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26 Feb

london 11.17am 7.8C friday 2016. sunny

it’s the tgif day. (thank god its friday). i myself dont consider it different from any day, but when i was working, it is a special day. it marks the start of the weekend. i wonder in malaysia they will take thursday as the tgif day. they will call it tait, (thank allah it is thursday). 

now everyday is a tgif day for me. i was in the library earlier and everything seems like normal. there is no clue to this day being so special during the working hours. it is after work, that you  get an idea of the difference.

long queues of traffic to get out of london, for eg. are they all  people who go to the country for the weekend? i wonder how many do that nowadays, have a country house to go to for the weekends, surely not many? then who are those people who are clogging up the motorways on the friday getaway  these days?   the motorway is always jammed on a friday afternoon. maybe they are all commuters who are making an early getaway home haha. 

i remember long ago, when i wander around chelsea, the kings road,knightsbridge in the weekend, you do notice a certain empty feel about the place. huge gaps in the resident car parking bays, for eg.  i dont think that is so now, as most are foreigners and many of them dont even live here during winter, whilst in summer the place is jumping even in the weekends.

for me who lives here all year round, i dont notice the difference between weekdays and weekends. not now anyway and not in my area. granted my area is not the posh side. it is full of council flats and ex council flats. this little enclave used to be a labour stronghold, just behind the tate britain; until the flats gradually got sold and now it is a conservative safe hold. haha. i have seen the transition, and i think most of us approve of the conservative council, they have kept the council tax the lowest in all uk, for years… and that is a good thing as far as us council tax payers are concerned. haha. 

i read in an article from a brit who lives in newyork, telling us what he/she dislike about new york, and it seems you are forced to buy  eat out , everyone does it. and it seems it is because buying the ingredients to make the dish is so much more expensive than just buying it all cooked by some eating place or other. it works out cheaper…thank goodness it is not the case in london. it is still very much cheaper to buy the individual ingredients and cook it yourself rather than buy out. this is because we in london can still buy  really cheap fruits and veg and basics. this even in supermarkets like tescos,sainsburys which have branches in the rich part of london as well as the outskirts. they are catching up on lidl and aldi, which are based far outside the centre.

you might say how sad that u cannot buy affordable cooked food from eating place, but actually u can, but even if they are affordable they do cost a lot more than just cooking it yourself. a macdonalds big mac plus fries can be as low as £1.99. but u can get make one yourself for even less. it seems this is not the case in new york. for some reason their grocery stores dont seem to have competition, so can charge high. or the people there dont have flats which make cooking easy, or they share with so many others it is not practical for all of them to cook, so they buy food from outside. takeaway must be a huge business in new york. even their sitcoms shows people buying out at the drop of a hat. in those small chinese style boxes that dont seem to carry a lot of food. and might leak gravy… which suggests that they dont have food that got much gravy or sauce. so their curry must be dry… 

normally a 400mg basic mince beef is 1.90, and u can make 4 or 5 burgers … or if u are like me, yesterday i bought a 600mg mince beef from tesco for 50p, it can be even cheaper than that.

not that i make burgers out of it, i decided i would make a curry mince beef, it takes so much less effort and time to cook. and mincedbeef curry on rice, or bread, or mash potatoes, is just as delicious if not more so than a burger.

another gripe of new york, is that u cannot see the blue sky … and it hit me that in london the sky is seen very easily. and being able to see blue sky i think is one of the hidden joys of life. it such a small thing, but i find it makes me very happy to be able to see it.

another gripe in new york is rats/cockroaches in people’s flats. too hot in summer and too cold in winter. london dont have any of those. or rather if they are cockroaches or rats  around, i dont see them. haha. in all the time i have lived here i have never seen it in the flats or bedsits that i stay at. i have seen mice walking  between the tracks of the underground , and they look very cute, because they are so small. though that was a long time ago, and they might have gone now;  but no rats.