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croissant from waitrose

8 Apr

london 11C 12.08pm cloudy monday 2019

Digital StillCamera

this is the croissant sold in waitrose,95p which i just got this morning. i went back to the pimlico store, and last time i went i did not see any , but now i see them. i realise when i went there last time it was late afternoon and they were all sold out. so i finally got to taste it and it is very flaky but is it worth 2.5x the lidl’s croissant? no not really haha. in fact i prefer the lidl croissant because it is more crunchy. so not only is it 35p, it is much nicer. 

but these are free to me, i was using the waitrose gift card. and there will be more chances to buy another 3 croissants each day with the chance of getting the free coffee with each purchase . so i am looking forward to those days.

i have discovered that instead of using a coffee cup for the waitrose free coffee, i can use my thermos flask for the coffee and it keeps the coffee warm too. and i can seal it and there is no danger of it spilling, unlike the coffee cup which is not seal proof. so i dont have to keep holding it upright which is what i have to do if i use a coffee cup.

so this gift card from the john lewis is proving to be worth it after all. haha. in the past when they give me a voucher for a free coffee and cake in their cafe, it was a once only treat. this one gives me lots more treats.

life is very nice now. full of these little pleasures. and i appreciate them all the more since suffering so much health problems earlier. things are stabilising now with my body getting back into equilibrium and returning to near normal function.

yesterday, i was at the waitrose near the paddington library, and bought a pack of 5bagels, new york bagels, 65p, reduced from £1.60. and got a coffee from that purchase using the gift card.

in the library, there was a old woman sitting next to me and she was drinking milk, and i asked her if she would like a bagel. she said yes, and when i handed over the pack of bagels for her to pick one,she asked if she can have two. i had eaten one and did not like it that much, it was quite hard, it is meant to be hard and chewy, so i was glad she wanted to take two off my hands. they are very filling so if u are very hungry they are better than croissants. 

later when i got back, i toasted one of the bagels and much prefer it that way. bagels are an acquired taste i think. i prefer my bread light and fluffy and crunchy that is why i like croissants better than all the other bread or cake-like snacks. waitrose sells a lot of other bread like snacks, and i might try them, rather than stick to croissants.


such a nice cny buffet dinner in a casino and free too.

10 Feb

london 10.13pm 5.6C dry sunday 2019

this morning was the chinese new year do in chinatown and trafalgar square. they have a parade earlier, but it was raining so i did not go then.  i went at about 12pm, and it was crowded in the square, and they were restricting people from going in, at least that is what i thought. they were making an entrance and exit gateway and that deters me from finding out whether i could get in. normally i would be interested in the grocery shops selling chinese food, whcih in the past used to set up shop inside there. but this time i did not go in to find out; instead i went on to chinatown but when i approach the entrance to chinatown it looked crowded, so i just turned tail and decided to go to the virgin lounge instead.

i did not stay long at the lounge, as i did not find any newspapers to read, the coffee machine upstairs was out of order,though i preferred the chocolate that you could just add hot water to, which was working, and there was some milk in the fridge.   two ladies who sat near me had coffee and when i asked them where they got it, they said they went downstairs and used the machine downstairs. when i went downstairs, earlier, i saw a film was showing and it was dark. and not easy to see if the machine there was working or not.

later tonight, at about 6.30pm i went to the casino in queensway, that steve told me about when we met for the free pizza offer on saturday. lucky he told me of it, because i did not know of it. and it is a really good buffet , all the meat dishes,(duck, chicken, beef, roast pork) were there, and stuffed tau foo and fish, prawns, and chinese brocolli veg. i had a 2nd helping and was unable to finish it, so i pack it to bring back, as i did not like to leave it on the plate to be thrown away. i dont like wasting food. 

they even got a lion dance , a two man ‘baby’ lion dancing to loud music and frolicking with a single dancer teasing it. weaving in and out of the gambling tables and machines.

it is rather nice of them to give this free food .  an elderly couple were set at my table later, and they told me they did not know of it, they are regulars at the casino, goes there  for dinner and did not know of this free buffet tonight. they said there was no announcement to the players in the gaming room about it. perhaps those gamers are not interested anyway in eating… haha. 

