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more calendars

29 Jan

london 12pm 8C raining sunday 2017

london is having its celebration cny in trafalgar square. it rained. but that is par for the course at this time of year. yesterday was dry and sunny so it would have been good to have it then, but there you are. there was a stall   giving out desk top calendars, featuring paintings in the chinese style of cockerels which is rather nice, i thought;  and a gadget that looks like a charger. i have no idea what it is used for. maybe i can google it. added, google wasnot much help. 

one of the pictures show the tail end of the cny parade that was heading towards chinatown. 


free pret a manger sandwich

10 Nov

london 11.53am 11.7C sunny thursday 2016

as usual i was browsing the newspapers online and saw this. it is pret giving away free sandwiches today. so  i googled their branches near me, there are two very close and went there. the first i was approaching the counter and before i could say anything, the assistant gave me a wrapped sandwich, all ready to go. i was thinking wow, that is some service.

i thanked her and on the way out i saw it was quite a cosy place and was wondering whether i should sit and eat it there. but anyway by the time i thought of it i was out the door, and paused by the outside tables and decided i shall sit there. but there was a man smoking on that table, and i looked up and saw my near neighbour sitting on the next table. so i joined him. i told him about the free sandwich and he had a coffee with him,(even offered to buy me one, but i thought i shall save him some money as i get free coffee everywhere these days. haha) and i said he could go and ask for it. but he did not want any.

he has his dog with him, and i see him often about the courtyard exercising his dog. he throws the ball to the dog using a special ball thrower, until the dog gets too tired and stop returning with the ball.

he told me that actually there is a free lunch organised by our housing estate once a month. he said i should be able to read it on the notice board in each block. i said i have not seen it. it seems it was started a few months ago. he said it is really good food, a buffet style thing where u can eat as much as u like. well, that sounds like it is for me. haha. so i shall keep an eye out for it. i must say i have not read anything about it in our notice board. ( i went downstairs to have a look at the notice board and did not see anything about this lunch. it is easy to miss the notice board as i walk by … got used to not reading anything on it. haha. but i shall make it a point to read it now that i am aware there is this lunch.)

anyway i opened the paper bag she gave me and saw it was a nice salmon sandwich, warm too. what a nice surprise. i offered it to my neighbour but he said no. though the dog would want it, as it kept nudging me. haha. i did not take a picture of the sandwich. it was on toasted bread. 

 so i ate it on the way to the next pret . haha. it was a bit salty, but then everything is salty to me. 

in the next pret i asked if i am too late for the free sandwich, and she asked her supervisor who picked up this ready packed sandwich on the counter and said will this do. of course it will do. haha beggars cannot be choosers. i think they will heat it up for you if u ask them. but anyway i did not think to ask. it did not occur to me then. i am not a regular at pret, so do not know how these things work. this pret is a smaller shop and not as spacious as the other one, which is really cosy. and the sandwich in the other shop was so much nicer than this one. so it looks like different branches of the same chain can vary in its free offer. 

Digital StillCamera

anyway i am home now and writing this, it did occur to me while writing this to put that sandwich in the microwave and see if it will do. it is much nicer heated up.

it is fun to live in london and get these freebies. granted they are not necessary, because in the end, i prefer my own cooking because it is not salty.  but still anything that is free is nice to have.

i was thinking people who are not online must miss quite a lot. i get these free offers online. either i get to find out they are there, or i am emailed with info about them.

on the other hand, those who roam the streets get to pick up things from recyling bins. i do both, so i think i got the best of both worlds.

i was at the sainsburys and was looking at their newspaper shelves and all the papers show full page photo of trump. i have been reading about him all day yesterday, and for a moment i thought why are the newspapers full of old news? i forgot that it is new news as far as the newspapers are concerned.  to see the papers today with their front pages full of his face and full page stories about him make me realise that newspapers have stopped being the first bringer of news nowadays. with the internet we get the news first fresh from the time it is happening.

in the sainsbury i looked out of their glass window and saw a goods van outside, with it sides fully down exposing the insides with its stacks  of produce. when i got out i saw it was a tesco van, and i couldnt help remarking jokingly to the man unloading it saying what is a tesco van doing outside a sainsbury shop? he said he was delivering produce to some one who lives above the shop. hmm, i wonder if that would be the hallmark of life in these times, order online to have your shopping delivered even though u live right above the supermarket… haha. 

added 2.49pm got an email just now from waitrose. before i read it i guessed it is about the free coffee… and sure enough, it is. 

