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things to do

26 Jan

My friend john, who is now in gran canaria on a two week holiday tells me he foolishly left his bumbag containing his camera, mobile, and 150Euros when he was in the sand dunes in maspalomas; it was only a brief absence, he said, and it was stolen.
Maybe john was a victim of a scam, some one luring him away with the promise of sex, and another darting in to steal.
Ah well, I guess that is always the possibility of theft when we go on holiday. I guess john will just have to jot it down to experience. Haha. First, never to bring anything valuable when u go cruising in the sand dunes. And that is it really. Haha.

He is staying in a private B&B, which I told him about from a gay website. There , gay guys let out short stays. This one is only £10 a night and very central near the yumbo centre and dunes. What is the catch you ask. Well you will have to tolerate the antics of the host. Haha. In this case, john tells me he was woken up by loud cries of pain lasting an hour or so he said. It was some kind of sex antics which the host was indulging in with another, in the living room where he sleeps. Ah well, haha, u have to take the rough with the smooth I guess. At least john was not forced to take part… the host seems to be into S&M. (john was a bit worried before he left as the host changed his profile to say he was into bareback sex and rough sex… but of course, you can always decline to take part and no one will force you too. So it is quite safe to stay at these places. It will just be noisy if the guy gets lucky and happen to bring someone back for sex when you are staying there.
I pity the neighbours more. Imagine having to hear all those cries in the middle of the night for years.

I think john must be glad that he only agreed to stay one week, moving on to a couple he knows are naturists, living in a village in the countryside.

Ah well, sometimes I wonder why we travel … maybe I am just getting old, but it seems a lot of bother for nothing. U can get sex in your home town easy, no need to spend money travelling miles away living in uncomfortable places, eating dodgy food … and getting things stolen. Haha.

Here in London, I went to a event set up by a group called yelp.com they are a website that allows members who join (and it is free to join) to post reviews of anything … but most of the posts seems to be about eating places, and any businesses that wants u to spend money.
It is like trip adviser, but they say they are different because they are very selective in whose reviews get featured. They have a way of weeding out fake reviews or reviews by owners. They ask owners of business not to ask customers to review them.
I used to join another website that they took over, that is why I am on their email list.
I am rather supportive of them as it is a good thing, because they organise free events and invite members to attend.
The event I went to was their time travellers ball, held at the marriot hotel near grosvenor square, Mayfair. And very nice it was and just the right duration, 2hrs from 8pm-10pm.
I should have taken everyone’s name and search for their reviews online, but I forgot. Just goes to show I have lost all my networking skills, that is assuming I had any in the first place. Haha.

I guess with the Chinese new year coming up and a festival in Chinatown and Trafalgar square, on 2feb, someone could organise something.

Though for me, the crowd is too much and I tend to leave. But never mind me, I am just a loner, and don’t like crowds.

added. 3.2.14. i enjoyed the chinese new year show in trafalgar square. there was a lion dance, two guys leaping dangerously on top of pillars. very daring. and a dragon dance. actually the old fashioned chinese lion dance is the traditional one. i wonder when the dragon came in. nowadays the lion dance is a two man affair, but i can remember it was a troupe of guys climbing on top of each other to reach the top of shop houses where there will be a packet, consisting of firecrackers which will be set on fire whilst they try to retrieve the red packet full of money.  all the while the troupe will be manipulating the lion head and make it behave in a lion like way dancing and cavorting. it was thrilling to watch but it think the art and skill required to do those things are slowly dying if not dead allready.

there was also a chinese opera singer, from china. she was dressed in a fabulous red dress with a red headgear topped by a red feather. the dress top was shimmering and glinting from the sparkles set in it. when i heard her, i was immediately cast back into olden days where such ladies wore such dresses . it has such an old fashioned air about it. the hostess also wore a sparkly cheong sam(literary translation long dress. though the chinese call it chi pow. which is not so romantic as a cheong sam. i thought it is a very sexy dress, very high collared suggesting a demure and modest person, whilst so tight fitting and curvy and ending tightly round the knees with a slit on the side. i thought it a very sexy dress. no one i know nowadays wear it anymore. only my mother wore it when she was alive. no female in my immediate family wears it anymore.

