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free burgers

19 Oct

london 9.57pm 12C night friday 2018

tonights gardener program on tv featured a guy who grows apple trees and seeing all those lovely apples makes me crave eating some. so tomorrow i shall to go to asda and buy their gala apples £1 for 5(which they recommend is made into an apple pie, which seems a bit of a waste to me, because gala apples are lovely to eat by themselves. i would use bramley apples if i were to cook it in a pie) and also their variety apples, 75p for 500mg. they did not mention what type of apples so maybe they are relative unknown varieties. it will be interesting to try them, because i once ate a batch sold by lidls in their cheap 5 a day, no mention of what varieties they were and they were delicious. the best way to eat apples is as fresh fruits, without any cooking.

earlier i was at a pub near camden market, eating their free burgers. i was chatting to steve and his lady, i was early this time, earlier than them, so was able to reserve the head of the queue for them. i said burgers taste all the same to me… he said he can tell the difference, but i dont know how he could do it. these were cooked rare inside, which seems to be the trend nowadays with these more expensive burgers unlike macdonalds’; and were very salty, so not something i would eat everyday. and i got info from his lady about a freebie  that i was not aware of. so that was a good thing to know.

its quite fun to go to these places esp since it takes me to visit different parts of london that i would not normally go to at all. this one is nearer the chalk farm tube station than camden tube station. and i am beginning to recognise the regulars who come to these freebies. this time he was first in the queue. he is from goa, but grew up in uganda, and came to uk and became uk citizen when he was driven off from uganda. 




more free food

4 Oct

london 2.15pm 16.5C thursday 2018

i was chatting to a lady next to me in the queue for kimchee cafe’s free lunch, today. it is a takeaway place just opened that is why they are doing a opening promotion, free lunch from 12pm-2pm everyday from 3rd -5thoct. i went about 12pm, and there was a long queue. but i got to the end of the queue before a waiter came and  gave out tickets for the lunch. there is a 200 meal limit. the ticket was for any meal less than £8. (but there really was no danger of getting to the limit. after me, the queue continued to stretch way off into the distance and he was able to give them all a ticket.

the lady was hindu, so cannot eat beef. i happened to mention that today flat iron is giving a free dinner , but when i mentioned it was steak, she said she dont eat beef. and that was when i realised she is hindu. anyway she was taking her lunch break to queue, but when we were half way there, she said she is going to be late for an appointment, so she gave me her ticket and left.

so i got two tickets and showed it to the cashier, and asked if i can order two meals. luckily the cashier allowed me to do it. they give you a buzzer for each order. it is supposed to buzz to let you know the food is ready to collect. i got my first order quick, it was fried chicken, but the other order, the beef bulgogi took more time. and during the wait, i was asked why i got two, and told that i am not allowed to. but i said my friend could not wait and asked me to collect the food, and fortunately he allowed me. that is why i got two meals.

i brought them both back to my flat, as i live so near, and asked simon if he would like to eat them. he said he allready had eaten… but will taste it. he took one bite of the beef and reacted with distaste. it surprised me… he said it was horribly sweet. i did not notice it was that sweet when i took some of the beef on the bus on the way back. in fact i liked it when i ate a few pieces of beef in the bus ; because it had that barbequed taste. however after i ate more of it, i realised simon is right. it was very sweet.

when i opened the chicken dish, and tasted the chicken ,it too was very sweet.

simon said he went to a korean restaurant in new malden, once, and he said everything seemed to have a fried egg on top. haha. he said it looked like the bibimpap dish in the menu the waiter gave us while we were waiting. and simon said everything in that restaurant was sweet too. simon said in a chinese restaurant you can get sweet and sour dishes, and it is delicious, because the two different tastes complement each other. but here it was just sweet. he said the chicken might be nicer if it is spicy. i was given a choice to have that, but chosed the garlic and soya one instead. 

there were more beef than shown. i had allready eaten most of it by the time i thought of taking a photo. those white bits in the small plastic cup are pickled white radish.

hmm, is it normal to have such sweet dishes on every dish in a korean cuisine? i wonder? certainly the two dishes i got were very sweet. i have never eaten korean before, but if they are all as sweet as this , then i might not have missed anything. there was no kimchee in these meals. so i have yet to taste kimchee. simon said that when they were sending the korean astronauts into space in the russian satellite, they made sure they had a supply of kimchee for them, because it seems the koreans  just cannot do without it. there was a pickled white radish with the fried chicken. but that cannot be kimchee can it?

i am off to the macdonalds to get a free flat white coffee. it was a voucher given away free in yesterday’s metro free newspaper. i treated my friend yesterday to a coffee using those vouchers after we had our circuit training. it is very strong coffee. it is valid for today as well, so i shall go to victoria place and get another one. 

