is why i like it, even though it is quite old and the metal bed has got loose from its fixed screwed attachment to the frame. just as well we dont use it as a bed.

but now all is perfect for me to lie on it and watch tv. haha. 

nice find

5 Jan

london 6.58pm 6.2C night dry saturday 2018

i have wanted to find some trainers or at least one pair, and this morning i found it. quite an interesting find i think. a pair of adidas trainers part suede and part leather. so they might not be trainers at all, but street shoes. and they are hardly worn down … the heel is still unworn and the soles too retain their ribbed pattern. i sometimes wonder what is the story behind them… who and why did that person get rid of them? i am glad he did and for not putting it inside the bins, and my thanks to him for giving me a bit of joy today.

i wonder what else i will find.

at this time of year, when people are decluttering, a lot of things are being thrown out. so it can be a lot of fun finding what it is that is left there. 

found thing

25 Mar

london 4.31pm 12.1C sunny sunday 2018


the bag has a fine stippled pattern which is rather pleasing. its a deceptive bag, its base is small, but it spreads out above it to a very wide opening. i have never seen such a design before. you can carry a lot of things in it. the front flap has D TURKMAN on it. i thought it was the initials of whoever threw it away… a novel idea i thought to initial your shopping bag with your name so it does not get mixed up with others… but i googled the name and it seems it is a brand. but there dont seem to be a company website.

i found this shopping trolley placed beside the bins of an old folks home. it was actually not as nice looking as this when i first saw it. the bag  was all crumpled up on the frame , it had no  base cardboard. only later did i realise the base cardboard was taken out … i dont know what made me take the trolley, maybe because i was on my way to the tesco supermarket and thought a shopping trolley will be useful. it was only when i was waiting at the bus stop nearby and was examining it, that i realise it has not got a base… so i went back to get it, because earlier i saw a rectangular board covered in black plastic lying near it… and put two and two together and realised it might be the base. it was, fitted perfectly  which was good to have, as it firms up the base of the bag and let it rest securely on the frame and enable it to support heavy things in the bag.

the wheels were white and look like new. usually the threads are worn down with constant use. but not these. and it turned out to be just what i needed to carry lots of vegetables that tesco was selling cheap.

i bought cabbage, carrots 1kg, brocolli all 3 for £1. and celery for 29p. this trolley is quite compact so that it is easy to carry around , it is very light when empty, which is an important factor i realise, because i have another trolley that is quite big and heavy when empty and i find i am reluctant to carry that around when i go shopping. it is useful for those times when i know i am going to buy rice… because the trolley is quite long handled, and that gives it a lot of leverage and make it very easy to carry very heavy loads.

its quite a fun thing, to come across  unexpected things in the rubbish bins that turn out to be so very useful.