Added. 31.1.14 i got a link to this guy who lives a naked lifestyle in gran canaria. it is not illegal there. that would be another reason to go there as it is a warm place so u can be naked all year round and be able to go out and about without any clothes and really live a naked lifestyle. I do hope the prudes dont change the law at present. i wish people would be more tolerant. after all, what harm are they doing… these people who want to be naked? 

nothing to rant about

12 Jan


I have been looking around to see what will fill my time. Most of the time, i read, or go on the internet, and swim, or go to the library, but i have borrowed so many books from the library that i thought i better not go so often , or if i do, not to borrow books; or i shall borrow even more books and i just could not read them fast enough.

Another way to while away the time is to go grocery shopping, but i have allready bought enough, more than i can finish so no point going to the supermarket.

So I thought i shall take the bus and wander around soho, and pop into the chinese grocery stores to see if there are any reductions. or to buy staple items but I have allready bought all i need. i dont know where else to hang around. Long ago, i used to hang around old compton st, the gay part of soho, sit in the coffee shops and chat to people who are sitting nearby. It was quite cheap to do so, until they start putting up the price of coffee, and cakes, and so even less local people hang around there; only tourists do so now. And though it is nice to meet visitors, they are here only for a few days whilst what we want is to make friends who live here. long ago when coffee was cheaper u get locals who are regulars in the coffee shops in old compton  st, and you can always see them to chat with if u happen to pass by. not any more. I suppose u could say i was one of the regulars, but i have stopped going, and i daresay so have all the other regulars.

now, i get small mishaps in my life to keep me occupied. recently, we bought a 40inch tv screen, but it developed a problem. without any reason, it would say there is no signal. I thought our aeriel was acting up and dropped by the local housing estate office to tell them to get the engineer to look at it. They made an appointment for the engineer to come to my flat . he did not come, but luckily, simon fiddled with the lead that connect with the aeriel socket and the picture came on. so that was how we found out it was the lead that they supply with the tv to connect to the aeriel socket. We should have guessed it is not the aeriel, because we asked our downstairs neighbour and she said she have no trouble with the tv transmission.

We often hear of old people ranting and raving when things go wrong, and complaining at the slowness of the engineers to come and fix it. Well, all i can say is i am glad i did not make a fuss. haha it would be terribly embarrassing to have the engineer come and find this. it is like some old fart forgetting to switch on the tv and complaining it does not work. 

so now the tv works fine, and i am enjoying seeing the films again with the added novelty of this bigger screen. there are a lot of repeats nowadays. It’s not so much fun to see old films as they only fill up half the screen. 

Added. simon tells me he had found out from someone he was chatting to online that the screen we got is not the one he bought. it is not a smart tv. that is why it wont take a dongle and connect to the internet for him to get bbc iplayer which will enable him to get the high definition program. 

Talking of this urge to chat with people, we hear so much of that about old people being isolated and have no one to chat to, but i have realised that it isn’t so much no one to chat to, but no one that we like to chat to. that is harder to find. Ah well, just as well we gay people have the internet and gay websites to get in contact with other gay guys. I recently sent a message to a guy who lives in manchester and who i thought looked rather sexy and he is interested in jacking off too. jacking off is something that i thought i shall get interested in again. Normally if someone is not in london, i would not have bothered , but he did say in his profile that he comes often to london. and just now he sent me a message saying he will here visiting london on feb13th. so that would be  nice to meet up and get to know each other. thank goodness for being gay. dont you think? it is real easy to meet other gay guys.

I like to chat with people and often do with strangers i meet on the bus or waiting in the bus stop or just on the street. I like being on my own, but sometimes i like interacting with other people. i prefer these casual contacts rather than have a friend. partly because i dont like to arrange to meet , i like the casual , accidental meets with strangers. 

that was what i was doing when i chatted with a guy in the same gay website . he is a belgium guy who comes to visit london 4/5 times in a year. he said he stays with friends and they keep busy doing things. so i asked him what he do, as i thought i might get some ideas from him. he said they walk, go on daytrips, give dinners. (not very useful things to me as i dont fancy any of that) and he says i sound lonely and wonders if i am.

