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sunny in london

20 Apr

london 3.57pm 23C (high of 26C) dry sunny saturday 2019

its been lovely weather these two days. yesterday i went again to tortilla, for their free burito breakfast and coffee.

so filling. after eating it, i thought no more till a week at least. cant face another burito . haha.

i thought there might be fewer people queueing ,seeing it is a bank holiday, good friday, but no, lots of guys wearing hi vis jackets, like they have just come from a building site.  word have spread amongst the builders.

there will be another friday to look forwrd to before it ends.

its saturday now, and for me, there is nothing to do. there is plenty of things going on, but does not interest me.

ian is coming to visit me, he had just come back from a holiday in lanzarote, the northern part, which he said was rather windy and so quite cold, they have to put on jackets but he said it was still quite enjoyable, for the restful holiday, without any crowds, as the northern part is less crowded than the southern part.

to me, it seemed deserted, none of his photos show any other people, and no shops or restaurants either. and lava ground instead of white beaches.

now i see that spain is raining, which would really miff me if i were holidaying there, esp when i see it is so sunny and rainless in london. 


free breakfast

12 Apr

london victoria library 10.54am 9C sunny friday 2019

i have been to the free breakfast tortilla cafe free offer in victoria and had a enormous breakfast burrito, and a free hot coffee. so filling, and it is very convenient and easy to eat. though another diner sitting in the next table told me it was messy to eat. when i asked why, he said the bottom of his package leaked.

but i got their everything included burrito, because when she said with everything? i said yes, and it did not leak even though it was full to bursting when she packed it in the silver foil. the thing is dont unravel the whole thing, but peel it off at one end and nibble it from the top down.

i went at about 9am, wondering if it has allready all sold out, but they dont have a quota, just saying that it will end at 11am. they fill it up and prepare it fresh for you. after i finished i met steve and his wife in the main concourse, they were heading for it on the mezzanine floor of the food hall. its very good value , i mean it is free, but it is so much of it. normally it costs £3.50. and free hot coffee too.

after that meal i think i will not want to eat again till dinner. just as well this free offer  is once a week, on fridays all april, because i wont want to eat another breakfast like this everyday.

then i was going to the bus stop for the bus to the library and passed some guys giving away free nestle nitrogen infused cold coffee in a can. it is milk under pressure with nitrogen, with coffee; the kind of things they come up with these days. it tasted like chocolate, actually which i like. but i think i could taste the suger and the milk. and that tastes similar to a chocolate drink. i got two and am drinking the other one now in the library. and it is very nice, very thirst quenching. but as usual with these things, lots of suger in it. but i can accept that because i know if not for the suger it will not taste as nice, as it will be too bitter. 


added 1.58pm cloudy 11C . home. i took the photos of the nestle drink in the library, but could only download it to the blog because i have the lead at home. in the meantime i got the bus to russell square, where halo was giving away free icecream. i got a lollipop like icecream on a stick. on the way back i got caught in a demo in parliament square, my bus 88 have to divert over the river to avoid parliament square. in the library i managed to borrow another two books, sally urwin, a farmer’s diary, and mohammed hanif , birds. it will keep me occupied whilst the library is closed over 4days in the easter weekend holidays.

there is not much for me over the holidays. the tourists will like the enactment of the crucifixion played out in trafalgar square every year on good friday, but it is not something i like . i do not know if it is a real hammer in the nail in the hand stuff , like they do in the philippines, where it is all too real. somehow i dont think it is real this one in london. but even so i dont  like to see torture scenes even if it is make belief. 

another hot day

19 Jun

london 12.41pm 30.3C sunny monday 2017

cant really help talking about the weather really. it hit a high of 30.6 at 11.47am. and the day is not over yet.

i have just got back from my free breakfast at primeburger in the st pancreas concourse. i got there at about 10am just before a huge bunch of young people clutching the photostat copy of their voucher. haha. and i read in the website that if u order a breakfast you can get a coffee for £1. so i got a cappuchino to go with my bacon bun.

