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getting back to normal with the foot. an insight into how old age view money and spending

1 Jun

london 1.15pm 23.9C sunny thursday 2017

i have had my follow up hospital appointment in the fracture clinic this morning. the foot has healed so well, that the doctor says i can get rid of the surgical boot, and even the crutches. or when i said i would like to keep the crutches he said maybe have one.

he sent me to see the physiotherapist to get instructions on how to exercise that foot. and it was during the session with the therapist that i realised,  from what he said, that the time to not put pressure on the foot is at an end. from now on, the foot has to be worked on to get it back to normal use. there is a time to take pressure off it entirely, when the bone was healing but once healed, it is important not to carry on that no pressure kids glove treatment.

it is a danger that the patient gets too used to molly coddling the foot, but it is time to change tac and get that foot working … hence the exercises that i have to do two times a day… a set of 4 exercises that would make me put an  evenly spread  pressure on the foot whereas now because the ball of the foot is still tender i tend to not put my foot flat down. in fact, if i dont use it i shall lose it. i had a chance to put my leg close together and i can see the muscles of the left leg was so much smaller and not as muscular as my right leg. even in such a short time as 6wks, the effect is showing.

it makes me realise i should go back to the gym and start body building. i had a look at my arms and saw that they are much thinner than i remembered them… 

i saw this article today in the daily mail, one very honest writer telling of how even though she is very comfortably off, she is like a miser when it comes to spending, and confirming the old adage that we turn miserly as we age. she says she had seen how old people she knows turn miserly and vowed she wont be like them, and now she finds she is turning into them.  i think there is a lot of truth in what she says… and she is being very honest in seeing it in herself and writing about it. it is not something that old people may wish others to see.

she gives some reasons why she feels that way… and one of them , that she knows what those things used to  cost in the old days… that the prices now are like exorbitant to her and she refuse to get them now. that seems possible as an explanation.

but she did not mention another reason that might be quite high in the list of refusing to buy things now. and that is not to be wasteful. she says she can well afford to put up the heating, but wont… it can be argued that she does not want to waste energy wastefully heating up the room. she think she is just being miserly. but not wanting to waste is a good reason i think.

and i wonder when we grow old, we tend to not bother with our looks, hence she writes about  not bothering to buy fashionable clothes and buying from primark instead or go to the hairdressers,(it seems joanna lumley cuts and dyes her own hair. if so she is really good at it, because she always looks so well turnout) or even bother with makeup…or use the cheapest moisturiser as we realise they all work the same. i mean these are really legit reasons not to spend money on those things. so it looks like some of the things may not be due to being miserly, just being savvy about goods and services and getting our money’s worth. in other words we have seen through the advertising hype and able to see the real worth of things and alter the way we spend. as usual, there is a line between being frugal and being miserly… it is a fine line. 


6 Nov

london 9.15am friday

i often see rate comparison articles saying u can get good deals if u switch. and today i saw this gb enegy supply offering 10.05p /kwh. that is very good but when i got a quote from them, it turned out that there is a standing charge of 19.4p a day. well that knocked all the saving out of kilter. i use about 2.4kwh/day x.1667p = 40p . their cost would be 2.4 x .10p = 24 + 19.4=43.4p. it will cost more than my present deal with npower. for low use people like me, the fixed standing charge is a killer. npower have no standing charge.

if u use a lot, say double my usage it turns out much better . standing charges benefit those who use a lot of energy. 5x.1667=83p. 5x.1=50+19.4= 69.4p

if u use 3x as much as me, 7.5x.1667 = £1.25p on npower . 7.5x.1= 75p +19.4 = 91.4p on gbgeneral. so u can see changing suppliers to a lower tarif will encourage people to use more, as there are more savings the more u use. and less savings the less you use. human nature being what it is, a person will feel he is penalised for saving … there is no incentive to save electricity and cut down on usage.

that is why i am not sure that lowering the price of electricity will help save electricity. it will just mean people using more as it will be cheaper and it will do away with the incentive to use less electricity.

if u use more than 20kwh a day u will get the full benefit and pay just 10.5p/kwh. but who are the kind of people who would use more than 20kwh a day? maybe those who grow marijuana, haha.