lots of bagel pizza free

9 Feb

london 2.23pm

Digital StillCamera

this is the free pizza bagel that we had, this morning . a free offer by the bagel pizza company called mulberry street and they were in the queensway road area in bayswater. i thought they are giving away only a slice each, but no, it is a whole pizza like the one in the picture for each person. we 4 shared the pizza, and because it had such a lot of dough, it was very filling and in the end we could not finish off 4 of those pizzas. they did not come all 4 at once of course,  so steve and his wife tookaway one pizza. the other guy and myself did not want to takeaway the 4th. i was so full i just dont want to eat any more. 

i was saying earlier whilst waiting in the queue with steve and his wife, that i had two minds about turning up to this freebie, as i thought they will only give us one slice of pizza and it would be so small, leaving us craving for another… so it  might not be worth the  bother to come and do all that queueing for one slice of pizza. that was what happened in the past when i go to these kind of freebies, involving pizza… (though there was a notable exception, a freebie by franco manca, near kings cross when they gave each of us a whole sourdough pizza with toppings of our choice to eat in. that was really memorable… because the toppings were so good).

but steve said they are actually giving away a whole pizza to each person. and now i have to eat my words as it were, being given so much pizza that we could not finish it. in the end i just managed to finish one and a half slices. here is the case of too much dough so it fills you up. and the toppings were the same for all the pizza, so that it got kind of monotonous after a bit. 

the first one we finished as we cut it into 4 slices and each took a slice, they were huge slices. but the next one, i cut my share into two, as i was so full up with all that dough in the pizza. the others have huge appetites, because they ate all their slices, dough and all. whilst i left a lot of the dough on the plate in the final smaller slice i had. and steve and wife liked it so much he asked for them to pack  one big pizza to takeaway. and have to carry it flat side up all the way home because with pizza you cannot just turn it sideways and put it under your arm, can you? haha.

i think i now understand why the neapolitan pizza is a thin pizza. it really is better, so u can enjoy the toppings, instead of just eating lots of dough. so this one i think it would be better and more enjoyable if they half the amount of dough in the pizza. but that is only my opinion. it might be others like the dough so much they will like this one. 

it was called a bagel pizza and we were joking does it mean it comes with a hole in the middle, and sure enough this one actually have a whole in the middle. its a small hole though so u cannot see it in the picture. 



free breakfast

7 Feb

london 11.46am 8.9C sunny thursday 2019

this morning i happen to wake up at about 8am so decided to go to that free breakfast place . it is in kingsly court, just off carnaby st. it’s a nice enclosed courtyard that used to be the courtyard of flats but now made into a commercial space, lined with restaurants.

considering it was a free breakfast i was surprised that it was not that busy… i had the full english (£11 usually) consisting of a sausage, two eggs,2 shitake mushrooms, 2rashes of bacon, a hashbrown grit and two slices of baguette  bread and a side small container of baked beans( too small, would like more baked beans really); and a cappuccino and water. i was given the choice of ketchup or mayonnaise, and made the mistake of chosing the latter. 

i was sat at the bar, but there were a lot of room at the tables. i was there before 9am, which i think must be peak hour, as most people will start work at 9am. the place had a comfortable number of customers then, but after that time, the place started emptying…

i was hoping that they will have eggs benedict, as it is something that i would find difficult to make at home, but no, the menu was just the usual. 

it was interesting that i find their full english quite dry… even the one cooked tomato they gave was very dry, instead of full of juice. i wonder why really because in the past all the full english breakfast i have tried are just full of juice, either from the fat from the sausage, or from the tomatoes or from the baked beans which they liberally pour on the plate.

maybe they are trying to make it healthy by having very lean sausage. that sausage is so lean it was very dry. what do u think? i myself dont like very lean sausages, they might be healthy, but they dont have that yummy factor that fat gives to food. 

these things you are not supposed to eat everyday, so it is ok to have fat. i think it is ok to have fatty food , as long as u dont eat them often. we eat a full breakfast once a week traditionally, on a weekend. though nowadays people are not even doing that anymore. i would think it very difficult to be eating a full english breakfast everyday.