last time i was there , there was a crowd of people sitting by the benches outside the cafe… and this time i was early enough to see them gather. so it was all my fellow voucher eaters. haha. many took it away. i stayed to eat in, and quite pleasant it is, with free wifi, from the st pancreas people, u dont have to give any details if u just use their 10min wifi. u can always log in again if u wish to continue after 10mins.

as usual, it is pricey for what u get. £3.45 for a single component bun. and their coffee comes in a paper cup, and not really very frothy… i would not consider it worth the money at the normal price of £2.70. i think only travellers must be wanting to eat breakfast there. though if i were travelling i would bring my own breakfast or food and coffee in a thermos. haha. from what i see, everyone of the other stalls in that area put their coffee in paper cups too. so u might not really get any better coffee in that area. 

but of course i mustn’t carp seeing it is free after all. and really, if u can afford it, go ahead and give them some business. i have good wishes for them just because they have this free promotion which they dont have to do , it is generous of them really. the rent in that place must be very high. i can only wish them all good things and huge success with the business. as it is they provided me with some fun free food.

i noticed also u can enter their summer festival contest using the number in the receipt. the main prize is a free ticket to the music festival in chelmsford… not of interest to me, but u might get the other prizes of free burgers etc. which i much prefer. but it is all a lucky draw, so u might not get anything at all, which is what happened to me when i entered my receipt number this morning.

i came back by bus which i would not recommend if u are wanting to get to anywhere in a hurry. better take the tube. that area round kings cross is very congested. there was almost stationary traffic going west. those two train stations , st pancreas and kings cross brings in a lot of people and taxis. and then there is the cross london traffic which uses that east west road , it is no wonder it is so congested.

and i was able to get a dentist appointment. i went to the clinic in person, rather than call them for an appointment… as i was passing by… and was given one the next day at 11.15am. that was quick, and i did not even say it was an emergency. just that i want a checkup. it seems i have not been there since nov 2013…(and i only know that because when i got back i wanted to put their telephone number in my address book and noticed the last date i had there was when i had the crown done.)

hope when it is recemented it lasts me another 4yrs. haha. though it is not likely. in fact looking at it i am surprised it lasted that long.

 added 1.16pm. i got a text message from the hospital reminding me of the 29june appointment. they are rather good at sending these reminder text nowadays… it is a long way from the appointment but still it might make people keep it in mind. i certainly will attend as i want to give them back the crutches and the surgical boot. and hope they will reuse it rather than throw it away. 

added/ 9.51pm 27.4C dry 


first time this year that my nhs thermometer is showing the highest temperature. 27C in the flat. in fact, i dont recall it ever hitting this high before.

smokey tails free breakfast promo

25 Jul

london 11.51am 21.2C monday 2016

eggs forrestier, 2 poached eggs on top of buns and mushrooms and spinach. very nice it was too. (from the menu they put up in the front, it normally costs £8 or so.)

i was at the free breakfast given by smokey tails, to commemorate their extending their hours to breakfast. they are at hoxton square. i saw it being served earlier while waiting in the queue and asked that person what it is called. so when it is my turn i asked for it without any hesitation and got my order in straight away. there was free coffee or orange juice, i chose the coffee, and it turned out it is free refills as well. and they use full cream milk too. though if u add a lot of milk it does cool the coffee somewhat.

the music was rather loud, so i used the ear plugs i found in my bag. i have no idea where those ear plugs came from but it is one of the things that i must have picked up in my wanderings around the city. turned out to be very useful.

there was a bit of a wait for the order to be cooked , which is to be expected, but i was able to while the time away by taking pictures of the other people there, and to read the free newspapers which i got from the tube. it was really crowded on the tube, even though it was about 8am , those commuters really have to suffer this everyday. i took the northern line at stockwell, right in time for the early morning rush hour to the city.

 it was very pleasant taking my time over breakfast because i was given a seat at a corner just inside the restaurant so not exposed in the garden outside where you can feel the eyes of the people queueing boring into you if u continue to sit there after u have eaten. haha. actually the queue thinnned out when i finished… about 11am…so it was not so selfish of me really to hang about a bit and enjoy the whole thing.

