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some more freebies

4 May

london 2.22pm 10C sunny saturday 2019

i got another free doughnut today. steve emailed me with the information that the same company that gave me free doughnut yesterday is opening in islington today too and they are giving away free doughnuts. so i went there very early, and was amongst the first few. i chose the apple crumble doughnut again, because i like it. i did not see steve or the malaysians in the queue. but they have till 2pm to join in.

i was chatting to the others in the queue while we waited for it to open. i was thinking to myself we are all queueing here because it is free but i wonder who would buy these doughnuts, since they cost £5 each, £4 if u buy 6. but luckily i did not voice it, haha. because one of those in the queue said she might order one for someone they know who is not in the queue and pay it. so people are willing to pay those prices.

perhaps i am still old fashioned to think £5 is still a lot of money to pay for a doughnut… to me i can buy a whole chicken and have 4-5meals out of it, or you can buy a whole lunch with that money. but maybe to others, they think of it as it is such a small amount of money because  you can only buy lunch with it and sometimes not even enough to buy lunch. 


it is quite plain on the outside unlike the others. i wonder whether i really like apple pie, and not doughnuts as such. it makes me think i shall make an apple pie if ever i can get bramley apples reduced price cheap. they make excellent fillings because they have a sourness to them that goes well with suger, and they dont have much water in them so that the pie is not too watery.

it hailed little balls of ice when i was coming back at trafalgar square. even though it is supposed to be 10C.

i was at the victoria library earlier and there was a notice about free comics to be given today… so i asked the librarian where are they and he said he  forgot to take them out of his office, and he went to his office to get them, a small bunch of  3 different comic books donated by forbidden planet, a comic book store.

and he gave them to me, even asking if i want more to give to others. i had a look at them, and even though i took them, i can see it is not something i will like. i prefer the comics of my youth rather than these. the art work does not appeal to me and reading through them, i did not like the storyline either. it is very simplistic. maybe u can say of course they are , because they are for children, but i dont recall it was that simple in the comics i read when i was little. but memory can fool us, and maybe they are simple too. the librarian said nowadays the comics are made to appeal to adults too. the artwork i think is geared to appeal to adults, or they think. though it does not appeal to me and i am an adult. haha. but not the right kind, obviously.

the librarian pointed out to me a display of the comic books held in the library and said it is to tie in with this free comics offer, to let people know of the library collection. i asked him if they have superman and batman comics, and he pointed it out to me, but they dont look like the old comics to me… the artwork is different and not to my liking. i confess i am liking the old comic’s style of art. 

just comparing my life in london with my life in kL if i live there.

5 Nov

london 4.45pm 14.3C (high 15.8C) cloudy night monday 2018

i remembered a email voucher from krispy creme giving me a free doughnut which they sent me a few days ago and i saved it.

today i decided to redeem it, so went to victoria station whre there is a krispy kreme kiosk. its quite nice , the doughnut, but very sweet of course, not only from the topping, but from the filling. i had my own water bottle which i drank from, because it can make u real thirsty, but also i passed by the water dispenser in the main concourse which reminded me that this station has a free water dispenser.  so i filled up my bottle. i had thought i shall go to the wing shot, that place where we got our free chicken wings, to redeem the voucher they gave me for another free chicken wing portion. i had saved the voucher in my email, and i opened it when i was in victoria, using the wifi there.

however when i arrived at the shop,in cambridge circus,  i found that  the email wont open and i have to get online again… which i did at the pret nearby, though by the time i did it , and went to the shop i found when i tried the door it wont open, even though i can see the workers inside… even though the notice open hours says that they open at 11am.  the time was 11.30am. they are late, and i remembered that when we were queueing that first day, they too were late and let us in only after 30mins after their opening time.

so i think i shall go there after 12pm tomorrow, just to  be sure they will be open.