I suppose i might give others the impression that i am lonely, when i told him i was wandering around soho and suggested to him that it would be nice to  meet up for a coffee  in soho when he is here in london. I replied to him I am not lonely, but i do miss my young days when i would have friends hang around the coffee shop in old compton st, and we would invariably find one of us there whenever we go to soho, and so always have company. and also we are able to meet and make friends on a casual basis with other gay guys there who hang out in all hours like us. it was a lovely time i remember. it does not happen anymore. 

I think the internet may well account for that , not many of us now hang around coffee shops in soho, because we can make contact via the gay network. maybe it is something you do when you are young. Not to mention when you are young more people are attracted to you physically and you get approached more often, or if u approach someone you often than not get welcomed or get an encouraging response.

The thing about going old is that you realise so many things in your youth will not come again. I was seeing a tv program about the songs of the 70s, and saw the carpenters singing ‘close to you’, and 10cc singing ‘another love’, and realise those feelings that the songs evoked in me will not be retrieved by anything sung nowadays. I doubt any of the songs now will evoke the same feelings in me years from now. 



service charge for a 2bd flat in london

28 Sep

My AVG2013 free virus protection is now being upgraded to 2014 and it is taking some time.
I got notice of it when the message came up in a box telling me to install this upgrade. It first asked me a few days ago but I ignored it. I did not realise it was to upgrade it to 2014 and I was a bit wary of it. You know how it is, we have fears of downloading some virus and are rather suspicious of anything that tells us to download things.

But when it happened just now, I thought I better download this AVG and take the risk, and so now it is doing it, installing the program, but it sure is taking a long time. I wonder why it is taking such a long time. I already had the program so why should it take such a long time to install a newer version and clear it for 2014… ?Hope it is not installing lots of spy ware.
Added. It is downloaded now so I am protected for 2014. I am rather grateful to AVG for letting me have it for free.

added. i dont mind if they get other benefits from giving it to me free. after all, it does not affect me if they mine my surfing for their own advantage. why grudge them making money out of any information they can get out of my surfing behaviour.  

I use chrome as my default browser, and now it has updated, and make everything so slow.
Before the search engine do not come up, now it does. But it makes everything so slow.

Today the postman came and he delivered a demand for my service charge for this flat. it is a 2bdroom, and it came to £763.04 for next halfyearly estimated cost.
This is the estimated costs for 1oct2013-31 march2014
My share of the cost for my block £246.97
My share for the costs of management £393.31
Adjustment of cost for actual cost £122.76

I noticed the cost for management have gone up a lot. Ah well, all you house owners, this is to let u know that owning a flat is not without cost. But looking on the bright side, it could be worse. At least the cost is shared with others living in the block and the whole estate. And at least I don’t have to bother with the day to day running of the estate or the block.

It is still cheaper than renting. As it is I dont have a mortgage so am effectively living here free as it were, just have to pay these service charge, the council tax £700 a year and that is it. Then every 8yrs or so, there is a big major works to clean the brick work and paint the windows and repair the roof if needed, and that cost £6,500 my share when it was done about 2yrs ago.

As long as u slot in the future costs, it should be easy to keep out of debt living here.

these are estimated costs but they are fairly accurate. it would appear the cost to me of having this flat ,including the future major works every 8yrs or so, will come to about £3000 a year. (or £250 a month). I consider that very cheap to live in central london in a 2bd flat, don’t you?

And it is really very nice to live here. So central and pleasant, this area, with tree lined streets, no shops around,(so u don’t get the mess or noise of streets with bars and cafes and restaurants and the people it attracts) yet close to good shopping nearby and good transport links.

And the thames is nearby, so u can walk out and look at the ebb and flow of the river and partake of the mood of the river in all weathers and seasons.

I was in the earls court area recently, went there to meet someone who contacted me in a gay website.

I have not been to the earls court area SW5 for a long time. It used to be a big gay area, with a leather bar and many gay pubs and clubs. Then Old Compton street in Soho usurped its position as a premier gay area, this was in the 90s, and now Soho shares the crown with Vauxhall.

Now there are no gay clubs or pubs in earls court. We went to a straight pub to chat.

