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in praise of porridge

8 Jan

london 9.24am 2018 monday 4C cloudy

this morning is cloudy , unlike yesterday with blue sky and sunshine. i like both, because i like the variety. i was browsing the net, and saw this article about CES, an annual electronic show in las vegas, nevada, which showcase up and coming trends. and it featured spartan underwear, that has silver threads in it that blocks the radiation from mobile phones and laptops. so they suggest people wear them, if they have the habit of putting phones in their trousers pockets, or use the laptop on their laps. in fact, i wonder if someone might just make a mobile phone casing that does the same thing. that would undercut the underwear… and can be used by all, men and women, and children, rather than just protect men. 

8.03pm a health program on tv , the truth about healthy eating, talking of superfoods. they tested the following superfoods with its normal equivalent

chia seeds vs linseed seed,

goji berries vs strawberries (vit C)

, coconut oil vs rapeseed oil

kale vs white cabbage,

quinoa vs pearl barley (slow release energy) both the same release energy in the 2hrs after eating.

generally, they found no significant difference.

price difference, all those superfoods £36, all the normal foods £6. 

i wonder if  those superfoods  taste nice at all. i have tasted kale, and it is awful. i like vegetables but kale i just could not make tasty no matter how i try.

well, it does not surprise me.  the other food item they investigated is breakfast cereals. 95% wholewheat cereal. they compared coarse grained oats with fine grained oats. the bigger the oats pass through the gut more slowly. it suggests that when whole grained is processed, it may not give the benefits. 

to find which gives a good start and keep full the longest they measure glucose levels over a 2hr period, how much glucose is released in the blood. release of energy, no difference in the cereals, or eggs and bacon, or yoghurt and banana,but eating eggs and bacon keeps u fuller longer. 

my own experience with unprocessed big oats is the best for me, i feel full for a very long time so much so that i can go for long time before i need to eat. i eat at about 5pm after eating the porridge before about 10am. i eat my cooked porridge with some sultanas , a small handful. sometimes i would chop up a small apple. i dont add suger as there is a lot of it allready in the sultanas. and in the apple if i have it. but i originally started eating porridge for breakfast was for its effect on my bowels. it makes me very regular, i dont suffer constipation when i am eating it. that was the main reason why i started eating cooked porridge for breakfast, and it was so good, i made it my essential breakfast. and tescos basic porridge at 75p for 1kg means that i can eat as much as i like without costing much. i think i would go so far as to say everyone should have porridge for breakfast. and the unprocessed large oats and not the finely milled ones. 

added. i think they are perfect for when you feel hungry or just want something to eat… esp if u see a food advert on tv… they fill you up and give u lots of roughage too. even better if u do like me and not add suger. the sultanas gives enough suger. 

added 9.1.18 11.50am 5C cloudy. tuesday. this morning i read this about coconut oil. it seems even though it has high saturated fats, it does not raise the bad cholesterol in blood, in fact it raised the good cholesterol levels. (it says much that there is now good and bad cholesterol. just shows our knowledge of how the body works is quite rudimentary, even though we all think it is all well known).

so all those s.e.asians who have been cooking with coconut oil for years, have been doing it right after all.

though it is only one study so the science may make another u turn in future. who knows really.




useful inventions since 1958

19 Oct

london 11.51am victoria library cloudy 16.4C thursday 2017

i am reading the daily mail here, and saw this article about inventions that change our lives. she have her favourites as i am sure many of you have. for me the electric kettle and toaster that can switch itself off. invented in ’60, ’58. the automatic washing machine ’60. fridefreezer ’63,colour tv 67, microwave ’74, digital camera ’86, laptop ’92, bagless vacuum ’93, nokia mobile phone ’99, broadband’00, high definition tv ’06.

she was commenting on the which report 60years 

these are trees just outside my kitchen window. as you can see, one tree they lop of the individual branches leaving a knob at the end of the branch, whilst the other they just lop of the whole end of the branch. one wonders why they dont just do that for all the trees. it is much quicker just to cut off the end of the stem and leave a stump, rather than a knob at the end.

earlier there were cars parked there, which they remove by lifting them onto trucks. i suppose those owners will have to pay a fine to get their cars back. there were warnings not to park on this day… but i think some of those cars may have been left there for ages by the owners who either have gone on holiday or use their london home as a holiday home.

a simple electric all purpose gadget

16 Mar

london 6.31pm 13.6C thursday 2017

i am roasting a 1.65kg chicken i bought this afternoon at aldi £1.87/kg. i am using a electrical oven. a stand alone gadget , not the oven in my new cooker. i find my new oven uses up too much electricity to cook a chicken, so i am using this one which seems to be more economical. perhaps because it is smaller, as it can only take one chicken and no room for vegetables. 