Our myWaitrose free tea and coffee offer is one of the ways we thank our customers for shopping with us – and we want all our customers to be able to enjoy a free hot drink when they shop with us in our branches.

From 21 November, we’ll simply be asking myWaitrose members at a small number of shops, including Pimlico, to make a purchase* before collecting their cup at the checkout.

i was expecting them to do it, and so they have. 


eu and our leaving

8 Oct

london 8.51pm 14.2C saturday 2016

trouble with nowadays when news is so easily available and news feeds throw news our way continuously, it makes u feel as if there is so much turmoil in the world.

if not from man made killings, it is huricanes, like the one hitting america’s florida coast. it has devastated haiti, but it seems its force has gone down once it hit the coast. islands by the very nature get the worst blast from them. nothing to block them and deplete their force. these islands are considered paradise , or what paradise is like, but it  is not so paradisical as far as i am concerned. these devastating huricanes are not an isolated incident. it happens almost every year.

not many places in the world are trouble free from nature. that is why i consider uk as paradisical, in that the weather here is friendly and never extreme. if it does go extreme it is not horribly extreme. if that is not paradise, what is?

i had a very pleasant day today. nothing dramatic happened, but got a little bit of everything.

freebies to collect… free coffee from john lewis, and lego bricks from daily mail which i collected from the whsmith store in victoria station. so far i had not felt the urge to break open the pack and build it up.

and i avoided the traffic jam on that part of the west end that borders hydepark. there were marchers who had marched from the north to london to enact king harolds march to hastings to fight the normans, and where he got an arrow in his eye that ended it all. they had amassed at hyde park, and i supposed would have been quite nice to see, as they are wearing costumes, and i daresay the papers tomorrow will show them. but in terms of getting around london, i am glad i avoided them.

its quite a normal day in london, people going about their business, whether shopping or eating out, which is all i see, from the top of the bus. you would think that is all they do, but then they all look like tourists. and they are enjoying themselves what with the £ costing so much less now. its parity now. £1= 1 euro.

i can see the businesses in central london may well depand on the tourists spending their money. how else are they going to get customers, certainly it would not be possible to have so many businesses like there are here making a profit if they only rely on locals patronising them. every  business seem to be full of customers inside. it might be to uk ‘s advantage that the £ is low… tourism will boom.

the papers are also full of articles about the fears of eu punishing uk for voting to leave. they have threatened it, so it is not a fear that is unfounded. we shall see if they really can do it and not make themselves lose money. and obviously they will try their best to steal business from the city of london and other uk businesses. but they are especially eager to bring back financial business back to a european capital, and centre it in frankfurt or paris. though plenty of observers say they dont have the expertise , and the business will go to new york, if they try to cut out london. or the whole thing fails and they do not get london or new york and their own businesses find it hard to raise finances or do any business. we shall see.

in the meantime i think we here in uk will have to keep to our shores, and forego foreign holidays for a time. at least for those of us who like a bargain. because it really rankles when the £ does not buy as much as it did before in europe. at least i get rankled haha. that is why i stopped going to europe when it dropped from £1=1.50euros to £1=1.20euros. now that it is £1=1euro, there is even less reason to go there. for me anyway.

i have yet to hear from my friends who have recently gone to europe. perhaps they did not notice much difference.  perhaps their liking for europe overides the low £, and they will still like going there. i wonder if the low £ will entice even those in europe who dont like to travel to come to england. or will they get so angry with uk voting to leave that they refuse on principle to come here. haha.

i have someone in the gay website telling me he is coming to uk, he is from bulgaria,and recently i got a message from him saying he is here, in london and staying at a hostel in bloomsbury. he wants to find work as a kitchen porter. his written english is good but he says his spoken english is poor. and from the news the govt has conceded that most of those eu citizens who are here will remain, as they cannot be forced to leave legally. so i think anyone who comes in now and work here will be allowed to remain. they will be given automatic leave to remain when uk finally leaves after giving the two year notice. uk is very gay friendly, and is ideal for a gay guy to come and live. 