ah well, i was thinking what i might be doing if i were retired and living in malaysia, kuala lumpur, which i would be doing if i were to have lived a different life instead of the one i lived. and i realise i would be rather more house bound, as it would be too hot to be out in the afternoon , not to mention there wont be any reason to go out  as the bus is too erratic and the journey long, and not airconditioned, and does not go to many places. usually i walk to the village nearby, where u can go to the wet market to buy food groceries, like veg, and fish or fowl, or meat. at least that was where my mum goes when she was alive. i wonder whether i would do that if i were to live there. or would i prefer to shop at the supermarkets. it would require i drive as people are really depandant on their cars or motorbikes. and i dont like to drive as it is real easy to get into an accident when you get older and older and your attention span and skill goes out the door. i have not driven in london for a long time now.  so i suspect i shall be quite house bound if i were ever to live there.

i am glad to be living in london rather than in kL.

the freedom pass here in london is a great enabler, it allows me to just up and go and make me not need much of a reason to go out, whereas if i have to pay, i would need a good reason to go and many times there is no need to go at all. even so i dont always go out. i hear from the two malaysian sisters, that they have gone to croydon for a freebie, and i said that is far, but they said not at all. they live in hounslow, so that it is about equal time travel to croydon as to come to central london for them. so for them, the effort and time to come to central london is as much as going to croydon. of course they have the freedom pass too so  cost is not a consideration. whilst for me, it is certainly much more of a bother to go to croydon than to central london as i allready live in central london.

3 Nov

london 8.45pm 10.1C night dry saturday 2018

i am now seeing more of the others who go to freebies as a hobby.

the two chinese malaysian ladies, steve and his wife.

today steve and the chinese malaysians were at the free doughnut given out by a veggie vietnamese popup in shoreditch box park. this is a set of ships containers that have been adapted to hold food stalls. this new place do baos, but all vegetarian. they are called eat chay… steve was saying chay is vietnamese for vegetables. then i remembered the chinese for vegetables is chai so it sounds an appropriate name. then steve asked me how is it different from chai, which is tea.

that made me pause, got me thinking…yes, come to think of it, how is it different? i think it is the tone. chai for vegetables, is even in tone. but chai for tea is sharp … right? i must say i am tone deaf that is why i have difficulty speaking chinese.

but i am a bit disappointed at the freebie. it is a ring doughnut with a vietnamese coffee topping. or that was what steve said, otherwise i would not have guessed that topping was any special. it was sweet that is all it tasted of to me. i thought we get a box of it. they had said a box , but it turned out that one doughnut was placed inside a small box. haha. so technically they are telling the truth. if i had known it was just one, i would not have bothered going . haha. but also it is strange to get a doughnut, when the place do not have doughnut on its menu. 

steve told me his wife was not there but waiting for the amazon giveaway in covent garden. he said last time he went to one of theirs they got a box of organic vegetables. after getting our doughnut, for which we have to wait till 12pm instead of 11am as advertised…though steve ask for another one for his wife and they gave it to him.  we went to covent garden to meet the wife. but we found out that you have to have a smart phone app from amazon, and since i dont have a smartphone i have to leave the queue. luckily, his wife mentioned that i have to have the app… so  at least i did not have to wait and then find out. his wife had allready got hers, and it was some kind of eraser. its a lucky dip and u pick the number. does not seem worth the bother to queue. so i left and came home. i think i would have liked if we got a free bao or something like that at that eat chay. 

anyway, i came back and ate a char kuey teoh that i cooked yesterday . very delicious it was too. ah well, that is how some of us spend our days. haha. going to freebies and thinking of food. it is something to while away the time and it seems a chance to meet up and chat to friends which we make who are also doing the same thing. so that is something we all have in common.

talking of bao, or pao, as we chinese call it, the chinese ladies were talking of the paos we can buy in chinatown. tai pao, they said. usually frozen , there are fresh ones to be had, road side stalls selling freshly steamed paos, used to be £1.50, then going up to now £2.50 each. they are very salty unfortunately. that is what always disappoint me whenever i buy them.  food is one thing we all never get tired of , either thinking of it, or eating it. 


running into fellow freebies

23 Oct

london 12.32pm sunny 14C tuesday 2018 ageuk canteen

i have just been to a free vegan mac and cheese in farringdon.