i have noticed that every place that gives free breakfast are not inundated with a long queue of people wanting to take up the offer. i wonder why? 

free pho

25 Jan

london 1.41pm 12.1C sunny friday 2019

i have just been to my first freebie since i broke my right foot, and first freebie of the year. it is at pho, a vietnamese eating place near oxford st. i got a free beef steak and brisket pho. i also get to meet the other freebies go-ers, asian women, who were queueing up. even though it was so early 11.15am. when it opens at 12noon. there were 3 of them, so we shared a table. one of them ordered giant prawns, and when i saw what she got i wished i had ordered them instead. haha. it came with a plate of  basil, coriander leaves, bean sprouts which u are supposed to put into the bowl yourself.

in the street stalls in vietnam it seems these are placed on the tables, for the diners to help themselves to any amount they like. but here of course it is just one plate. this is the first time i have eaten pho. Pronounced like fur.

pho is similar to the chinese noodle soups, except the chinese add all the ingredients before hand and pour hot soup over it. and it will have noodles in it. for this meal, we got ho -fun noodles. (flat noodles). my dish normally cost £9.50. the prawn dish is £1 more.

its quite nice , though the broth was  salty but that is normal with restaurant foods nowadays. but i think people get used to it. as it is,  i drank all the soup so i must have got used to the saltiness. the others made a mistake by putting the chilli oil they have on the table to the bowl itself , rather than put it on the side plate like i did to dip. it was very spicy for them. so they were not able to finish it completely. 

i like being at the head of the queue, as we will get to eat first. if u are back at the queue u have to wait till those in front have lingered over their meal and vacated their seat before u can get seated. i thought they have only 100 meals to give away but their website did not mention this limit. just said that it will be served from 12 to 4pm, and mentioned that as long as u join the queue before 4pm u will get it. so if they really continue to serve till the end, that would be very generous of them. 



whilst waiting in the queue, we saw a load of groceries being delivered and i saw fried bean curd on the trolley. it would be nice to have that in our soup. i wonder which dish have that. fried bean curd (found out they are not called fried bean curd but its tou fou pok) usually used in laksa.

is quite expensive in the chinatown grocery stores, so maybe that is why it is not a common ingredient.

i can remember back in malaysia it is a cheap ingredient, but maybe nowadays it has become expensive. so many cheap ingredients that i remember from my childhood are now expensive. ikan bilis, dried prawns, curry leaves used to be poor man’s food. but now i cannot find any ikan bilis or dried prawns on sale in chinatown. 

free burgers

19 Oct

london 9.57pm 12C night friday 2018

tonights gardener program on tv featured a guy who grows apple trees and seeing all those lovely apples makes me crave eating some. so tomorrow i shall to go to asda and buy their gala apples £1 for 5(which they recommend is made into an apple pie, which seems a bit of a waste to me, because gala apples are lovely to eat by themselves. i would use bramley apples if i were to cook it in a pie) and also their variety apples, 75p for 500mg. they did not mention what type of apples so maybe they are relative unknown varieties. it will be interesting to try them, because i once ate a batch sold by lidls in their cheap 5 a day, no mention of what varieties they were and they were delicious. the best way to eat apples is as fresh fruits, without any cooking.

earlier i was at a pub near camden market, eating their free burgers. i was chatting to steve and his lady, i was early this time, earlier than them, so was able to reserve the head of the queue for them. i said burgers taste all the same to me… he said he can tell the difference, but i dont know how he could do it. these were cooked rare inside, which seems to be the trend nowadays with these more expensive burgers unlike macdonalds’; and were very salty, so not something i would eat everyday. and i got info from his lady about a freebie  that i was not aware of. so that was a good thing to know.

its quite fun to go to these places esp since it takes me to visit different parts of london that i would not normally go to at all. this one is nearer the chalk farm tube station than camden tube station. and i am beginning to recognise the regulars who come to these freebies. this time he was first in the queue. he is from goa, but grew up in uganda, and came to uk and became uk citizen when he was driven off from uganda. 