Lots of backpackers and travellers on the street. Saw a hostel offering from £20 accommodation. I guess it must be dormitories, though it did not say how many in a room. No big supermarkets, just small outlets, with 2lit milk 1%fat reduced to 28p in one of these shops.

It is rather sad that Earls court is not so gay anymore.



a visit to poole

20 Aug


I have just got back from visitng my friend in poole.
Went on thurs and back today.
Went via megabus.com on a £1 fare , costing £3 return (50p booking fee each way). it may call itself megabus, but it is not the bus i got, but the train. 2hr trip for £1.

The cheapest fare , beating the national express coach fare , and the coach is 3hrs compared to the2hrs by train.

It’s a nice short holiday for me, but it kind of reinforced for me that I like London and staying at my place.

I went for the naked party that my friend was host.

This time he decided to make it start at 3pm instead of earlier and not have food on the table at all. He provided a non alcoholic punch, and made it a bring- a- dish or -snack naked party.

It is a good format, because guys just got on with interacting. He also invited a guy who is very into sex. And so he sat the tone of the party. You do need a few guys who like sex to make it an orgy. Otherwise everyone feels inhibited.

So that was a nice party, at one time I lifted my head from my own sexual doings and saw a foursome that looked like a porn scene. The guys were tanned and looked good naked.

I have come to realise that I don’t like travel just for the sake of travelling, anymore. I know this is a good aim that many travellers like. Just the act of travelling is enough for them, rather than the destination. A bit like Life really.

But I think it is enough for me to be travelling via my Life, rather than physically travelling from one place to another.

That is why even though I enjoyed my visit to poole, I doubt I shall do it often.
Part of it is because I don’t seem to want to sightsee anymore. In the past I travelled because I wanted to see new sights. And there is a lot of new sights to see all over the world.

Now, I wonder if there are any amongst you who also had enough of travelling just to sight see. I think most travellers graduate from being merely sightseers to just wanting a change of scenery and people so they can adopt a new persona. So the purpose of their travel to another place is so they can change their persona. Try on a new one, as a manner of speaking as everyone they meet will be a stranger and wont know their old persona.

Or they can just be a sex tourist. Haha. Like me when I went to poole. (i think to many people sex tourism implies paying for sex. but it is not always necessary to pay for it, esp if u are gay).

Though I did manage to buy something from the charity shops. Not so many good bargains as long ago, but still, poole is the only place I know where u can get items for 10p. like this pyrex bowl. The knifes i use to spread jam, etc. their flat shape lends itself nicely to that. as well as they cut meat very well too. in the past i use to buy one for 10p each. 


life in london now

30 Jun


Come summer, the tv programs are full of repeats so I am able to spend less time watching tv, and reading more. Just as well, as I got a lot of books to read.

You might ask how come I spend so much time indoors, (which u can suspect is what I do if I say I read a lot) when it is so nice outside now.

Most of us read indoors, rather than outside. Partly because the sun is really fierce if it is shining and reflects the page too glaringly bright to make reading comfortable. And if it is not shining it may mean a shower or two, or a chilly wind makes it equally uncomfortable to read outdoors.

Anyway, I spend a lot of time indoors as now with the pollen in the air, I find it gives me hay fever.

Late evening I find is the worst time to go out. For some reason, the pollen is heavier. Sometimes I would like to wear those cartoon images of a goldfish bowl over the head, where I can have my own air system and so avoid breathing air outside.

Or more practical, I sometimes feel the temptation to go out wearing swimming goggles, just to keep my eyes away from all those bits of grit flying in the air. I wonder whether those people we see wearing wrapa round sunglasses are those who want to protect their eyes from grit and not just wannabee tv celebrities. haha. 

Someone should invent some kind of head gear that covers the head , is transparent and have a fine filter that will sieve out the pollen for us hay fever sufferers. Also for those affected by polluted air, like those in s.e.asia with the haze from the smoke fires in Indonesia, I am sure they would love to have something that they can cover their head, with a fine filter so allow them to breathe pollution free air.

I think there may well come a time when we shall all be walking outdoors with a transparent mask that covers our eyes and noses, and a tube leading to a air supply.

I want to recommend a book which I finished recently. It is ‘jack glass’, by adam Roberts.

