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the christmas spirit

7 Nov

london 5.23pm friday 2015

the christmas gifting is building up to a big steam now. all the weekend papers got supplements full of gift ideas, and the tv adverts are just presents -filled. even the programs are now christmas themed. they all have very sentimental plots, but they do make me tear up a bit. rather silly but in a nice way, you know haha. and the ones that show new york scenes are really nostalgic, which just goes to show how new york have been associated with christmas in films for so long now, that it has been kind of burned into the national memory. haha.

most people will be thinking and worrying what to buy … not me of course, but i am all for the buying spree during these occasions, as this will keep businesses afloat for the year. most will earn their profits during this short period and sustain them throughout the rest of the financial year.

most of us complain about how commercial christmas has become, but it is what makes the money go round and provide jobs for people.

so far the shops have not put out the christmas decorations, they still  have the witches and halloween stuff in the window. but that will change. it’s only november, and you might well be forgiven if u think it is too early for the christmas hoo haa to start. but if u dont need to worry about buying anything , this time in thebuild up to it is rather exciting. even if u dont buy into the nativity thing,( like me), you can still enjoy the hype for what it is, a bit of theatre and entertainment. 

Top 10 Christmas Turkey Gift Ideas

22 Dec

Top 10 Christmas Turkey Gift Ideas.

lots of christmas themed ideas for presents . this  i like. i was laughing all the way through. i like the turkey pop up legs timer and the turkey telephone.

i have always loved this guy’s website featuring the best of everything.

what is even better is that click on the images and it takes u to the source and you can find out the prices of those items and actually get to buy them if u are that crazy or carried away by it all.