Digital StillCamera

the brand is called kitchen m8. it is supposed to be a all purpose thing, can boil, roast, steam/slow cook, saute/grill,deep fry. seems like a miracle gadget. haha. there is no timer, so u just look at it and if it is done you switch it off. it is what i can use. now i am getting old, i dont really like anything complicated gadgets.

simon tells me he cannot get used to the smartphone he bought, so i asked him if i can have it. but i am finding it very complicated too. so not sure i shall bother with it. afraid that problem with his laptop, its windows, is still not solved. it is an unusual problem, a virus that gets and infects only his laptop and not either mine or my friend’s who uses the same router. yet that virus disappears from his laptop when he uses another router.  is that weird or not? or is it just his fxxking soul want to make his life difficult. i have a feeling that even if there is a virus there that is reporting all his actions to a unknown source, it wont be able to find out much if he goes into a https website. but simon is not convinced about that.

i have tried to contact my talk talk people, but cannot get through to their tech line in the online chat. the trouble is they are always busy and tells me to hang on, but when they do get to me, i dont know they are there, so their query is not answered by me, and they disconnect. added 11.4.17 tuesday. latest update, in the end simon could not get them either, and so he decided to just buy a new laptop. another windows. personally i would not buy another windows, seeing it was the one that failed to keep out that virus infection in the first place. his new one costs about £300 for 1 trillionG HD, and 2 million G memory. or something like that.

added 9.11pm 12.7C afraid the chicken did not come out well. it fell to pieces.haha and the skin did not go crispy at all. so it was a failure. dont think i shall use it to roast a chicken next time. though funny enough i recall it did a good roast early on when we first tried it out. so why it did not do so now is a mystery. or do you think it was a false memory that i have about it doing a good roast chicken. maybe we never roasted a chicken with it. i must ask simon whether we did. it is funny that i am now not sure if we did. ah well, looks like the only way to roast a chicken and get that lovely crisp skin is with the usual oven. i might do a curry chicken next time, since it has been ages since i did that. but for that i shall use my induction stove and i bet it will use up very little electricity and quicker too. 

i know, my life is really very nice, if these are the things that i have to contend with. a chicken that did not come out right, it is tiny problems in the big scheme of things. but it goes to show that even though i have roasted chickens many times, if i want to experiment with a new gadget, things can go wrong. maybe that is why a cook when they find something that works stick with it. that may explain why some cooks stick to a recipe faithfully, rather than be like me, who is quite slapdash about following recipes. i get variable results of course, though all of them are edible. but i know my nature, i am too lazy to follow strictly any recipe or method. anything can do with me. maybe that is why i like the stir fry method. it can be very slapdash and still work out fine. 

added 9.55pm 12.3C i just read an article in the tuesday (today is thursday) metro free newspaper about people’s usage of their smartphone. it seems making calls is the least common use for smartphones. it is 11th .

1 is texting, 2 email, 3 facebook, 4 camera, 5 reading news, 6 online shopping, 7 checking weather, 8 whatsapp,9 banking, 10 watching videos on youtube.

that might explain why i dont find a smartphone that necessary. i can do all those things much more easily in my chromebook. i suppose the whatsapp will be the most useful if i got a smartphone, but with simon’s i dont know how to get that app. he has not got it in his phone. 





its a lovely morning today

20 Dec

london 6.4C 10.36am sunny tuesday 2016

good morning all. 

Dec. 20, 2016 Rise Set
Actual Time 8:03 AM GMT 3:53 PM GMT
Length of Day
7h 49m
Tomorrow will be 0m3s shorter.

i have been reminded that the shortest day is coming. this is what it is today. looks like as the shortest day approaches the rate of shortening  decreases too. yesterday it says today will be 9s shorter, today it sats says (i think auto correct has a mind of its own and thinks it knows better than me) tomorrow will be 3s shorter. its been very foggy these last few days, but today that seems to have gone. it is sunny blue sky now. 

Digital StillCamera

this is when we realised we are missing the top bit, the handle. simon is now calling  their service line, and was told it does not come with a handle because that is how it was shown online. and on the box. but on the instruction manual, it is shown with the handle, and there is a slot on the arm which suggest that something should be slotted in it. 

