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fresh fish … not

9 Jul

london 10.04am 18C sunny tuesday 2019

i had an email from steve last night telling me of belushi’s £1 burger offer and i got the voucher and will be going to the 12-1pm time slot to get it. it usually costs about £10. it should be quite nice and a chance to wander around the huge westfield shopping centre there as well. though the bar is actually right by the main street and not in the shopping centre. 

there was a bbc tv program on last night , called honest supermarket, and it says the fresh fish in supermarkets is not really fresh at all. it might be 20days old. or it might even be defrosted from frozen and sold as fresh.

the article did not mention the worm that came out of that fresh fish sample of cod. it was alive too. it really is stomach turning when i saw it. makes u wonder how safe it is to eat fish raw. i mean sometimes i buy salmon from the supermarket and eat it like sashimi, raw with wasabi. it was long ago, though because no one reduce price on salmon anymore… actually the worms might not be so bad, at least u can see it, it is the eggs that u cannot see, which is more dangerous.

just as well fresh fish is so expensive and they are so rare to be sold at reduced price (it makes me also wary now of buying reduced price fish from now on). but this is where i am saved from eating worms from raw fish, because the so called fresh salmon is so expensive i just dont buy them at all and so  i dont eat sashimi from the supermarket . haha. i guess if u are cooking them, it might not be so crucial, because everything gets killed in the cooking process doesn’t it? so maybe u can buy white fish like cod even if it is a bit past its best. after all the expert says you wont die of it, if it is cod, unlike mackerel or sardines. he even ate that fish that looked and smelled bad, though he spat it out. it seems the smell bad is not apparent until you cook it… i used to smell the fish raw before to see if it is bad, but it seems i should smell it when it is cooked… hmm, you live and learn new things. but we all season and marinate the fish in soya sauce, etc, so might that not mask the smell of bad fish? 

i remember a news story of a guy in some country overseas who eats sashimi, and got worms , so many of them it seems in his gut. i dont read of that happening here to uk people. maybe because sashimi is so expensive here no one can afford to eat it so regularly as to get worms from it. and maybe in restaurants it is so strict the rules about the salmon they buy from,  that worms and eggs never happen in the sashimi sold in restaurants or eating houses.

the expert says better to buy frozen fish, and that is what i have been doing myself. the program also talk about microplastics in bottled water…(though it is very tiny amounts), still… all the more reason to avoid bottled water and drink tap water . what is more, it did not mention the one use plastic bottles that litter the seas with all that water bottles being bought.