added. 8.16pm, got back from waiting in line at the flat iron cafe for the steaks. in the end, after a long wait i decided to give it a miss, since the queue was still so long. i went at 5.30pm, it opens at 6pm, unfortunately steve and wife were allready seated on the outside seats, so i could not just slot myself with them. usually, i would arrive and they would allready be at the front of the queue, and i would just slot myself in with them… if they had been waiting in the queue, i could have done so. but they were seated on the outside seats and there was no seat available. 

even so early, the queue stretched a long way back and a long way round the corner. i noticed quite a lot of chinese people joining the queue. the long queue should have given me an inkling that it will be very slow.

i left at 7.45pm. there were still a lot of people ahead of me even at that time. that is why i decided to give it a miss.

it is a short journey time to get back from kingscross; which is nice, one of the perks of living so centrally. i am still very full from the lunch today. 


free honest burger

31 Jul

london 10.22pm 19C night now. dry. tuesday 2018

i was so full after that free burger meal that i went to at 5pm today. it was a free offer by honest burger at their branch near kings cross. they also gave us chips and a mint julep.

i emailed the offer to steve, to let him know, and i am glad i did, because he was waiting in line when i turned up and so i was able to join him and his friend. jumped the queue a bit. haha. but it was early, and they had not started giving out numbered cards. it was the first 100 can get the free meal.

at first i thought it was in kings cross station, and went there at about 4.30pm. lucky i went early, because i had time to walk to the place and still be in good time before the offer starts at 5pm.

it was a huge meal, i cannot remember being so full. maybe it is me, because the other two finished off theirs without any indication they were too full. they went on to another free event, but i had enough and came home. but i think i wont need to eat a hamburger for a long time. this one satisfied any desire for eating it for a whole year. that is how full i feel about it. haha. 

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Considering how expensive things are, I thank you for letting me live rent-free in your head — psychologistmimi

15 Jun

Back when I was living in my beloved New York, there was a political candidate that made us chuckle, momentarily nod in agreement, and think of ways to further free up some cash in our lives. Jimmy McMillan is the leader of said political party called Rent is too Damn High. In 2005, he ran […]

via Considering how expensive things are, I thank you for letting me live rent-free in your head — psychologistmimi

london 1.26pm sunny ed diner victoria place 24c friday 2018

i hope the writer of this blog will not mind me sharing it. this is because i find it gives me a fresh outlook on the blogs that people keep. i now can think of it as living rent free in their heads… i cant make out my mind what the writer is concluding… dont write for free, or be thankful for something free in this world, when costs are rising all the time… 

but aside from that i am thinking all those people on social media , they write about their daily life and thoughts, and share it with the world. and it is all free to access.  it makes me realise why celebrities are so popular and have so many people following them. it affords people a glimpse into their lives. for free. granted you get a very edited version of their lives, showing only what they want to show you.

that is true of every blog, or twitter, or facebook ,or any social media account really;it is a biased account of their lives but still, it is a glimpse into someone else’s life. it might appeal to the voyeur in all of us, like someone letting us look through their open curtains at their lives, and closing their curtains to hide other aspects of their lives, and not allow us to look at them. you could say it is making us all voyeurs. (maybe the word voyeur might be too strong, as obviously there is nothing sexual in these blogs) or you could say it is allowing many people to show to others how they live and what their thoughts are on things. and let others make of it what they will, or take what lessons they can from it. you can see how you might make a better life and see them making decisions that you would not make, and apply that to your own life.

you could argue that what you are seeing is rubbish and not worth paying for. that is true too. as with anything that is free, some things are worth it, others are not worth the having.

 for eg, i am having a free milk shake now, courtesy of ed diner, they gave it to me for my birthday. normally i would not buy it , as it is very sweet. they have a yoghurt version, and that might be nicer, even though it too will be very sweet. but i think i might enjoy a yoghurt better than a milkshake. still, it is free and so nice to have. whether it is good for me to eat on a regular basis, some might say not. 

on the way here, i passed through victoria station, and lucozade was giving away free samples of their drink . so that was nice, i got some, and again normally i would not buy them, as they are sweet, too sweet for my liking. it is a 150ml can , with 4.5g of suger in it. and it even says on the can not suitable for children. what is more, the sugers is from the glucose syrup 11% but , get this, it has aspartame, a sweetener, in it as well. so not only have it got 2teaspoonfuls of suger, it got extra more sweetness added on top of that in that aspartame… which they did not say how much. i think i have allready got my month’s if not more, worth of suger allowance in the milkshake i just drank, so i shall not be drinking any more suger in that lucozade. well all this just goes to show what a two edged sword it is when we are given something free. 


birthday offers

5 Jun

london 8.20am 12.6C cloudy tuesday 2018

oh look, i got email from ed diner, giving me a free milk shake for my birthday which is coming soon and krispie kreme giving me a free doughnut . if u put yourself onto their mailing list that is what u can get for your birthday. and they will tell you of their offers. for eg, i did not know that you can get a doughnut and a coffee from krispie kreme for £3. that seems more like it. 