Unit Rate (p/kWh) 10.0275p
Standing Charge (p/Day) 19.425p
Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR) 12.31p

Kohinoor Gold Basmati Rice 5Kg – Groceries – Tesco Groceries

6 Feb

Kohinoor Gold Basmati Rice 5Kg – Groceries – Tesco Groceries.

i found this link when i googled kohinoor, but i did not know about this tesco offer at all, until i happen to walk into the tesco on the old kent road, purely by accident earlier today. 5kg bags for £5.50.

 that is the trouble with seeking out such offers like this. it is difficult to know of it before hand.

just luck i think that i decided to leave the bus 53 as it stopped outside the tesco in the old kent road for a change of driver.

 i was actually on my way to the aldi further down the road to buy the apples and oranges for 69p each pack.

i am glad i stopped off at the tesco. once i knew of this offer, i then returned to the store on my way back and bought the 2packs. it was just enough for me to carry. 

sometimes i wish they would let me know with an email or something. here is one time when i would love to get mail from them telling me of these offers.

that time when i went to morrisons and saw their offer of £9 for 10kg basmati rice, and then to  see the shelf empty of the bags of rice makes me wish morrisons would let me know which branch of theirs is giving these offers.

and the funny thing is these offers are never advertised. ah well, i guess we bloggers will just to have to post it and let others know; haha.

usually i buy the rice @£1 per kg. so these @1.10/kg is slightly more than what i would buy, but kohinoor is a good brand, and these are gold … which i think refers to their extra long basmati rice. i bought 2packs of the 5kg bags. i shall see if they taste or smell different , by which i mean better, when cooked. but their normal price is always £4-5 more and seldom do i see them reduced like this.

nowadays i am so used to basmati rice, i find it difficult to go back to eating thai rice which i used to do in the past.

thai rice are never reduced in price, and the ones i got, (when a batch was selling at £6/5kg;) are not as nice as i used to remember. perhaps it is a mistaken memory on my part. but i expected them to smell nicer and cook really nicely in discreet grains of rice, but perhaps it is my memory playing tricks on me and that they are never like that.

i have tried the long grain rice, sometimes they call it american long grain rice; but they dont cook well, tend to be very soft and mashed up because too much water is used, and if i use less water, they end up not fully cooked, a bit hard.

so i have given up buying these long grain rice. and they dont have much fragrance as well. they used to be cheaper than basmati, but not any more.  

$30 smartphones are here—and they’re getting better every day – Quartz

18 Dec

$30 smartphones are here—and they’re getting better every day – Quartz.

a friend who likes to phone me and chitchat, because he got a smartphone and have a call plan with free calls and text for £6 a month, asks me if i got a smartphone. i said i got a chromebook which is just as good. but if this article is true for uk, and we can get smartphones for like £21, i can see myself getting one in future.

the biggest obstacle to me getting a smartphone and using it like a laptop, is the fact that typing on it is difficult. one day perhaps when they perfect voice recognition, it will be possible to dictate messages, in which case a smartphone will be perfect.


zero based budgetting

26 Mar


I saw this today in a blog post about finance

Quoting from the post… ‘Most people do not suffer financially because they are stupid or unlucky or poorly informed. Most suffer financially because they are careless.

In the 70′s there was a process called zero-based budgeting. It required each line item to be justified as if it had never been seen before. The purpose was to root out the things that consumed money but no longer contributed equal or greater value.

Essentially, zero-based budgeting asked, “If I was not already doing this, would I start?” end quote.

I have been doing it without realising what it is called. Some will call it simplifying their life. it is a good thing to incorporate it in your financial planning  and do a cull of your financial commitments.

Looking back on your life, i am sure we can remember the time when we did an about turn and got rid of some debt that we had been carrying without thinking all these years.

For me, it was the car, i got rid of it. It took some time though. it was only when i moved to live in central london that i realised it was an unnecessary expense.

Another example is this…  getting a mortgage and then getting rid of it by paying it off. i am glad i got a mortgage in the first place, for that means i bought my flat at a time when it was going cheap; so this shows that getting into debt can be a good thing if it is for an investment.  and i am glad i got rid of it about 10yrs later. now i realise i should have got rid of the mortgage much sooner than i did… as i got the money to pay it off, but i was brainwashed to think that i have to pay it for 25yrs.