It is the first time I discovered this author, and he is a real good one. His descriptions are really something. And this is not even saying how good his plots are. So much so that i went to the library and borrowed another book of his, ‘Polystom’. 

I was browsing my wordpress reader, and saw a blog by Sophie pitman

about the heat in new york now. New york is almost the same latitude as uk, but the extremes of temperature it experience is nothing like here.

Which makes me more convinced than ever that here in London, we really have ideal weather.

It is now 21C in my flat, according to this nhs thermometer that my friends gave me. Yet it is wonderfully cooler outside due to a combination of lower temperature and wind. it is ideal.

Yesterday was the london gay pride and we had wonderfully sunny day for it. there were lots of people wandering around. I did not enter the trafalgar square area, which has high billboards surrounding it, hiding the acts in there. I wonder why they do that? It means people outside the area cannot see the acts. But i think it was no great problem for us gay guys, because i think like me they all must have decided that area is too straight for our liking. I know, you will say dont be silly, how can there be any straight people around, but what i meant is that it is too straitlaced. haha.

Those of us in the know move to soho instead, where the real gay thing is going on. Lots of gay men galore. I was observing the crowd and noticed there don’t seem to be much cruising going on. nobody catches anothers’ eye and start a conversation with them. i wonder why?

The only time i saw an interaction with strangers was a young guy who stopped dead in his tracks to stare at a young woman who was sitting in a table near where i was sitting, outside a cafe at shaftsbury avenue. he was with a bunch of guys , they were heading towards soho from chinatown; but he veered off from them and approached her and tried to get her attention, but she was not having it. ignored him totally, and he had to sheepishly go away. i thought was he trying to pick her up? but surely he knows that today of all days, anyone here will be gay… and she is most probably a lesbian.

Maybe I have been out of the cruising game for so long i have forgotten what the etiquette is now. haha. I thought gay pride is a chance for all of us to meet other gay guys and cop off with them. haha. but i think that is wishful thinking now. In the past, we all go off to a park , brockwell park near brixton comes to mind,(to my mind that was the golden age) and there we can cope off with like minded guys all we want haha. Now, we dont end up in parks anymore, but in soho. 

added 2.6.14 i just now reread this, and realised why there was no visual cruising going on in soho at pride… everyone is doing it via grindr. no wonder so many were looking down at their phone.

i found a pack of smoked mackerel in my laundry basket

18 Jun

I just now found a tightly wrapped in plastic smoked mackerel, about 4 of them with some kind of filling in them.
They smelt ok so I put it in the fridge. I thought it was simon’s and that he had taken it from the freezer to thaw. Though why he would put it in the laundry basket is quite beyond me, but I am used to him putting things in strange places.

When I asked him, later, he said it was not his. and he said better throw it away. what a shame, but if it is not his, than it must be one of my guests and they had left 1week ago. so that fish has been sitting there in this warm weather all that time. it is a wonder it is not smelly. i hate throwing away food, but i am not too keen on smoked mackerel so i threw it away into our communal bin rather than into my waste bin. 

I wonder whose it can be?

I know, u must be thinking what a strange household where it is so chaotic( think messy that is what u are really going to say but are thinking not to say so because that is not tactful, admit it haha) in the kitchen that this guy don’t know what is what.

I admit my kitchen is messy but I have a good excuse for not knowing what is in my laundry basket. Haha.

Our old washing machine had packed up quite some time ago, and we had not done any washing , in fact, ever since our guests left. That is about a week ago.

Anyway, I think one of them left it there. And he did not say anything because he thinks one of us ate them when he could not find it anywhere.

Today our new washing machine came that is why I had been catching up on my laundry and for the first time need to use the laundry basket.

(simon bought it online from argos,its a Bush 127QW, £210 plus £15 to pay for them to take away the old one. they are really good with the delivery, said they will be here at 10am and arrived promptly on time). 

I am glad that we got all the parts to connect the new washing machine to the mains water.

I found we don’t have the hose for the inlet pipe. I thought we have lost the water inlet hose. And was kicking myself for not making sure I took the old one from the old machine before letting the delivery men take it away.
I wrote a note to simon, he was sleeping, to tell him about it.

