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free fries

26 Jun

london 3.04pm 22.3C sunny monday 2017

monday is a lot of fun now that primeburger is giving out freebies. today it is free chips, and include their loaded chips, with cheese and bacon. quite a meal in itself actually. the sun is really out in full force, but yet, the weather website says it is only 22.3C. funny that, i would have thought it is warmer. in fact, i am dressed only in a t-shirt and football shorts. and glad of the airconditioning on the top deck of the new style doubledecker bus. 


quite a lot of chips. but then so it should be, it costs £4.50 normally. i wonder what next week’s freebie will be. milk shake maybe.

life is free

25 Jun

Everyone complains about anything they can and say nothing is free. Think again, are you sure nothing in this world is free? Can you think of anything in your life that was free and you didn’t have to pay a single cent for it? I can think of one very important thing. It has four […]

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we all know of the saying, nothing in life is free… but life itself is free. it is a gift bequeath by our parents. 

prime burger free burger

12 Jun

london 6.30pm 19.7C sunny monday 2017

back to work monday for most people here in london. john went back by train to bournemouth this morning too.

however, for me, i got a email this morning from prime burger giving everyone it seems on their weblist a free voucher to  a burger at their two branches… in euston and in kings cross.

a generous offer (it is to be repeated every monday for june and july) to celebrate the summer of love festival in chelmsford, which they are connected with, and also to mark the 50th anniversary of the beatles sgt pepper lonely hearts club band album.

it is supposed to be a ground breaking album, and there is even a whole tv program about it,john and i saw it yesterday, showing why it is so, but it is so technical… that even when the guy played it on his piano, i could not tell the difference or why it is that groundbreaking. john saw it to the end, i lost interest long before it finished.

anyway, a free burger is more something i can understand. so i printed it out in my library and took myself to kingscross… i have tried their euston branch but never seen their kings cross branch… so i was curious to go there.

it is in a prominent position in the st pancreas international section of kingscross, on the ground floor, unlike the euston one, which overlooks the main concourse on a mezzanine floor. i could order any burger as long as it is not a double burger, so i asked for the aoili truffle burger… at £9.50. i thought it must be something if it costs so much more than the others. but it was nothing special… if there was truffle there it missed my notice entirely… i have not ever smelt truffle or seen what it lookslike,  so dont know really what it is… and i am still ignorant of it after eating this burger.

it is a nice burger, eaten with the hands, which is a bit of a handful and a mouthful, instead of cutlery… i know hamburgers should be eaten with the hand… but it does mean the insides move about if u are not careful… after i had eaten, i saw a chinese couple, man and woman, handle it and learnt that they wrap the paper it came in all round it just leaving only the top open and then bite into the food. the man had to unwrap his again to add the ketchup,from a condiment pot on the table; and the mayonnaise in a small paper cup that came with the hamburger. (oh, i just have a thought, do u think that ‘mayonnaise ‘ is really the aioli truffle? hmm, i wished i have smelt it first , but it did not taste of anything when i put a dollop of it on the burger. )

i noticed also that the little marker that i was given when i ordered the food at the counter was really a bleeper, which also lights up, and it is supposed to tell u to go to the counter to get the food. but i was playing with my chromebook and it was blocking my view of the bleeper, and i never heard that bleeper, or maybe i heard it but did not connect it with my bleeper; so i failed to notice it.

but it was nice of the waiter to bring the food to me or i would be wondering what happened to my order. haha. so that means it is self service, and so no service charge… that would be a selling point. i have forgotten if they charge service charge in the other chains , maybe not.

now i remember, this chain gives out these bleepers, and i did use it the last time i got free burgers from them, when they first opened the euston branch. it was 30.10.2015. there i got their double burger too. which is really very nice and very filling. and they provide cutlery that time. that time they did not have a code in their voucher, so anyone(and did too, some of my friends did)  could go multiple times to get the free burger…they must have learnt that lesson, because this voucher has a specific code which can only be used once.

  maybe it is only this kingscross branch that dont give out cutlery. or it might be there is a cutlery counter somewhere and i missed seeing it. but no one else was eating with cutlery this time.

you would think i would not want to be eating anything after that meal. but you would be wrong. i came back and had a nap of about 2hrs and woke up and was hungry and ate some more of the left over roast chicken we had yesterday. i made a gravy out of granules from a jar. it is not bisto, but something like it. i can understand why the british likes their bisto gravy. it really is so easy to make and it provides moisture to the dry roast chicken and roasted and boiled veg that accompanies it. i used to make gravy from the drippings in the pan but i have given up doing it now. too much bother and the result is not consistent… making gravy from the gravy granules in a bottle is so much easier and tastier too. 




