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welcome to the year 2015

1 Jan


by now everyone, or practically everyone in the world would have ushered in the new year and be in 2015. but i look around me in my flat and see things that do not really show any difference to living in the late 50s, or 70s.

my cooker , fridge, microwave, oven, even my landline phone, still have the same design as when they first appeared in the 70s and my table lamps , furniture,can be from the 50s. someone entering my flat would be forgiven if they mistake it to be from the 50s or 70s. 

as it is the only thing that looks futuristic is my flat tv screen which is unlike the heavy fat backside ones, one of which i still have in my bedroom, disconnected and neglected now. haha.

oh i forgot my chromebook would look futuristic too. that would be the two things anyone coming from the 50s or 70s assuming they could time travel to my flat, would notice.

i am reminded by a comment made here by garfieldblog that if i bought a smartphone i would truly be in the future. she said i will be able to get whatsapp and wechat on it and so can use it to send text and make real time chats. (hang on a minute, couldn’t we do that allready with an ordinary phone?!! haha.) but its not free!!

i think once smartphones come down in price like £21, the future for me would have really arrived because then i will  get one.

Added.5.1.15 just read this article nokia smartphone for £19. available in europe early spring2015. i wonder if we will really have it here in uk. it might be stopped by the other rivals.

i fear also that means the decline of the laptop or chromebook. it is easy to imagine a smartphone with a bigger screen than 5″, (hang on, is that what a tablet is?)using voice recognition to type words , or have it connected wirelessly to a keyboard which may not even be solid, but a image in the air or on any flat surface. (now that would be futuristic, if ever it happens!!) then i can visualise being able to chat and text anyone all over the world at no cost. i presume wifi will be available everywhere and free. though i suppose we will be bombarded with advertising, but we will tolerate it and learn to ignore it. 

i was reading this blog entry and on the sidebar were these words in afrikaan, this one make me laugh. 

baie dankie – thanks a lot (pronounced “buy a donkey”)