To calm myself I decided to go out. And not wanting to get back to the flat, and unable to settle down in the library to read the papers, I decided to take the bus to john lewis in oxford st to get a free cup of coffee. I thought I shall treat myself to it and get away from the flat to forget about it.

Anyway, john lewis was so busy, it was lunchtime, there was a long queue for the service tills, so I decided to go to the Tottenham court branch instead. They are really very good about it, making no fuss about my getting free coffee. When I showed the coffee and my Waitrose card to the cashier, the cashier just ask what coffee I took. This time I took café latte, which was much nicer than the capuccino last time.

It was really a pleasant experience, I took my coffee to Bedford square and drank it there, ate it with some biscuits I bought at the sainsburys in Pimlico and read the metro newspaper which I found on the bus.

I then took a walk to soho, looking at the shops and just people watch, passing a thai restaurant full of customers with more sitting outside next door to another with no one inside… passed by the C&R restaurant in Rupert court, the one with the laksa, and saw the laksa is £7.50, not £6.50 in their website.

When I got back, having got myself in perspective…, so what if the part is missing, it is minor really… simon had fixed the washing machine and it was on. He said the parts were all inside the washing drum. So that was a nice relief, and kind of showed me there is really nothing to get dramatic about. Just leave it be and it will all right itself.

It’s a warm day today and it was pleasant to be wandering around London. There were a lot of people in the charlotte st area eating in the restaurants. I was thinking the economy must be allright surely, if all these people can afford to eat in restaurants for their lunch. But maybe charlotte st is full of media and PR types, because along Tottenham court road where there used to be lots of computer shops, there were quite a number of empty shop fronts.

Went to old Compton st and into a gay shop to get the free boyz magazine and saw another …fs magazine free too and took that too. ( no qx, another freebie gay magazine, am I too early for it to come out, or too late and it had all been taken?…I think too late, because it comes out on Thursdays and today is Tuesday. I think qx is more popular for eg it lists my favourite sex club but boyz do not list it.)and saw a batch of ‘Time out’ magazines placed alongside these free ones. There was no price listed on it. So I took one and ask the cashier is Timeout free ? He said yes.

That surprised me , when had it become a free magazine??…

Just goes to show how long it has been that I took a wander in old Compton st and browse in their sex shops.

Another surprise, I was on old Compton st, and I saw flags flying outside a shop saying clone zone. It has moved from its old place across the street. One of the shop assistants was standing at the doorway, and I asked him and he confirmed it.

One thing I should say to all shop assistants , don’t stand in the doorway. It discourages customers from entering the shop.

They are preparing for the big profitable day at pride on Saturday 29june.
That is another weekend to look forward to for us gay guys.

ramblings in both sense of the word

13 May

I would imagine most people develop a routine and get a lot of comfort from it. I think that is why for those who work, we wear a uniform…those men who have to , wear suits and of the same colour everyday, because it means getting dressed everyday is not always filled with decisions what to wear. We men are practical, unlike women who still want to make that decision first thing in the morning everyday.

When I was working I wore a uniform too. And so I can wear anything on the way to work. But I remember I wore a shirt and tie just to look smart.

My life now is filled with routine and I like it. People might say that is a dull life, but it is surprising how comforting it is. I like it because it means I don’t have to make decisions everyday on these mundane details. Too much choice can be tiring.

So my breakfast is the same everyday. Oats, with sultanas, or if I got fresh fruits lying around and getting a bit old, (usually simon’s fruit as he tends to forget to eat them). When fruits are really fresh, I like to just eat them without anything accompanying them. There is nothing like crunching into a fresh juicy apple. I seem to like gala apples nowadays as they are sweet and crunchy.

Sometimes if I feel like it I will get frozen slices of bread and toast them. And eat them with apricot jam, or peanut butter.

Routine is a good thing in my view.

But yesterday I decided to change my routine and go walking with a gay group in Essex. That is way out east of London.

I left my place and got the 8.31am tube from Pimlico, my nearest tube station, to Walthamstow, the end of the victoria line. And was intending to catch the bus to woodford, but passed a bus stop where there were a group of tube people waiting for the replacement bus service to Snaresbrook, and it came very soon, so I boarded that and it was free.