And i think someone told me not to pay it off as u can build up a credit history. Also, the tax structure is such that can get mortgage tax relief of your interest. not sure if that applies anymore, it was reduced to the first £30,000 of your mortgage , that sum might be abolished now and u dont get tax relief anymore, but u can see why it pays to keep the mortgage when you can get tax relief on it. as usual the consensus was you got to have some debts so that u build up a credit history.

sometimes the way the tax is structured, if u are working, it might pay you to use hire purchase as that is tax deductable. that is why i see so many adverts (when a new tax year begins) about getting a new car, by paying £200 a month. you can even get a mercedes by just paying £300 a month. that would be totally tax deductible. whilst if u buy a car, not much u can deduct. if u pay cash u cannot deduct any interest if u had borrowed the money instead. u can only deduct depreciation. But once u get a car, you will be spending more money as u will be using it more and petrol costs will rise. but essentially if u buy something that requires running costs … you are committed to spending.

it is like deciding to  send the kids to private school. you have committed yourself to spending like crazy for 15 years. if that does not frighten anyone , nothing will. are those parents so confident that they will be able to do it for 15yrs? knowing that it has to be maintained because taking a kid out of private school and into state run schools will cause a lot of psychological damage to the child’s education. 



view from london

17 Sep

I hope everyone is enjoying their life as I do.
Here in London the season is changing. It is rather nice to watch the annual show… autumn coming round. So far the trees are still green, but there is a lot more rain of the drizzly sort.

Even though it was raining and quite heavily too, I was out today, to forage for bargain meat at the supermarket near me as well as just to get out of the flat for a change.

I went to the nearby hotel where a property developer was showing their plans for 9 millbank, a rather imposing block overlooking the thames and overlooking the gardens of the  house of parliament. These offices have wonderful unobstructed views of the thames and were built by ICI, and they are going to turn them into flats. On the other side of the road from this block is the offices of MI6. this area is full of such developments… offices being turned into flats.

here is a google streetmap view of it

I saw lots of mince beef which have to be sold today … that means they will have to be reduced. The first time I went, it was reduced from £4 to £2.50, minced beef less than 20% fat. whilst the basic minced beef(less than 23%fat) was reduced £3.85 to £1.50. They were 750mg. But I thought they will be reduced some more as the day goes by, so I returned at about 5pm, and they were reduced to £1.65 and £1.11 respectively. So I bought the cheaper ones, I bought 3packs.

And divided them into six portions and freeze 5 whilst I cook a beef bolognaise with the rest.


added. 20.33. went again to get bargain bread, bought 2 warburton white loaves for .34p each.(simon will be pleased.haha) on the way back went into the tesco and saw the beef reduced further. £1.20 and .85p, so i bought another one of the 85p. there seem to be a glut of minced beef, because i saw a lot dated tomorrow being reduced as well. 


I try not to eat a lot of meat but it is nice, now and then, to eat meat.

If left alone in the freezer these will last me a long time, but I know simon will eat them. It is a pity because he has high blood pressure and should be more careful with meat eating or overeating. Not to mention when i want to eat them, they are gone. haha. 

Ah well, his soul wants it.

I have a friend who I occasionally chat on the phone and he does not like my viewpoint , that their souls wants it. i think because it implies that whatever happens to them is what their souls wants. and i think many people balk at that… it makes them seem so unfeeling and callous at the plight of the poor, or unfortunate. 

He says it makes me appear unfeeling and callous of the feelings of others implying it is all their fault. I am sure he is right, in that it makes whoever holds these views to appear in a bad light. Haha.

But I don’t mind what others think of me. To me the soul wants to experience life, and if it wants to experience deprivation, anger etc it will bring all those about. Asking other souls to come along and do them in and give them the chance to experience these feelings.

So it is not so much asking for it, as wanting to experience it.
My soul do not want to experience all those feelings of anger, or jealousy or fear, or righteousness or poverty or debt or having really bad relationships with other human beings , that is why I don’t have those things happen to me.