i ahve a feeling eu citizens will still be allowed to come to work, uk needs them to fill up the vacancies. people should make a distinction between those who come specifically to bring their families and claim benefits from those who come to work and take up the job opportunities for work here. though if the £ remain low, i wonder if they might not find it not worth the effort as the money they earn will get less when they send it back to their home countries. 

added.7am sunday 9.10.16. i had word from him that it is difficult to open a bank account now. he said it was easier in the past. without a bank account it will be difficult to get that job. i suspect it is a catch 22, he cant get a bank account unless he gets a proper address, instead of a hostel; or a proper job.

 i have a feeling lots of new comers will get this drip drip obstacles put in their path. not only in uk with newcomers, but in europe, with uk citizens maybe not being able to get free medical treatment in europe. it is not a problem for uk tourists visiting europe, most will have travel insurance, but the long term stayers, the expats, they will feel it if they dont get their usual free access to medical care. 

added. 8.06pm 12.8 light rain,monday 17.10.16. i got a message just now from the bulgarian guy who came to london to work. he started work on 11.10.16. and lack of a bank account was not needed to get the job, he just needs one so that his salary can be put in it. so he used his friend’s account. it seems very easy to get jobs here. it looks like london need these eu workers to fill the vacancies.

 added. 7pm 13C wednesday 19.10.16 he got a job as a kitchen porter in a 5star hotel,

he says ‘ Yes they give us free meal and soft drinks.
Im working 9-10 hours per day from 7 pm to 5 or 6 am
with 1 hour break and in this hour we eating and drinking in zale for staff.’

its long hours, but hey, if i were him, i wont mind. after all the idea is to make money here. and long hours means the daily wage will be higher. even at minimum wage of about £7 an hour, that means about £70 , less tax and national insurance  so maybe £50 a day. it is possible he might get higher wage scale for the unsocial hours and weekend work. so he is looking at least £1000 a month take home pay. maybe more. hmm, i shall have to see if i can get him to tell me how much he gets. haha. but i can see why this kind of work will not appeal to the british person. such long hours… not to mention if i am on income support that is £65 a week,given to me free money…  plus if i get free housing, (£500 a month, if not more even if it is a room, and if a long term benefit person i  might have a one bedroom flat allocated to him by now, rent free or paid for by social security. ) he would have to earn hell of a lot more than £1000 a month to afford the rent. so no wonder none of them want this kind of work. 



7 Oct

london 5.32pm 16.3C friday 2016

i was at the charing cross library, decided to go there hoping to find one of the chicken toys that byron said they are hiding in the area, round their restaurant there, this weekend. if u find it, u can get a free burger from them.  a promotion to publicise that they are having a new addition to their menu… a chicken burger.

they are a beef burger upmarket place, but it seems they are muscling in on kfc chicken market. did not find any though. 

whilst at the library i saw today’s metro newspaper, and in it an advert for 10p black coffee at timberyard, a coffee place near seven dials. and the daily mirror has a voucher for free frozen mccain roast potatoes 800mg.

i got my 10p black coffee, they have milk lying around so u can have it white if u want. there was a lady handing out vials of gunpowder. when told that was what it was, i could not help blurting out who would want to eat that? obviously you are not meant to say that. haha.

i could stay there and use their wifi, but it was too hot inside, so  took the drink to the seven dials column where u can sit out the open air. it  was nice to sit there , even though there was no sun. 

saw a black man in a suit and a hat there, supposed to look like a mafia man, who was wearing a sandwich board advertising the 10p coffee. i got chatting to him, and he asked me do you know what it is promoting? i said is it the coffee place, to commemorate their anniversary? he said no, it is to introduce the maxi mafia 3, a computer game. he says it cost a cheap £60 to buy the game.i laughed and said oh i would not call it cheap, but maybe guys in your generation would think so. in fact, i did say to him i wonder why it was not mentioned in the brochure or the advert in metro that the maxi 3 was a video game. there was no url link in the flyer or in the advert. i thought it was the name of the coffee place, though its address was timberyard… well i thought it was in a cul de sac there called timberyard… like neal’s yard. i think their advert could be more incisive. it is not obvious what it was advertising. there was no one in the coffee shop to link to the video game. later another man joined him, also dressed smartly like him. i asked does he get to keep the suit, no he said, have to give it back. it fitted him very nicely. 