 it seems many have to work and cannot really hang about. they open at 8am and i think that is a busiest time as many workers will try to get there before their work starts at about 9am. so u would have a shorter wait if u have gone nearer the 12pm end of their free deal. it was a very nice experience all in all. and my thanks to them for doing it. 

it was very unhurried and pleasant.  a pity i did not remember to take a photo of the egg forrestier… it was really nice looking and tastes great. the staff are really very nice and friendly.





a visit to ikea

7 Jan

7.1.13 Monday

I decided to visit the ikea near Wembley.
Arrived at the tube station nearest my flat at 9.09am to Stonebridge park, and went to the bus stop there, arriving there at 9.55am just in time to catch the 211 to the ikea. It is a short ride.

There is a free bus shuttle laid on by ikea from that station at 00 and 30 on the hour. But I get free travel anyway so did not risk waiting for it as it might not be operative. It says it does not run during the school holidays and I am not sure if it is the school holidays now or not.

Anyway an asian elderly couple were waiting at that stop and they told me the 211 goes by ikea.

They were going there too, though they told me they were going to brent cross.

I did not see them at the breakfast queue.

It is a free breakfast, free coffee too. (coffee,tea is free mon-fri).

Breakfast was a 6 portion plate (normally £1.50 for ikea card holders) consisting of one egg omelet, mashedpotato, beans, one bacon strip, 1 sausage. Or u can ask for the 9 portion at £2.20, with 2 sausages, 2 egg omelets, 2bacon strips.

The website mentioned the 6 portion was free, but the old woman ahead of me who got the double portion did not get charged by the cashier. So maybe it being Monday, and first day of the offer, the cashier was not aware of it. I daresay from now on they will charge the difference.

The 6 portion one is quite filling enough.

There was this man ahead of me who was filling his coffee cup and milk and drinking it all before refilling it again. I laughingly said to him u must like the coffee very much.

He said he just came from the airport, on the night flight from Thailand, and he was hungry. I said surely they must have fed u well, he said no.

Later I saw him again with another tray of food. And again filling up his coffee.

He saw me as he was leaving and waved, and when he passed me, I said don’t tell me u went back for second helpings! He said u can queue again, they don’t check.

The queue later on in the morning was very long.

I said, that is really generous of ikea to do it.

He said have u read their profit report?

I said no

He said they are the 3rd most profitable company…but they have opened the first time in Bangkok, and it is not doing well.

I said I cannot imagine the thais would want to assemble the furniture. They are so used to being served and having everything laid out for them, by which I mean those who are rich enough to afford ikea prices.

And he said they can also get good quality workmanship to make furniture on order, and cheaper too so it is hard to see what would attract them to ikea.

He said he knows people working for ikea there and they said it is new, give it time. So maybe they will succeed there too. But I cannot imagine how the thais will cope with the instructions to construct the furniture.

I said maybe the ikea style will appeal to the yuppy types who are well travelled and aspire to international designs. They will have the money too, but surely having to assemble the furniture must put them off.

I see now at the ikea store all the furniture is displayed in the showroom and everything look so perfect, but we all forget that the whole thing comes as a flat pack and have to be assembled. That is a bugger to do.

I myself don’t really know why people are not put off by having to assemble the furniture.

I am put off by the very thought of having to assemble it.

Anyway, since I am not buying any ikea furniture new , that wont happen. I find the ikea furniture in the recycling areas.

I found a poang chair, and thought it would be about £50 new. But having seen the prices in the store, I realise that even though the chair frame is about £35, the cushions can range from £20 to leather ones for £140.

And the one I found is a light coloured leather cushion. So my find is more of a bargain than I thought. I should think it would be £175 when new. And to think that someone just threw it away… that is how I got it. Granted the cushion is very flat… and lost its bouciness. But still ok to sit on.

(that is why I don’t buy these things. They don’t last. For that money, I would expect the cushion to last a lifetime).

I found a collapsible single ikea chair bed as well. And the frame cost £60 new. And the bed mattress is £50. It is quite a thin mattress. There was no mattress with the one I found. I just use ordinary cushions.