whilst waiting, the guy who i know from the last freebie, that guy from goa, was just ahead of me, and he was the one who spotted me. we were wondering what is this vegan cheese they must be using as they are a vegan place. well i got to find out today. it is more like a sauce, and does not taste cheesy. i dont think they are successful in imitating the cheese taste.

so now i am at the ageuk canteen in their headquarters building in tavistock square. it is a very pleasant place to hang out. there is no hassle to buy anything, and they even provide microwaves for people to warm up their food. and i was looking at the notice boards and leaflets looking to see if they have put up their password to their wifi. and a lady asked me if i need any help. turns out she works there, even though she was using the microwave. anyway she offered to go to the desk and get the password and gave it to me printed on a piece of paper. it was a very long password with numbers and capital letters. 

added. 2.27pm 15.6C sunny virgin lounge haymarket

Well here i am in the lounge. and what do you know, when i came to the desk at the lounge and handed in my card, the lady just ahead of me turned round and exclaimed, you again!! i was surprised until i remembered she was one of those waiting in line and who hailed me when i took my cheese and mac at that free giveaway earlier today. she was a chinese lady, also from malaysia i recall, but lives in hounslow, west london (near heathrow airport). she was one of three malaysian ladies who do these freebies. the other two were not there today. she said there was supposed to be giving out a topping too and she took out her time out copy and showed it to me. it looks like there is a group of us who have found a new hobby in our retired old age. haha. going to freebies in and around london. though i have noticed in the latest round of freebies, that the places are asking us to buy a drink or another item to be eligible for the freebie. perhaps they are realising that we are not good customer material. haha. ah well, i suppose every good thing eventually come to an end. there will be one giving out free meatballs, but ask that we buy a drink or another item. so i simply did not put them in my diary. i prefer not to go so maybe they are right in doing it, they effectively screen out people like me.

i think it depands on what they are offering. i remember i took up the offer from a burger place, it was a free burger for a drink, (which costs £3) and i took them up on that offer. i thought it was still a good bargain, as you can order their double burger costing £12 and that was a very substantial meal. and the drink was a coffee that was unlimited refill, though i could only drink one refill which was very welcomed too. these things are very salty and can make u really thirsty. so it does depand on what the offer is. the one with the free meatballs did not look quite substantial enough for me.

ah well, it is all very lighthearted fun for me, and i hope these businesses really do well and thrive. i happen to pass the kim chee place, where they recently opened and gave us free lunch and it was rammed pack with people. it was lunch time and i am glad they are doing well.

though from what i can see on the bus and peeking inside the eating places lining the strand, (a street that runs towards trafalgar square) , every eating place seem to be jammed pack with people buying food… it seems to me u just have to open up a eating place for lunch in london and you will make a profit. everyone just wants to buy food for lunch, no one is home packing anything at all. it gives me the impression that everyone in london has money to burn. 



free film preview contd

22 Jul

london virgin lounge haymarket 12.39pm 26.2C cloudy sunday 2018

i have just seen the movie, hotel transylvania 3 nearby. its a U certificate , so it is for all ages. and there were a lot of kids there. but it did make me wonder why they asked that i bring ID. in the end no one checked whether i got a ticket even , nevermind ID. they asked ID in the form of a credit card… so maybe that is just to ensure the adults have money to buy popcorn and drinks for the show.

i was early, it was before 10am when the doors are supposed to open. even so, the cinema had people allready inside. i noticed they had bought drinks (the family next to me even bought a huge hotdog sandwich) and huge boxes of popcorn.

the film was ok . the story is very lightweight. i am not a kid so am not the target audience. the animation shows the expressions and the emotions very well. they are digitally done, i think, as they dont look handdrawn. whatever the technic, it is very well done. i have heard that fur, water, hair are difficult to draw and depict, but here they were all done very realistically. what i noticed by its absence is the very small role played by the little kid, his grandson.  he was not featured much and never showed his vampiric powers, unlike what i heard about the 2nd film when he had more of a part to play.

its a pleasant enough film.

i have wondered if they would show the 2nd film on tv because they often do so when a new sequel comes up. and i had a look at today’s tv guide, and see hotel translyvania 2 is showing today at about 4pm.