Digital StillCamera

no handle see?

simon is hoping to persuade them to give us one . it is quite difficult to hold it without the handle . ah well, it is a small matter really.

we should try it out to see it works. having said that i told simon and he started it and it works. very effectively too. just moving it a short time over the carpet picked up such alot of stuff. i told him i dont hoover the carpet, just the floor round it. because the dirt does not show on the carpet. that is the nice thing about a carpet with such a fussy pattern. haha. u cannot see the dirt. so i said what dont show i dont bother with. haha. he said he do. which is news to me… haha. because i have never seen him hoover the carpet before. ah well, if this one makes him more willing to take his turn with the hoovering, all the better. oh, we found out the handle can be rachetted up to make it longer. so really that special handle may not be necessary. well, he has gone crazy and is hoovering everything in sight now. haha. what they say about men and their new toys is very true here. it is very strong and hoovers very well, but a bit noisy. well they are all noisy really.

i got a notice from wordpress just now saying i have made my 1337 posting with this one. i wonder what is so significant about that number.  as usual no sooner u have to ask, you google it. and here is the answer.

simon cut off the lead to the old vacuum i was using. he says he wants to save the plug and the lead. i felt a bit sad that that old thing cannot be used by someone else as a vacuum cleaner. it uses a bag, and the hoovering effect is not very strong. i use it for its hose that holds the attachments, because that still works. ah well, i guess it has come to the end of its life but still, i felt a bit sad that its working days are gone. i think if someone knows how to maintain these things, i think the hoovering mechanism still works, except it might need some cleaning. i dont know how to dismantle it to clean the insides that is why i could not make the hoovering mechanism work.

i always feel a bit sad when an appliance is completely disabled , cutting the lead line that holds the plug will effectively destroy its usage. but i can understand that nowadays no one will use a vacuum that needs a disposable bag. that design is now completely obsolete.

 i am still keeping the other one though. cant bring myself to throw it away. though i guess i will one day ,and when i do,  i shall keep it intact and not cut off anything, and put it in the recycling bins  as it still works and maybe someone else can use it.

i wonder whether another reason why i dont like buying new things to replace things that work well and which i got from the recycling bins, so i am keeping them in use. perhaps i am going old and realise that i have long gone past my productive life. and feel a lot of affinity with old things, that are not as efficient as they used to be, even if they are ever that efficient even when they are new; but am prolonging their usefulness and making them feel wanted. i guess it is me projecting my own wishes onto things. i too would like to be kept on and be given the chance to live and asking the fates to keep me alive and functioning.

i wonder if that is what makes old people help animals, or feed pigeons because they too feel an affinity to these creatures, that they too would like to be fed, and looked after and have some kindness shown to them. hence u often see old people scattering bread for pigeons. 

added 24.2.18. saturday.9.29pm 4C .overcast.  a few days ago i emptied the vacuum cleaner. first time i did it since we bought it. so it looks like it takes more than a year to fill it up.

apple’s airpod is coming to apple stores on dec 21st

14 Dec

9.33am 11.2C sunny/cloudy wednesday 2016

i got notice of it from my wordpress reader via overspill. it is strange that i should be interested in this… because i dont have an apple iphone, nevermind the latest one that has no earphone jack and uses these airpods that have been delayed in their production by a few months. from what i read they are very sophisticated things. but at $159 a pop, very expensive. i guess men like gadgets. do women feel as excited about it as men? or is it just me?

even though practical me would not buy them. i have found so many ordinary earspeakers all over the place, i got a collection of them now. they can be used for my chrome book and allows me to listen without making a noise in the library. the fact that they are so easy to lose, must make anyone thinking of buying these airpods pause. how would u feel if u lose it? that is like throwing away £159. (which i think will be the likely cost in the uk ). with the £ so low, it might even be £200. though for it to work  a person would have to own one of those new iphones which cost £800 a pop, ( i cannot find any price for the latest iphone7, so i am only guessing the price)or more, so i guess spending another £200 might not bother them too much.

 added. 7.13pm 14.1C dark dry. its quite mild in london. watching the gadget show on bbc1 tv and the winner is the backpack massager, £23. quite a useless thing, but those addicted to gadgets might like it for christmas. haha. 



8 Dec

london 8.39am 12.1C cloudy thursday 2016

i have the overspill on my wordpress reader and this morning it delivered something new to me. well actually it always delivered something new haha. but this time it is about gadgets. specifically it talked of how making gadgets has become so easy but also a great idea can be copied easily too. but it make me realise there is a company that sells cheap razors online. and mattresses online. its strange that i have not heard of them. it is because they advertise in facebook and word of mouth via social media. and i dont haunt social media. but then i am not  in the market for those things.

come to think of it, i consume a lot of tv and the internet. so talk talk has come into my life and established itself with me. i am their type of customer i think. though they must hope there are more of me but who would spend more money on watching films on netflik and their other services. they will be able to find those people too, because so many like watching films and the latest films too. and so many like to talk on mobile and use smartphones. 

