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new year present to all users of the tube and buses today

2 Jan

london 12.51pm 11.6C cloudy. 2016 saturday

the oyster system is down so everyone can travel the tube and buses free. haha. great isn’t it?

most people dont work on saturday, so it is a chance to go out and about or even do some shopping and get a free ride as well.

but today  the new fares come into operation, people talk about a rise in fares,as if it is something to get bothered about,  but they dont mention that it is only 1%. people should be saying it is great… 1% rise is like no rise at all, and should be a cause for celebration and the news should be trumpetting that instead of putting on a long face… 

what they should be saying to all these commuters is … ask  yourself why u are using the tube and buses to get to work. you keep complaining the service is poor ,atrocious, and yet u continue to use it? why? get a boris bike, or even better get a free bike to use. i found 3 bikes in the recycing  bin area. so can  you. then all travel is free if u cycle. just  think of all that money u save, not to mention u will be a  hell of a lot healthier.

 i went to the library to read the saturday papers. i thought i could read yesterday’s papers too seeing it is a holiday and the library is shut on that day. but one of the regulars, a woman, told me the newspapers were not published that day.added. 4.1.15 there were two copies of every newspaper on the shelves, one of them dated 1.1.16 . so there were newspapers printed on new year day but it is only now that it has come onto the library shelves. 

on the way back i thought i shall go into the supermarkets on my way home and saw mince pies (pack of 6) being sold for 10p each pack. well, every year i know we get this glut of cheap mince pies after christmas and new year. so i guess i am fortunate to hit it on the day they reduced it wholesale. haha. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

6 in each pack. i bought 6 packs. they can be freezed. i like them warmed first in the microwave. they go very well with tea or coffee.

these are one of the nice things about living in london. they are little things, but you will find that it is these little things that can make or break a person’s liking of where they live.

i read a blog of an expat in penang who mentioned something that the tourist office never say… hordes of young malay motocycle riders who visit penang for the new year weekend, and invade the quiet of the place and make a mess and a lot of noise and disrupt everything for the residents. it is one of the things about any tourist places … it can get swamped. visitors can and will create temporary disturbances because of the small size of the town, or place.

whereas here in london, it  is so big , it can absorb any amount of tourists and we residents can ignore them, or never notice their effect on our daily lifes. and if anything does go wrong, like the oyster system not recording the card, well then, we all get free rides . haha. 

i live in the centre of london and you would think i wont be able to move without trampling on the toes of tourists who will be blocking my way with their aimless sudden stopping to take pictures … would n’t you? but actually no, i hardly see them. ( of course they are there, but they just merge into the crowds of workers, commuters, and what have you that a big city always attract.)