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freebie icecream

29 Mar

london virgin lounge 3.58pm 6.5C rain thursday 2018

i felt like going out shopping with that shopping trolley i found. its funny isn’t it? to get excited about using it.

anyway i thought i shall go to the asda,the nearest one to me is in clapham junction.  which is selling veg for 20p each. so that was even cheaper than the tesco price. so i bought carrots 1kg(again) parsnip 500mg, greens, leeks. and they reduced the pork shoulder joint by £1, so i bought one , 1.8kg for £4.10. so  the effective price was £2.25/kg. and all were carried easily in that shopping trolley. aldi was also reducing their veg prices. so plenty of cheap veg for this easter. i think it wonderful that we can get cheap veg like this. people should be able to enjoy a wonderful easter and all, with all this food available. 

when i got back, i saw from my calendar that i have noted a free icecream given away today between 1pm-2pm by this cafe in brewer st , soho, selling icecream supercooled  by nitrogen gas. rather futuristic when the clouds of white smoke came boiling out during the making of the icecream. all done in front of us. i got passion icecream topped up by lots of stuff.


very pretty isn’t it? passion fruit icecream.

while i was sitting at a table eating it, i saw my friend, steve, queueing up. he is the guy who goes to these freebies like i do. he got the strawberry icecream. later when we were finished and chatting away, and the promotion ended, it was only for an 1hr, one of the servers asked me if i would like the spare they have, and i nodded yes, and got another serving of icecream, strawberry this time. it was rather nice, the icecream is not overly sweet, which is how i like it. it is amazing that a business can be based on just one product. they are called fourwintersUK.

afterwards i invited steve to join me at the virgin lounge, because i can being him in as my guest. it was very pleasant there and we continued chatting in there. unfortunately he had not got an account with virgin money. his virgin broadband did not count. 

added 6.20pm 7.7C dry now. i was coming back on the bus and picked up a free evening standard newspaper there, and read that lidl is selling shallots at 19p for 500mg. they are selling parsnips, etc for the same price too, but i had allready bought them. but the shallots is what i wanted, because i fry them and keep them in the fridge for garnishes.

so i continued on the bus instead of getting off at my home, and let it carry me to the lidl in stockwell. when i arrived at the store, i was disappointed to see the price put up is 29p for all the veg on offer. so i showed the advert in the newspaper to one of the staff there and asked why it is not 19p.  he said he will check, and came back with a gadget that scans the price and said it was 19p…i bought two packs.  they must have lost a lot of sales on those veg, and i noticed there was a high pile of those veg showing they are not moving.  or perhaps it is just only today that it was reduced…maybe they have to reduce it, because people could see it cost more than the other supermarkets selling theirs for 19p , 20p.

the advert says the 20p price has been in operation from 26march. but i never seen any adverts by them about it… neither in the newspapers nor  in their website ( i checked their website last night and no mention of this offer) but i went into their website just now and see the veg section has appeared with the 19p price; i wonder if it was only reduced today it being thursday since  most times they put up new offers on a thursday)… so some bad organising on their part not to tell the public about it. i am sure they lost sales. people would allready have gone to the other supermarkets who have reduced it and would have done all  their shopping at those places, like i did.

though lidls are the only ones reducing potatoes and shallots. 1.5kg potatoes for 19p. pity i dont eat a lot of potatoes. haha. rice is my go -to staple food. but british people will want potatoes in their easter roast meal.