i have always noticed razors are very expensive and have got round it by buying from the £ shop where disposable razors can be bought 5 for £1. though i have noticed that seems to be getting limited choice now. now i read that this company does a subscription service of $1 a month to try and then $3 a month. (it is in america, dont think they have come to uk) and they send u the razors every month. its great if u use up a lot of razors, but i dont.

a 5 for £1 razor pack can last me a year. haha. i reuse each razor many times. and i dont shave everyday neither. looking at the website of their supplier, dorco, they still cost a bit. £6 or so for a 4pack. so my poundshop £1 pack is still the best value for me. makes you wonder how that £1 shop can do it, giving us such cheap razors and still have to support all those stores with staff costs and rent. and for us no need to bother about postage costs or having to hang around the flat waiting for the courier to come. perhaps they cannot do it anymore. remember it was quite some time since i bought those razors, still using them, and at that time there were quite a lot of those £1 shops, with different owners. now i think there is only one, poundland.  i have not been to that shop since i bought those razors, so it might be they are no more sold anymore in any £ shops. certainly when i was in poundland in brixton, i could not find any of those razors. 

added. 12.08pm 13.9C cloudy. a courier came and delivered the new router that talktalk says they will give me when i started the new broadband package. lucky i was in to open the door for him, because the package was too big to slip through my letter box.

 it is easy to set up and now we are both online with it. they say it is faster, but i cannot see the difference. though simon did say he noticed it is faster in his windows laptop.

ah well, now we got a spare router that works fine really but it is nice to have a spare, just in case.

talktalk says  i should keep this router on all the time. i am thinking whether i should ignore that and do what i normally do, switch it off when overnight, or when i go out. maybe if they are kept on all the time, the speed will increase. there used to be a button which when pressed tells u what speed you are getting. but i cannot find it now. or maybe it does not exist in this chromebook.

i am old fashioned thinking these gadgets need to warm up and catchup on the speed, but i think that is old hat now. they should all work instantly… so i dont think keeping it on all the time will improve the speed.

 even in the old router the speed was tolerable, it is not instant, in that it takes a slight delay for the page to come up, but not very much delay, the main text appears and it is the adverts that take some time to download and i am not bothered with the adverts really, so could not careless if they take their time to download.

 and the tv programs works well on the tv, they can be seen without any freezing. 




Do you switch off gadgets instead of standby?

28 Jun


Simon do not believe that gadgets that remain plugged in still uses electricity. I do, that is why I switch off at the socket or pull the plug on all gadgets except the electric stove/oven, kettle, microwave and fridge. it seems they do use up electricity but it is too inconvenient to switch them off. I am reminded of this from this telegraph article telling that u can lose £80 a year from these gadgets that are on standby.

A wireless router is the worst offender at £21.90 a year. I have switched mine off when i am not using it, because i can feel the adaptor remains very hot even when i am not online. also i dont want anyone hacking into it even though it is password protected but u never know with these gadgets how easy it is to hack it. so it seems without realising it i have done the right thing. though it did shorten the life of the adaptor as i pulled the plug in and out. now i got a extension with a switch so i dont have to pull the plug out but just switch off. 

I think the fridge is a special case, you have to keep it on, otherwise the freezer will thaw out. Even then, i keep the fridge at minimum coolness. the freeze box has its own temperature that is not subject to regulation which is a good thing as it is not necessary to play about with that temperature. it should be 0C .

But one must weigh the extra cost against convenience and i think most people will accept the cost just so they can leave their gadgets on standby. especially nowadays when wall sockets do not have a switch anymore and so u have to take the plug out. That is really inconvenient and can ruin the socket inlet if u do it too many times. you might even ruin the gadget by taking the plug out and/or putting it into a live socket. Even multi plugs extensions dont have a switch any more. 

in the grand scheme of things most people wont feel the £80 a year loss (its 22p a day) and most would not use all the gadgets anyway and so the actual figure might be a lot less. If you have all those gadgets mentioned you are allready in the top percentage of households with high income i think.

For me, it is just my dislike of waste that prompts me to not leave any gadget on standby. In the long run i suppose it is just to appease my conscience; like when i switch off a dripping tap even though i pay a fixed tariff for water. I dont get irritated by the dripping noise made by the tap, though some might just switch the tap off just for that reason and nothing else. 

I have notice my conscience is quite selective. haha. I am aware of it and take it as being quite human. that is why when i see a person being inconsistent, (for eg complaining of london’s air pollution whilst puffing on a cigarette…) i just laugh and let them carry on with it. we are allowed our inconsistencies I think.