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at last i bought my fresh chilli and ginger

24 Apr

london 2.55pm. 14C drizzle monday 2017

monday is not a good day to go brixton shopping, but i was so desperate for fresh chilli, and ginger, i had to go. there were not a lot of choice in the ginger and chilli and the portions were smaller. but needs must so i bought them.

 comingback it began to rain. luckily , it was a drizzling rain, so it did not matter that i have not got my umbrella with me. not that i could hold a umbrella whilst fiddling around with the crutches. the boot really was very useful and it made the journey less tiring.

so now i got my ginger and chilli, i immediately made a fried rice with the chicken breast that john bought before he went off to visit relatives. he has just gotten back when i returned to the flat and he warns me that chicken breast has to be cooked. it was just about to turn, so i knew it has to be cooked immediately  or it would have gone too bad.

i made a chilli sauce , dicing up the fresh chilli and immersing them in black soya sauce and vinegar… the commercial ones would add suger and colouring, in the form of tomato sauce; but i dont need to. i had the boots still on, and found that i could walk about the kitchen doing all those chores without needing to use the crutches. that is good to know.