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capitalism in action

2 Oct

london 11.08am friday 2015

i am in the library now, having just used the library computer to access my email and get a email from byron , a burger company, who are giving away 25p burgers on 6th oct as a promotion for their charity giving free lunch to children, or something like that. i got notice of it via londonist who send me a daily email about things happening in london, but i found an article in the evening standard online. rather nice of them, is this a form of capitalism in action, dont you think? not exactly free food, but close enough. 

i am writing off line as the library wifi is not safe enough for chrome to log on.

i had some problems getting the library to print out the email. the first time it did not print anything (@20p a print) and the library assistant have to come to the computer to see what i did … i found out that the email have 3pages and i did not specify which page i want printed , that explained why the page came out blank.

 the email contained a square picture code on page 3. that i have to present to the burger joint to get my 25p burger. so it came to 40p  all told that is the cost to me because of  a repeat print. ah well, such is life. haha. its still cheaper than having my own printer at home. the ink is very expensive and tend to dry out… anyway, if u want a 25p burger just get yourself registered. and get yourself down to a byron burger joint on 6oct. 


sitting in the library, looking out of the window, and chatting online.

15 Mar


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a street lined with cherry blossom trees just coming into bloom, in sussex gdns. a lolita name for a shop which i find rather amusing, and a really strange building what is it i wonder.

i have been commenting on garfieldhug, and enjoying the exchanges with her; i dont do it often, but this morning finds me rather having a interesting chat with her about the things she posted.

and from it , it seems, i come to realise that london have a lot of freebies. being here, i dont know what is happening in other countries and from all these freebies i get in london, i tend to think that is also what other countries’ citizens get as well, but not so it would appear.

well, if any one else lives in a country that gives them free meals let me know ok?

they are genuinely free meals, no strings attached, no pressure to buy expensive drinks or even tip the staff. amazing, !!! i dont know how the staff feels about it, all that hard work and no tips because no one pays.

perhaps the staff dont mind because their pay do not depand on the tips,  unlike in the usa.

free lunch , another one!

10 Mar


now and then i like to eat beefburgers. i can of course make it myself from minced beef , it is v easy to do, but when i can get it free i much rather.

i just had a lunch of beefburger given free by this new burger place being opened in percy st, w1. it continues for the next two days, 100 burgers given away free each day. and they include chips too. but u have to wear a moustache or a striped t shirt. i wore the latter as i think it silly to be wearing a false moustache haha . the place is french and so they want people to look french. like those onion sellers with their beret, moustache and striped t shirts, the british idea of a french onion seller. haha.

this new eating place has a strange name, i have forgotten what it is called now. somethng like ‘be freund’ it is not english that is why it does not stick in my mind. sometimes i dont know how they come up with names for their business.  i would be shy to pronounce it far less suggest it as a meeting place for friends to eat there. 

the usual price for these burgers are £12. which seems to be the common pricing for these posh burger places.

i just read today that macdonalds is losing sales, they have reported less sales over the years, and i wonder why is that because they cannot be these posh burger places stealing macdonald’s business surely… they cater to two different target customers i am sure.

now so many of these posh burger places are opening, i cannot think how they can survive.

but i am not a good business person, and so it is all a mystery to me why some businesses thrive and others fail.

but whatever, i am enjoying their free beef burgers to advertise their opening. haha.

now i am on the 53 bus to peckham, to go to the aldi there as i want to buy their iceberg lettuces and beetroot. it is ending soon that offer at 39p each. i have this craving for cold salads of lettuce and beetroot with mayonnaise. i read in an article that beetroot, spinach and carrots are good for the heart. but nevermind if it does or not, i just like eating beetroot in a salad now.

 i went on sunday and returned empty handed because the beetroot was sold out. and this is at about 4pm on sunday, close to their closing time as shops are not allowed to open for more than a certain number of hours on sunday.

i am amazed there are so many shoppers. usually sunday is quiet, but not in the old kent road. half the shelves are empty. i must remember not to bother going there on sundays. i am hoping they have stocked up the shelves today. 

added. yup, they got all the veg i want in stock so i bought two of a kind. 

Men charged with stealing food from Iceland supermarket bins – Crime – UK – The Independent

29 Jan

Men charged with stealing food from Iceland supermarket bins – Crime – UK – The Independent.