more free food

4 Oct

london 2.15pm 16.5C thursday 2018

i was chatting to a lady next to me in the queue for kimchee cafe’s free lunch, today. it is a takeaway place just opened that is why they are doing a opening promotion, free lunch from 12pm-2pm everyday from 3rd -5thoct. i went about 12pm, and there was a long queue. but i got to the end of the queue before a waiter came and  gave out tickets for the lunch. there is a 200 meal limit. the ticket was for any meal less than £8. (but there really was no danger of getting to the limit. after me, the queue continued to stretch way off into the distance and he was able to give them all a ticket.

the lady was hindu, so cannot eat beef. i happened to mention that today flat iron is giving a free dinner , but when i mentioned it was steak, she said she dont eat beef. and that was when i realised she is hindu. anyway she was taking her lunch break to queue, but when we were half way there, she said she is going to be late for an appointment, so she gave me her ticket and left.

so i got two tickets and showed it to the cashier, and asked if i can order two meals. luckily the cashier allowed me to do it. they give you a buzzer for each order. it is supposed to buzz to let you know the food is ready to collect. i got my first order quick, it was fried chicken, but the other order, the beef bulgogi took more time. and during the wait, i was asked why i got two, and told that i am not allowed to. but i said my friend could not wait and asked me to collect the food, and fortunately he allowed me. that is why i got two meals.

i brought them both back to my flat, as i live so near, and asked simon if he would like to eat them. he said he allready had eaten… but will taste it. he took one bite of the beef and reacted with distaste. it surprised me… he said it was horribly sweet. i did not notice it was that sweet when i took some of the beef on the bus on the way back. in fact i liked it when i ate a few pieces of beef in the bus ; because it had that barbequed taste. however after i ate more of it, i realised simon is right. it was very sweet.

when i opened the chicken dish, and tasted the chicken ,it too was very sweet.

simon said he went to a korean restaurant in new malden, once, and he said everything seemed to have a fried egg on top. haha. he said it looked like the bibimpap dish in the menu the waiter gave us while we were waiting. and simon said everything in that restaurant was sweet too. simon said in a chinese restaurant you can get sweet and sour dishes, and it is delicious, because the two different tastes complement each other. but here it was just sweet. he said the chicken might be nicer if it is spicy. i was given a choice to have that, but chosed the garlic and soya one instead. 

there were more beef than shown. i had allready eaten most of it by the time i thought of taking a photo. those white bits in the small plastic cup are pickled white radish.

hmm, is it normal to have such sweet dishes on every dish in a korean cuisine? i wonder? certainly the two dishes i got were very sweet. i have never eaten korean before, but if they are all as sweet as this , then i might not have missed anything. there was no kimchee in these meals. so i have yet to taste kimchee. simon said that when they were sending the korean astronauts into space in the russian satellite, they made sure they had a supply of kimchee for them, because it seems the koreans  just cannot do without it. there was a pickled white radish with the fried chicken. but that cannot be kimchee can it?

i am off to the macdonalds to get a free flat white coffee. it was a voucher given away free in yesterday’s metro free newspaper. i treated my friend yesterday to a coffee using those vouchers after we had our circuit training. it is very strong coffee. it is valid for today as well, so i shall go to victoria place and get another one. 

added. 8.16pm, got back from waiting in line at the flat iron cafe for the steaks. in the end, after a long wait i decided to give it a miss, since the queue was still so long. i went at 5.30pm, it opens at 6pm, unfortunately steve and wife were allready seated on the outside seats, so i could not just slot myself with them. usually, i would arrive and they would allready be at the front of the queue, and i would just slot myself in with them… if they had been waiting in the queue, i could have done so. but they were seated on the outside seats and there was no seat available. 

even so early, the queue stretched a long way back and a long way round the corner. i noticed quite a lot of chinese people joining the queue. the long queue should have given me an inkling that it will be very slow.

i left at 7.45pm. there were still a lot of people ahead of me even at that time. that is why i decided to give it a miss.

it is a short journey time to get back from kingscross; which is nice, one of the perks of living so centrally. i am still very full from the lunch today.