 he gave me the link in youtube, mafia 3 trailer. and i got online there  and saw the trailer. but of course i could not play the game, it was only for information about what it is about; as it wont work in my chrome book. u need an xbox or a computer. i admit i am not a big fan of computer games. so cannot say how good it is. he said it was a bit like grand theft auto. now that one i have heard about, that it was very good and very popular. 

well it was pleasant chatting to him, and eating my home made egg sandwich.

he said he will be going off on holiday to hongkong 3days only, staying with a friend, then flying off to bangkok, chiangmai and pattaya. 3 weeks. why the weird itinerary? i asked, he said well he wanted to end the holiday with lying on the beach. haha.

whilst chatting we were approach by two guys one carrying a camera, and they said they are taking photos of londoners with smiling faces. so they ask him to pose. i said he is perfect for it, as the guy really has beautiful teeth and very healthy gums, it looks very nice, and as a ex dentist, i can really appreciate nice teeth and gums. the guys offered a drink in a can, it was sparkling water with some flavour, and called ugly. what a strange name for a brand. haha. it was a fizzy drink but the flavours did not come through. at least i did not notice it. i ahve drunk these flavoured drinks in the past but it was still water and the flavour can be tasted and can be really very nice. giving u a hint of whatever fruit they say. it is all artificial of course but very nice actually. i can see anyone other than me being addicted to it.  but this one hasn’t got the flavour. just a citric taste. 

i forgot about the mccain roast potatoes voucher , and remembered only at about 6pm when i was at home.  so i took the bus c10 to the co-op branch at lower marsh st, and luckily there were still some packs there in their frozen cabinet and got it. its best to go quick even though it is valid over the weekend; otherwise it might all be sold out.

the assistant was serving 2 chinese guys before me. and when it was my turn she said in chinese ni how… i just chuckled as i dont know mandarin. and afterwards she said thank you in chinese. it costs £2.09 in that co-op. it was a new product that is why they are giving this voucher to promote it. 


london’s first naked restaurant

10 Jun

london 4.25pm 23.9C sunny friday 2016

read in today’s evening standard that the naked restaurant that i heard about is opening tomorrow at elephant and castle and called bunyadi. it is only open for 3months. so it is a pop up restaurant; which seems to be the rage nowadays… it is like trying to gauge the interest and whether it can be extended to a full restaurant if demand is proven to be there.

u cannot just go there though, but have to register and be put on their waiting list. currently the waiting list is 40,000 strong. costs £69 for a 5 course tasting menu there. and diners are separated by bamboo curtains round each table. maybe very private but does not sound interesting. sounds very commercial and business -like, and gimmicky.

can’t help thinking that there are allready lots of naked places here in london , they are called saunas… so if all you want is to relax in naked comfort, those places are better venues for it. and in terms of participating in a naked  social activity, the naked bike ride that takes place tomorrow in london might be better for it… 

i got a birthday treat of a free krispie kreme from the company. so i redeemed it and had my nutella filled krispie kreme with the free waitrose coffee, whilst sitting in victoria station. it is nice now and then to enjoy these snacks, especially when they are free.haha.



2 Apr

london 1.03pm 15.3C very sunny blue sky. saturday 2016

today’s saturday daily mail has a voucher giving a free body care pack by dove. i think it is the only newspaper that still gives freebies like this. today’s is a body care pack from dove. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

there was only this one pack on the shelf when i went to the tesco superstore near me to get it. pity the people who come after me, they will be out of luck. but i went quite early about 12pm, (ok, maybe not that early, but i would have thought they would stock more , so that at least it dont run out so quickly).

i dont mind if i dont get it actually, as a lot of the stuff in that pack i dont use. but anyway, since it is free and i was there, i got it and even got 5 points on my tesco card too. i find when i had a good look at it that there were too many body washing products when i was hoping for moisturisers or hand lotions. those will be more useful.

ah well, beggars cannot be chosers. haha. it is still nice to get something for nothing.

i read that a gunman who was shot by police in south shields, had died of his wounds.