A good trip, as it did not stop anyway and went straight to Snaresbrook, and quite a short journey too. Never realise these two stations are so close to each other.
One tip, if u live in that area u could just ride on that bus and not pay anything. They never ask to see your tube ticket, and anyway we all have oyster cards and without a machine they cannot read it anyway. I guess it is some kind of compensation for the inconvenience of having the whole line closed from Liverpool st station to Leytonstone.

So anytime u see a replacement bus service u can just hop on board and not pay.

But if u consider that Sunday the shops are closed, there is no reason to go to these places anyway. Yes, in these outskirts of suburban London, shops still close for Sunday. Mind you even central London can be quiet on a Sunday.

When u consider London is a world city, it seems strange that even the centre of London has a sleepy air about it on a Sunday.

In the past, gay guys would plonk themselves down in a coffee shop in old Compton st in soho; and watch fellow gay guys cruising the streets; but that is long gone I think. Old Compton st has long ago lost its title as the gayest street in London. Or maybe I am wrong. Just because I don’t do it anymore, does not mean others have stopped.

And after catching the tube to woodford and changing to the Hainault line, I finally arrived at about 9.50am way too early for the 10.30am meeting time. But better to be early than late.

The walk itself is rather ordinary… our leader lost his way several times, and have to retrace his steps which is not much fun for us. Still we are there to walk, so it does not really matter .

We walked through Hainault forest but there were not many blue bells to be seen.

And those I saw were the Spanish variety which is not so nice as the british ones. The british ones are so fine and small, that if u see them in a glade, it looks as if there is a fine blue mist floating over the ground. It is a very ethereal effect.

Walking through Hainault forest made me realise that if u have seen one forest you have seen them all. Haha. And the shade makes for a cool walk,as the sun cannot get through, even though the leaves are only in bud. The upside is the trees protected from the wind.

Later we entered an area like a field, full of grass and the wind was fierce. It was a cloudy time then, so we did not even have the pleasure of the sun’s heat. We saw canary wharf in the horizon.

The fields were still having young wheat plants. The season was late because of the cold spring. The young wheat look like grass. The upside is that there is no pollen yet. It made me realise that I better not take these country walks later in the year as it would aggravate my hay fever.
Sometimes, I forget about these things, and then land myself in the middle of a ripening wheat field busy throwing up tons of pollen into the air. And wish I were not there.

I have a feeling that when people get into trouble, that is when they realise why they should not have done it.

Climbing mountains for eg. It sounds such a nice idea, what will be better when u set out on a nice sunny morning… it is later when it all turns dark and cold and stormy that u begin to realise u made a mistake. Some people paid for that mistake with their lives.

But luckily none of that applies to our walk in the countryside that Sunday. It was a pleasant way to while away the time. We saw two other people using the paths the whole time we were there. U can take that as crowded or sparse. I have been in other walks where we never see anyone.though those were naked walks and taken during the weekdays.

Some of the guys travel a long way. One from Farnborough another from brighton both by car. One from Alexandra palace in south London,(correction. it is in north london. i may live in london for many years but i dont know where it is).  another from ealing broadway, west London by tube. He went to the stop just before Walthamstow and took the overground train to Leytonstone.

Another came from Vauxhall, which is the next stop to mine, but he went to Liverpool st and took the overground train to Ilford, and then the bus back to our meeting point. . He said he started at 7.30am and just arrived at about 10am.

Even with the disruption of tube service, there were about 10 of us.

On my return trip, I was lucky to catch the connections very quickly one after the other, without any long waits.

In all these activities, the main aim of us participants is to meet other gay guys or so I guessed. One of the guys told me he joined in hoping to meet young guys his age. He looked like he is in his late 20s or early 30s. But most of the walkers were in their late 40s upwards.
So he was a bit disappointed. He is Italian looking and so was his friend of about his age.

Well, no one can promise that the age group will be predominantly 20s or 30s. In fact I think if you want that age group u would be better off going to clubs. I know when I was that age group I liked going to clubs.

I think it rather restricting on yourself to specify just a limited age range but then that is my view. Others might find they have more in common with people their age group.

By wanting to meet others, I don’t know if he meant for sex or just social. Probably for both. Haha.