I like experiencing happy feelings and so I get them.

And getting food bargains like these haha. They are very small things, and you would think what a small thing that can make me happy… my life must be really dull if this little bit can make me happy. Haha. but my soul wants it. 
Most would say you ‘do you want me to be happy? Nothing less than winning £5million (no wait make it £100million) will make me happy’. Perhaps they mistook it for greed… i think if u want to be happy u must not be greedy. 

I laugh of course, because really the happiness u get from these tiny things, (like seeing a beautiful sunrise or sunset , or just seeing blue sky overhead makes me happy)is wonderful and stays with you for a long time.

So now I got a good supply of meat. I shall be going later to the other supermarket to see if I can get a new supply of reduced bread. Haha.

Simon has eaten the ones I bought. I know he likes those Warburton white bread… that is why I bought them when I saw them reduced to 34p, but normally I prefer wholemeal bread. Not least because I know simon don’t like them and so I can at least get the chance to eat them as he wont deplete them in the freezer.

I try not to eat too much bread… I know it is not fashionable but I think bread (and milk, or cheese) are not really very good for you. I daresay it is one of those silly things that u get in your head sometimes. I don’t really have a scientific reason as to why bread and dairy products are bad for you. With cheese I just don’t like that they are so salty. But bread and wholemilk can be really addictive… esp whole milk on cereals which I have a feeling is not quite as healthy as they make out.
But of course, I have a easy attitude to these things. If I get the chance, now and then I do like whole milk with cereals. And even making porridge out of whole milk gives the porridge a really rich taste. If I do have milk I want the whole milk, not the skimmed ones. To me skimmed milk is a big con. Haha.

But life to me is just eating in moderation, of the things I like rather than eat a lot of them all the time.

Deliberately depriving myself of these things now and then seems to me quite good for my soul. I think that must be why people fast. It is a way to deliberately deprive oneself of food. I think it is a way of mimicking nature. Because in nature, animals experience feast and famine, and that makes their bodies cope with the natural cycle of feast and famine.
With our modern life, where we can get food all year round, and in abundance, there is no feast and famine, anymore… and I think that makes us prone to obesity and all the diseases that comes with it. People just eat all the time and a lot of it.

By fasting, we try to bring that balance into our lives so that the body can use up its reserves of fat and hence you can maintain a good balance between obesity and starvation.

Anyway it is just a theory of mine, to explain why fasting is a good practise.

I practise a modified version of it throughout my life… rather than do like the muslims do, allocate a month for fasting and not eat anything between sunrise and sunset.

That method makes for real binge eating in between. Or at least that is what I would think, but I am sure a lot of muslims will tell me it is not so. But it is interesting that in Malaysia, during the month of Ramadan, the malay food stalls are just full of really lovely foods that u never see the rest of the year. They sell them after the sun set. That must be a great temptation to binge eat surely?

how to spot a bargain

6 Sep


In the study, 1,000 shoppers were shown a bacon promotion and asked to pick the best deal. There were four choices: A) three 175g packs with six rashers in each for £4, B) a 250g pack with eight rashers for £1.98, C) three sets of option A for £10 or D) three sets of option B for £5.

Can you work it out? Only a third of shoppers got it right, with option C, which works out at 18.52p a rasher. Option A was 22p, option B was 24.75p and option D was 20.83p.

this is a article in the telegraph about how supermarkets get you to spend more. 

At first i thought the answer was wrong. surely option D must be the right answer. this is because i compare the weights. 750mg for £5 option D, compared to 525mg for £10, option C. 

But then i have another think. what if the more expensive bacon A, has less water, less fat, unlike the B , which is half as cheap, but maybe has lots of added water or fat. 

in the end, i was just glad i dont buy bacon anymore, unless it has been reduced to 20p. Now u know why i dont buy these things at their normal prices. 

added. i confess i failed to read the question properly. A is 3x175g of bacon. so the answer C is correct, but only by very little. and if they have added water to the bacon, as they often do, then comparing weight only will not get u the best value for money. I guess by not buying bacon at all, i sidestep the whole question and makes my life easier without having to calculate the whole mess.