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free chicken,and other things

17 Sep

london 2.40pm 19C sunny tuesday 2019 virgin lounge haymarket

i have been rather naughty , a bit, by queueing up many times for the free chicken pieces that slim chicken were giving out today just outside  russel square station. they are rather nice not to mind me doing it, haha. its solid pieces of chicken, not reconstituted meat as they have in nuggets. they are promoting their new branch, opening on 27 sept in the bruswick centre. and giving out free sauces too. i find the ranch dressing and the mayonnaise- like dressing is very good for salads. i was joined by the others in our gang, two chinese ladies, and a white girl.

we thought another place in liverpool st was giving out free burritos too, but when we went there and ask them, they said it was last week and not today. so that was rather a let down, but we went back to the chicken place and queued up for more chicken. haha.

it was just as well that one of the ladies i was with went to the counter of the store that was supposed to be giving out free buritos at 1pm  to ask about it, if it were me, i would have patiently waited till 1pm,when it was supposed to start.  but as it was we found out there was nothing happening there and so saved us waiting around there for nothing. 

there was a waitrose in bruswick centre, so i could go there to get a free coffee,( i had a empty thermos with me) which i can get because of my waitrose card, but i decided to go to the itsu shop just in front of where we were sitting, to refill my water bottle that they gave me.

one of the girls saw me taking a sip from my ikea bottle, and  said they had a allergic reaction to the alluminium in the bottle. it really puzzles me why and how allergic reactions come about. i had no trouble with it, so it puzzles me when someone says they get an allergic reaction to it. i am rather glad i dont have allergies of any kind. it makes my life much easier, because i can eat anything. haha.

i forgot the store has free water dispensers, until one of the girls reminded me of it, because i mentioned i wanted more water, and wonder if there are any free water dispensers around.

the chickens were rather salty so you can get real thirsty if you  eat it.

then one of the girls asked me what i intend to do after this; and  reminded me about the virgin lounge and asked me if i were going there, because she can come with me as my guest. so i agreed, and we went, and she also said  before that we could go see  an exhibition near there in the bafta headquarters building, showing clothes worn by one of the actors in the tv series called killing eve and she would like to see it. so we went, and saw it. they must have spent a lot of money making those clothes. like a fashion show it seems. linking the style of clothes she wore to the mood of the moment when she did the killing. the actress took the part of a cold blooded killer , killing on demand and without any compunction. 

i had liked the first series, it was quite new and well written, but i got put off at the end, when the story skewed into weird territory, with impossible and illogical story lines that seem to be put in just to shock. that was why i did not bother to see it when the second series started. but it got a lot of praise and won quite a number of awards at the bafta.

so now here we are in the virgin lounge, downstairs , there is a film going on, with nazis. haha. with james coburn and steve macqueen. there was coffee, for me, and other drinks for my friend. but no biscuits because it was all eaten.  i went into the virgin lounge website to see what this film title , but there was no mention of it, instead i found this coming sunday they are showing beauty and the beast, presumably the live actors version instead of the cartoon, and i have not seen that film, so i might come and see it on sunday. 


pink elephant in the brunswick centre courtyard. and the slim chicken pieces. 

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day length rise set
Actual Time 12h 34m 6:40 AM 7:15 PM

i notice that the day is getting to be equal. so that means the autumn equinox is coming soon. 23.9.19 .that means in about 6days  it becomes equal day and night.  the day is shortening by about 4mins everyday.