i think it is a sign of the times. there is now less tolerance of such things, a gunman in the past would be given more leeway but nowadays with mass shooting of  people there is more reason to shoot and to kill just in case it is a mass killer on the loose. shoot first and ask questions later. it just means all those who want to use guns should stop and think carefully about using it. the chance of being killed just for brandishing it about is higher now than anytime in the past. i wonder too if events that happen now , where mass killers go round shooting innocent people makes me less tolerant of them being killed.

i am getting quite blood thirsty now, and would wish all these mass killers to really die. is that bad of me , do you think? and so any gun man who got killed, i say serves him right. i have lost all sympathy with these people who go round with guns… i know there is all this about innocent till proven guilty but frankly if u are going about with a gun, u deserve to get killed. if u got a gun, you will use it. and who would u be gunning down but the innocent people doing their own stuff all around you? 

added. 2.22pm 18.3C now, sunny. barcelona is 15.7C, so even if the forecast that it will be 21C is wrong, it was correct when it said it will be warmer than barcelona. but of course, it does not mean anything. after all, just because for a brief period in the day the thermometer temp shot up to a little bit above what barcelona has been experiencing practically all day, does not mean we are warmer than barcelona. haha. 

routine, and coffee cups

19 Mar

london 12.17pm 9.3C cloudy but bright. saturday 2016

routine is a lovely thing. i think not many people realise it. like today, i looked back at my morning and it dawned on me that i did not have to think about how to get from my place to the library, it was like i was on automatic, and so was not aware of all the decisions that i have to make. i only became aware of it when i was stopped near the library as was walking to the bus stop to catch the c10 back to my place. 

they were a middle aged man and woman, the man was asking me, but i could not understand what he was saying, until he mentioned big ben… and i was flummoxed wondering how to tell him the best way to get there. i told him to walk back to victoria station and catch a tube to westminster. now i am back, i realised i should have told him to cross the street, and catch the bus 211 or 11 and that should drop them at parliament square. but i did not think of it that time.

i come to this area practically everyday and am very familiar with the buses, and yet when i was asked i did not think to get them this bus route. i think i was so used to the routine, i never have to think of it, and so it slipped my mind when someone unexpectedly caught me unprepared and out of my routine by asking me the way.

it happened before, someone asked me how to get to westmorland terrace, and i did not know. later, i realised my bus pass there everyday, yet it never came to my mind that i know that place.

i used to think the locals a bit thick, when i asked them directions in their area, and they have not a clue. but it seems i am turning into one of them. oh dear. haha.

i was looking through the saturday papers, in the library and i realised why i find them rather boring… it is because they are full of articles talking about expensive stuff that people can buy…or places that they can visit whilst spending lots of money.  they are targetting themselves at the rich , and offering them suggestions on how to spend their money. no wonder i skim through them very rapidly.

only the daily mail gives out freebies, like a big terracotta pot if u bring the voucher to a B&Q shop. i wonder what the initials B&Q stand for? and they are offering a heat insulated cup to use , u have to collect a number of vouchers and then pay £2.50 for postage to get it. they have an article saying starbucks is offering 50p reductions if u bring  your own cup. .. this is a temporary offering (april and may only)from their usual 25p reduction that has applied for ages but they dont advertise it much. not till now, when there is all this hoo haa about their cups not being easily recycled, and end up in the slag heaps. will u bring your own cup? i always thought the attraction of these places is being able to show off the brand in front of the noses of everyone else and broadcast that u can afford it.  i mean if u use your own cup, horrors they might think u have made the coffee at home!! i wonder if there are people who bring their own coffee and pour it into a starbucks cup just to be able to wave it about when they walk .

when i read that about the insulated cup, i realised i actually have one of those, i bought long ago for £1 from a charity shop. i seldom use it, i wonder why? it would be logical to use it as it keeps the drink warm. as it is i often forget to finish the drink and it gets cold and i have to reheat it in the microwave. but i seem to be strangely resistant to using that cup… 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

i dug it out of the cupboard to take a picture of it.

Mar. 19, 2016 sunRise 6:04 AM GMT

sun set 6:12 PM GMT

12h 07m
Tomorrow will be 3m58s longer.
so does it look like today 19 march is the spring equinox day in uk? looks like it doesn’t it? i used to think march 21 is the equinox, but i have long ago realised that is not so.