added 9.10pm. i got a chance to see the hotel transylvania2, and it makes me appreciate the HT3 better. the HT2 and even the first one are quite dark, not only in theme, but also in appearance. the atmosphere is night, and the colours are subdued, mostly greys and blacks. and it really brought to my attention how bright and colourful this 3 version is. and i find i feel quite happy at the end of it, rather than the other previous versions. maybe because this latest version is set mainly in the day… quite an anomaly because vampires dont like the sun … and the plot of the previous two are very serious and caters to an adult sensibility, with adult injokes, whilst this latest one is very much aim at children, with quite a frivolous ending ,almost child like solution, really. the ending dont seem to matter really, just that it leaves you with a feel good feeling at the end. i think if u can suspend your adult logical thinking and just see it as a child , to get a feel -good feel about it, you will like this movie.


carluccios free breakfast

31 Mar

london 10.15am macdonalds in victoria place. 6.1C sunny? cloudy maybe. saturday 2018

its so early and allready i have been to places. haha. i went at about 8.30am to the carluccio free breakfast offer. i went to the waterloo branch, wearing my bathrobe. haha. it can double as a dressing gown. anyway i think i was the only one wearing such things, when i arrived. and the staff were very welcoming… the maitre d even said i look the part. it was a really nice full traditional breakfast… coffee, juice  and they even ask how i want my eggs. sunny side up i said. and cappuccino and orange juice. it was lovely.

Digital StillCamera

the cup have their name on it, so maybe i should have turned it round to show it. the eggs are beautiful, i would not be able to do it like that if i were to make it myself. so white, the egg white part of it. 

it is a wonderful promotion. and with all such promotions it really is free… there is nothing to pay. it is what i like about the uk promotions. i think everywhere else , i am thinking of america here, you would be expected to pay something. but not here, in good ol’ uk. i wonder if steve will be going to this… maybe not, as i dont think he likes to dress up. haha. waterloo is very near me… (wait…  everything is near me!.) but the waterloo branch is not very posh or at least not to me… most of those in there that morning were travellers i think. some of their branches in covent gdn, or south kensington, or marylebone have customers that look very rich…at least that is how they look when i pass by and peek inside the shop windows… so i daresay it will feel strange to walk in there wearing a dressing gown. esp when the only people wearing dressing gowns in london are tramps , rough looking old men, sleeping rough and dragging a lot of baggage with them… haha. 

anyway it was a lovely breakfast, and then i went to victoria station, on the shuttle bus that ply its route between the two stations. and now here i am in the macdonalds using their wifi. and i found today’s daily telegraph too so i shall read it in these quiet and pleasant surroundings… i know, no one would describe a macdonalds place as pleasant… haha. but it is really. the papers are a great find, as the libraries are closed this easter weekend… and i can get the tv guide now for my weekend viewing.

added. the service charge estimated bill for my flat for 6 months april18-sept18 came today. £683.16  just for the record. 

a nice day out

27 Oct

london 6.34pm 13.8C dark clear dry friday 2017

today is an unusual day for freebies. so many occurring today that they clash. but the one i wanted to go to was the free fish and chips at cutty sark gardens, at 12pm. so i made my way there and got there in plenty of time, but there was no queue at all. i met my friends, the couple who likes going to these freebies, and it was really a delicious fish and chips.

its a nice change from the usual freebie fares. i have been to this part of london before, on a walking trip, when the route included a walk under the thames, at this point. here the thames is rather narrow, so the walk was not long. 

then i took the train back to leicester square, but the freebies being given out  , free doughnut and free eclair,  i did not bother get as one has too long a queue, the doughnut one,  whilst  the other has finished its quota of 50 eclairs.

and then i met my friend ian at the virgin lounge and chat about his holiday to menorca recently. and later we went to see the new lights of the advertising billboard in piccadilly. ian said he thought there will be one huge sign, but it was all bits and pieces of smaller adverts. i too hoped to see a big one and i thought it would feature one every 10mins, but nothing doing.

its been a nice bright blue sunny day today so it was pleasant to be out and about, and all these freebies is just an excuse to get out. i really made use of my freedom pass today.