I for one will be very interested in the verdict. it is a grey area whether taking out of date food thrown away by the businesses, is theft or not.

they are charged under the vagrancy act 1824 which is primarily used against beggars, peddlers trading without a license, and street prostitutes.  so on the face of it, it does not cover these guys’ actions.

i wonder why the prosecution service did not charge them for burglery under the burglery act… after all, the bins are on private premises , not on common land. so it could be argued that even though those stuff are to be thrown away, it is still on private land and so not for the taking.

the 1824 vagrancy act

every person being found in or upon any dwelling house, warehouse, coach-house, stable, or outhouse, or in any inclosed yard, garden, or area, for any unlawful purpose;

the act is very wide ranging.

Added.30.1.13 iceland persuaded the crown prosecution service (CPS) who brought it to court;  to drop it. link

more food and thoughts on christmas

22 Nov

The supermarkets have upped their advertising for food ahead of the Christmas holidays. I have noticed lots more of these being shown on tv, and also in the papers.
And I noticed others are advertising more too… presents, clothing, liquor, perfume, with a Christmasy theme.

I am glad I am not celebrating it, because it must be a chore to be having to cook Christmas dinner for a lot of people.


I read online that the americans even have two holidays, around now. Once at thanksgiving holiday on 28th nov, and then Christmas on 25th dec.

That is even worse than in uk. After eating turkey for thanksgiving, they have to think of cooking something else for Christmas.

Ah well, I guess their souls wants it. Haha. Of course they don’t have to celebrate it.

I was at the Trafalgar square yesterday (thurs 21st nov), for a free pig meal. it was in aid of a campaign to feed waste food to pigs. I always thought farmers were doing it already, but it seems not so.

added. 24.11.13 i suspected there is a reason why pigs are not fed waste food, and why the EU bans it. here is why.

It was rather nice to get free food. Pigs were reared and fed waste food in a farm and now they are being fed to us. I had a mince pork ball in a lentil sauce, and a bun with coleslaw and pork. There were lots of stalls, and another was giving out pulled pork in a bun, which I really wanted but I was on the wrong queue.

I went early and so there was not a long wait, by the time I finished my food, the queue was getting long, and I did not fancy going back to queue again.

I asked a lady next to me, if she thinks the food is too salty. She said well, it is salty but that is normal. I fear it is normal nowadays for food sold to the public to be salty… it is only me who finds it too salty. (it was so salty that I became extremely thirsty. Luckily I always carry with me a bottle of water.)

Ah well, I am reconciled to this, with me being out of sync with the majority. So I guess I can continue not to bother eating out with a clear conscience, in that I am not missing out on anything, as the food won’t be to my liking anyway being too salty.

It is an admirable aim, to get more food waste being diverted from being dumped to being food for pigs. Hope they succeed in it.

With nothing to worry about, esp over the coming holiday season, I can look forward to December with joy instead of dread. And enjoy everyone fussing over the holidays without me having to do the same.

I would not like to be in the shoes of those who have to host family or friends or have to put on entertainment for them. Or even worse have to buy presents for them.

Long ago, I have initiated the idea of not buying presents for each other, and so now I reap the reward haha. No need to send or receive unwanted presents from anyone.

The other side of the coin to not celebrating christmas is that I shall be spending Christmas on my own. That goes without saying, as those who want to celebrate Christmas wont be interested in spending it with you, and you wont be accepting invites from friends to celebrate with them either.

So if u don’t like to celebrate Christmas but don’t like to be alone, I am afraid u have a dilemma. Haha.

A lot of people think that being alone at Christmas is a failure. And the movies and stories keep telling us so. If u are alone at Christmas, it means u are a scrooge. Dickens Christmas carol is to blame for this. I am glad I don’t conform to what others think. I want to be alone at Christmas. So there!
I think there are lots of people who feel the same, and don’t mind being alone for Christmas.

Now as for being alone at New Year… I like it, but I think not that many will feel the same way about it as I do.

For those who don’t like their own company this would be something to dread, but I welcome it. Haha.
I even turned down an invitation from john, in poole to join him and his friends for Christmas.

There are a glut of books being put out this time of year, I guess to catch the Christmas giving season, so I have loads of books I borrowed from the library to read.
I was at the library today and borrowed doomed, by chuck Palahniuk, tom Lloyd, the god tattoo. And I already have about 7 other books to read.

And then there are all those tv programs to see.

 browsing the web this morning and this came up in my reader. bitter melon with spam and tofu cooked in a new york street . as a child i did not like it, but as i grew older i got to like it. knowing the modern world i would bet the bitterness is bred out, so that it is not as bitter as it used to be.