11 Mar

london 6.28pm 15.8C (it is warm) night time, saturday 2017

i stopped off at the chinatown bus stop, thinking i shall have a look to see if there are any bargains in the grocery stores .

there was a long queue, snaking down towards the chinese looking gateway on wardour st. they were all waiting to get some freebie at this shop that sells bubble drinks. at least that is what i assume, because on the shop window was a card saying ‘card needed’.

these bubble drinks seem popular, but i have tasted them, and i am not too keen on this kind of drink. too sweet. they are a version of the chinese drinks u can buy in malaysia, with jelly like something in it. i think, chendol is another version of it. chendol is delicious. unlike this.  here the western version is really horrible. a round jelly like thing which have a glutinous texture when u bite into it that is horrible.

but it seems they like it, all those people , there were families with kids in the queue, if they are willing to wait for so long in the queue.

as for me, i carried on to the grocery stores, and saw the new loon moon have 24 instant noodle mee packs for £2. so that is still available. but i did not buy it, as i find this instant noodles rather tasteless. i think i prefer to buy the ordinary flat noodles or vermicelli noodles, even though they cost more.

anyway the loon foon supermarket opposite i saw have two packs of fresh chillis, about 250mg, for 30p each. in their bargain box. they are large chillies, so not so strong. but they are cheap at this price so i bought the two.

talking of freebies, there will be a free ben and jerry icecream given away at selected stores on dec 4. every year ben and jerry gives out free icecream, at this time. i did not realise that the time is near.  but luckily noticed a website that i go to now and then. it is called coconuts ,who sent me an email notification to  tell me of their revamped website  about news from s.e.asia. and there was an article there mentioning they were giving ben and jerry icecream in a branch of ben and jerry in bangkok. and mentioning it is a world wide thing too.

that made me go into the ben and jerry website in uk, and found it is so, too. but only in two stores in london. this is unlike last year when more stores participated. notably the one in leicester square. but this year not all the stores branches are  doing it. only  two stores doing it this year in central london are in odean camden, and odean holloway. there are other stores in wimbledon, walthamstow, etc. but rather far for me to go. 

added 29.3.17. seems they have changed the venue for the free icecream. it is only at fulhum vue, walthamstow, and sutton now.


free chocolate

5 Mar

london 3.09pm 10.2C occasional rain sunday 2017

two books i borrowed from the library this morning, and a free bag of chocolates from a voucher in today’s mail on sunday newspaper.(there are more chocs in the bag than shown).

‘ the transatlantic marriage bureau’ tells a very interesting story about a time about 1895 when there were 9 american heiresses married to uk aristocrats, the largest number in any year.

the other book is by christian cameron, part of the tyrant series. historical fiction of the aftermath of alexander the great’s conquests featuring his generals who came after him. this is the last book of the series and is new to me. so i am starting from the end. added. 6.3.17 i find it impossible to read it, maybe that would teach me to start the series with the final book. or it might be the writing style. anyway i am abandoning it. the other book about the american marriages to aristrocrats is more interesting.

coffee and cake

22 Feb

london 12.26pm 12.3C cloudy wednesday 2017

this morning i was reminded that i still have a voucher for free cake and coffee/tea at john lewis oxford st store. so i decided to go to the marylebone library instead of the local ones,as it is a short walk from there to the store.

well i took the bus, as it does not entail a tube change , and anyway today is a tube strike. i suppose i shall be reading of all those office workers stranded at the station later today. but around midday, the roads were relatively quiet.

i got a cheese cake, which is what i wanted. they are not as sweet as a cake.

i think it is lovely to be able to just come here and relax and just enjoy the fun of people watching and also to browse the shop and look at the stuff.

i used to do a lot of window shopping in the past. even in those days i dont have the urge to buy stuff, so my window shopping trips never end up with me spending loads of money buying unnecessary things.  to those who cannot resist i would not recommend they do this. but it is a very enjoyable way to spend some leisure time. now of course everytime i see something, my immediate reaction if i like it is to wonder whether i can find one like it in the recycling bins… haha. hehee.

in the past , at one stage of my life, i would wonder if i can find it in a charity shop. now i want it free or not at all. like this lovely fleece jacket that i found in the recycling area. it is a brand called guise. it is a large size, but great for me as a house coat. or if simon wants to wear it he can too. it has a very luxurious feel. 




Digital StillCamera

banoffee cheesecake.

free hamburger

9 Nov

london 11.24am 6.9C sunny wednesday 2016

yesterday i had the most filling hamburger ever, from byron restaurant in covent gdn, and it was free too. they were doing a promotion so were giving away 100 free burgers plus beer. and then for the rest of the 1000 customers free snacks and beer.

i got there at 5.20pm, it starts at 6pm, and managed to get within the first hundred and got chatting to the guy who joined the queue just after me. actually i thought all 1000 will get the free hamburger, but he told me it clearly states otherwise. funny i did not read that when i first read the email they sent me.

 his wife joined us later. she works nearby, whilst he is a student , doing his master of science, in a college near by. he cycles to his college he says. they live in tulse hill. they rent a studio for £800 a month.

we shared a table, and it was really free. no gimmicks. amazing. we all ordered the double burger, two 6oz of hamburger in the bun. that is 340mg of meat. it was so filling, even i found it difficult to finish. his wife could only finish half. he wolfed his down so fast i was amazed, but he could only manage one spoonful of his wife’s.

they are mormons, and so asked to change the free beer for milk shakes, which the restaurant allowed them telling them to keep it secret. haha. and he ordered a side dish of fries as well. i dont know how they managed to finish the fries. i was so full i could not eat another thing.

afterwards i was so full i could hardly walk to the bus stop to take the bus. and i was thinking the poor guy have to cycle back, whilst his wife have to take the tube to elephant and castle and then the overground train to tulse hill. not for the first time i am so glad i live so near. i can say this is easily the best hamburger free meal i ever had. normally that beefburger will cost £12.95. i think u can share that with another and still feel well fed and have room for dessert or a milkshake. 


i got this picture from their website. i tried to take a photo with my camera but it did not work. so this is the one we ate. ours have  a huge circle of fried onion ring on top.