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11 Sep

london 4.51pm sunny 22.5C tuesday 2018 sunrise 6.28am sunset 7.24pm

i was watching a nature program, about the american wild west, and it was showing a male bison with his harem and saying he could father 50 in that one breeding season; and i was thinking how come nature allows his genes to be in so many kids. and none of the other males get a chance to father any.

with animals the mortality rate is very high, but in part it is due to this very system of one dominant male getting to breed and blocking all the other males. also if that male is overpowered and another takes his place, he will kill off the previous male’s young offsprings  who are still being suckered … just so the females can get pregnant again.

and add to that mortality rate to other causes like disease, or accidents, and very few of those kids will survive. in spite of them  being fathered by the strongest males and hence we might assume they have the strongest genes for survival; .

so that is the difference between animals and humans. with us humans the weakest baby can survive and can grow old enough to breed more and weaken the gene pool; but so far , the weakening of the gene pool  does not seem to matter.

humans have reduced child mortality rate a lot so that many children now survive to adult hood.

humans are the biggest species on earth, by which i mean the most numerous. so we must be doing something right.

at one time, the world subscribed to multi culturalism. but i think people are beginning to see that this idea that the pot will produce a homogenous people does not work out in real life. people will keep to their kind, and their culture. now we are seeing a change in europe. a huge influx of fleeing migrants from africa to europe. by rights europe’s population is stagnant and could do with this influx of fresh blood to add to its work force. but how to manage it so that this potential huge manpower can be harnessed … that is the question.

the romans made slaves, and soldiers, of them. not going to happen in our modern age. or can it?