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if the uk economy is so lousy why is employment rising?

28 Jan

interesting because it tries to account for why inspite of a falling gdp, employment is rising.

it says maybe the measuring of gdp is not accurate because there are lots of things we are getting free, via the internet, that is not measurable. for eg, spending 3hrs on facebook , playing games online, seeing films online, etc and so not going out and spending money. we get entertained free but that is not measured by gdp.


it is also saying maybe the gdp is lagging behind and might be adjusted a few months later. it seems the office of statistics is prone to revise its estimates . the buggers!! though not its fault as the data lags behind events.

so calm down dears.

anyway,I think a flat economy is not all bad.

in my opinion, nothing the govt can do will change it as the banks are not lending. they are so deep in debt they are borrowing cheap money from govt to prop up themselves, nevermind lending to businesses.

just goes to show we are all speculating as to what the future will bring.

i suggest u ignore all this messages of doom and gloom and enjoy life. because  if u just see your life, you are really having a great time. we are enjoying free entertainment via the internet, and free time with friends, and family(those of us who have family they are talking to,haha). we have freedom of movement and association and thought. thank goodness they have not invented anything to read our thoughts and censor it. we are free to think what we like.