The sofa beds of other designs in the showrooms are laid out so they readily allow u to open them and see how it works but not this sofa chair. The sofachair on show is completely covered by a chair cover that enfolds it right down to its legs. I wonder why they don’t want customers to operate the chair.
It has a real smooth movement that opens it out as a bed. Quite lovely to do and see.
I thought it would be a selling point to enable customers to play with it and see how easy it is to open out as a bed.

Maybe they are closing down that design type and so do not want to advertise it too much.

It is a very good design and the movement to unfold the chair to a bed is very smooth and do not take a lot of strength to operate, but maybe it is expensive to produce. There are little wheels that support the bed as it opens out, the mechanism to return it to a chair is very smooth even though the mechanism looks very complicated but it must be well balanced to be able to do so without any effort.

So maybe not so profitable for them to sell. It is all metal and costing only £60, with mattress that is about the same cost.

There is a double bed of the same design but again all covered by a wrap. And it’s cost is not much more than the single bed. I would imagine more people would go for the double design than for the single one.

It is interesting that this type of sofabed is not featured in their 2013 catalogue.

I saw their unscented candle being sold at the mark down price of 49p and actually took it to the payment counter with the intention of buying it . The tills are all at the end of the long meander through the factory.

Before the tills, u are walking through a huge warehouse like space with shelves and shelves towering over u of the items in their flatpacks.

But when I got to pay at the self service till, I found that it only accepts debit or credit cards, no cash; so I have to abort the whole thing, even though with the ikea family card they give me 10% reduction on top of this reduced price.

And I was told I have to go to the manned tills to pay cash. when I saw the manned tills and the long queue there, I decided to put the candle back and leave. I can always come back another day.

There were scented candles. Only the set of 3 green candles of rising sizes was reduced from £7 to £3.50. The other ones of different colours presumably giving out different scents are not reduced.

I think the scented candles might be a better bet as I want the smell to hide the mustiness in my flat.

So maybe just as well I could not buy the unscented candles.

When I got home, I tried to light up a candle and see if I put a lavendar oils on it, whether it might scent the room, but I found there were no matches in my flat.

Considering simon smokes, we should have matches galore in the flat, but there was nothing to light the candle with. He normally leave his lighter hanging around the flat, but , as is usual when u need something it is not there; today it was nowhere to be seen.

So I will have to wait to find out whether putting oils on the candle will scent it and the room.

It was very pleasant to go to ikea for a free breakfast and coffee and to sit in their sofas in the restaurant reading the metro, a free newspaper that they distribute at the tube stations every morning.

I shall go again, maybe on Wednesday and this time I shall bring along my debit card.

The free breakfast offer lasts till 11jan and before 11am.

there was a showroom featuring the two bedroom flats that ikea has acquired in east london near the olympic site which they are using to rent out.

It shows how to furnish them with ikea products.

Walking in the space i thought it is rather a small flat, 50sq meters, or about 600sq ft. but by clever use of shelves and furniture they make it appear quite roomy.

But i could not help comparing it with my 2bedroom flat and realise my flat is really very large. no wonder i am so happy in my flat because there is lots of room to move about and i dont feel cramped whereas walking in that space i felt a bit cramped. the second bedroom is small, and can take only bunk beds, though they put a double decker bunk bed there , meant for kids.  

The living room has to share with the kitchen, which really makes the living space very small. i am real glad i got a separate kitchen and living area. and my living area is double the size of that in the showroom.

To be fair, they were trying to put in as much of their products in that small space and they succeed and what is more make the space seem roomy. i only felt it cramped because i was able to compare it to my flat.  

I was browsing wordpress to find what other bloggers have to say about ikea, and this one is funny.


She mentioned the pencils, jokingly saying that must be the reason why ikea is so popular; and it is true u can get them free, and I like pencils. It was only by accident that I saw them, they were by the toilets. i took one, and they write really well, the lead in the pencil making the words come out very clear. 

She mentioned their funny system of buying things there. I did not know u cannot just pick up the furniture from the showroom, u have to note the name of the furniture and then go to the warehouse and pick the flatpack yourself and then try to carry it through the tills. And then try to carry it back home. And then have to assemble them. truly, it must be the free pencils. haha. and the free coffee/tea.