and if u go before 12pm, you can get a coffee for £1.50. but only if u bring along the email that says so. haha. though if u got their app you can get it too. i dont have a smartphone so cannot get their app. that is an advantage if you got a smartphone, you can get their app, and they have special offers linked to that app. but even so, i doubt i will be tempted to get a smartphone just for that. simon bought a smartphone, but he finds that he dont know how to use it. i tried to use it, but also find it impossible to figure out how to use it. and gave it up. now even if we want to try again, we cannot find the phone anywhere in the flat. 

coffee at £1.50  seems more like it really. usually coffee costs about £2.80. not that i buy any haha. i can get coffee free anytime and also i am not such a coffee addict. this is a far cry from yogurt, i find i am getting to be a yogurt addict ever since i found out about that lancashire farm yogurt.

i hear from last night’s tv program that london has the largest number of chain restaurants than any place in europe. i can well believe it.

i have noticed there is one called simit sarayi. it is the latest chain , opening a lot of branches all over london. they seem popular too. i googled it and found this in time out, they just finished an offer of a free simit turkish bagel if u buy a hot drink. it is a franchise, which is the usual mode of operation of these chains eating places. they certainly make their restaurants look very cosy and inviting and they site them in really prominent positions. the time out feature said they are a bakery , but i had a look in their chelsea kings road branch and saw someone being served a delicious looking and smelling salad. i had a whiff of it when the waiter swept by me on the way to serving it. with ingredients that i could not recognise. but there was no mention of salad being for sale. i should imagine serving some things more than just baked goods would be a good selling point. perhaps seeing they are franchises, it might be up to the individual franchisees to introduce variations into their menu. 

fish and chips

1 Jun

london 2pm 23.5C sunny friday 2018 virgin lounge haymarket

i have been to a free fish and chips at tower hill. i first heard about it only this morning, with an email i received sent to me by steve. he is with twitter, so can hear about these things. today is national fish and chips day, it seems, and so we get this free meal. it is very nice, and they even give a free pen. i got chatting to a guy who came after me. i asked him how he heard of this. and he said a friend of his saw the queue and told him about it. 

after that i went to the virgin lounge in central london, after stopping at the charing cross library to return simon’s library book. 

its very nice to be in london. the rest of the country is having thunderstorms and flooding, but london seem to have escaped all that. and it even seemed to have no pollen in the air. at least i have no hay fever. that is great news if u suffer from hay fever. i think anyone who suffers from hay fever should just live in a big city. its just common sense really. 



new york bagel

27 May

london 2.16pm 24.1C sunny sunday 2018 paddington library

i have been to shoreditch, to get the free bagel that the new york bagel company is giving away today and yesterday.

i attempted to go to them yesterday but did not make note of their address, and so  i could not find their venue and so missed them. today i did not. this venue was a pop up venue for hire. at first i thought it was a new shop that they are opening, but steve, who  was there too told me it is not .this was a temporary pop up to publicise  their product which is bagels, done new york style, and it is all being sold in supermarkets. and that is what they hope to publicise it here, hoping we will ask for it in the supermarkets and buy it .

here in this shop they were illustrating how u can use the bagels, with pastrami , salmon and cream cheese, and even blueberries. and other variations.  but it is not a new restaurant that they are advertising, but the bagels.

the promotion is lovely, they even give away free coffee any style as well as free water, and flavoured drinks.

i myself could not see what difference between these bagels  from the usual supermarket bagels being sold by other brands. even after eating it on the premises.

i would have thought the unique selling point of the new york bagels as sold in new york is that they are all fresh made on the premises and sold throughout the day with the different fillings. the point is it is fresh. whilst if it is sold in supermarkets that is not going to be fresh really. i dont imagine they are all going to be made that day and thrown away at the end of the day, for a new batch to be made the next day… steve had eaten new york bagels in new york, and so should be able to tell me if these are like the ones in new york. but he could not say.

i could not see them making the bagels in the shop. all the bagels on view are allready there , no new ones being made.  so those bagels must be allready premade.

i think londoners or even most uk people dont really know what a new york bagel is like. i have been to new york, but cant say i can remember eating a bagel there. if i did, i have forgotten what it taste of.

and here in london we dont have the habit of new yorkers eating bagels as a breakfast thing. the only way i can see us being hooked by it is if u open a restaurant and cook the bagels fresh everyday and sell it with the new york style fillings, and let people eat it and realise it is very different from supermarket sealed bagels. but they are not doing that. but who knows, maybe the brand name is enough to make people ask for it or chose it at the supermarkets.

bagels are funny things, you boil them, instead and then cook them in a oven. but i must have very dead tastebuds, because i cannot tell any difference from bread or baked stuff.