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at last i bought my fresh chilli and ginger

24 Apr

london 2.55pm. 14C drizzle monday 2017

monday is not a good day to go brixton shopping, but i was so desperate for fresh chilli, and ginger, i had to go. there were not a lot of choice in the ginger and chilli and the portions were smaller. but needs must so i bought them.

 comingback it began to rain. luckily , it was a drizzling rain, so it did not matter that i have not got my umbrella with me. not that i could hold a umbrella whilst fiddling around with the crutches. the boot really was very useful and it made the journey less tiring.

so now i got my ginger and chilli, i immediately made a fried rice with the chicken breast that john bought before he went off to visit relatives. he has just gotten back when i returned to the flat and he warns me that chicken breast has to be cooked. it was just about to turn, so i knew it has to be cooked immediately  or it would have gone too bad.

i made a chilli sauce , dicing up the fresh chilli and immersing them in black soya sauce and vinegar… the commercial ones would add suger and colouring, in the form of tomato sauce; but i dont need to. i had the boots still on, and found that i could walk about the kitchen doing all those chores without needing to use the crutches. that is good to know. 


random talk

28 Oct

london 2.18pm 16.9C cloudy friday 2016

6.14pm 16.2C dry dark night .amazing that the temp has not dropped much since this afternoon.

i am rather pleased that the ginger and chilli are still the same price in brixton. i think it will always be, but they will change the amount we get according to the season. come winter, we get less, and hopefully we get more come summer. i find it lasts me   from 2wks to 3wks.  i find they are quite essential in my cooking now.

garlic i can do without, though simon seems to want it in his cooking. he is quite prepared to pay 50p each bulb, ( he just bought 3 bulbs of garlic from our local sainsburys where they are 50p each!) .

when in brixton u can get 4bulbs for 50p. he said the bulbs he buys are large ones, which he wants.

he is so typical of british people, he does not want to be fiddling about with the small cloves. like some people not wanting to eat fish because there are too many bones in them. or preferring chicken breasts because to them life is too short to be bothering with bones. well, i have realised that when people get something in their heads, some strange notions, it is hard to shift them. to me the meat or flesh that surround the bones are the most tasty part of the creature. 

he does not realise that smashing the garlic cloves makes it easy to get the skin off. what i find is that the british garlic is so mild that i get no flavour in my cooking from them. that is why i stopped buying them.

recently i went to morrisons hoping to buy their topside beef joint which is £4.97 a kg, which is a ok price,( in brixton u can get this price all the time  but maybe it is for cheaper cuts of beef. to me, i cannot tell which cut is better. to me they are all the same, because it is how u cook them that counts.) but it was all sold out, which may turn out to be just as well.  because this afternoon i went to our local sainsburys to redeem simon’s shopping, to enter it in my nectar card, when i browse the store and saw 450mg beef pieces for £2. normal price £3.75. i was tempted to buy but i thought i shall just wait till the end of the day when they might be reduced to £1, when i shall buy the lot. haha. there were quite a lot of the packs that is why i suspect it might not be all sold out. anyway when i went there at 7pm, i found only one pack left, and it was marked down to 50p. so i got that. it is nice now and then to have beef slices in the stir fried veg. it gives a nice flavour to the dish. though if i have got more i might make a beef rendang out of it.

i have not suspected this local sainsburys so near me to reduce their food prices. they open till late, 11pm everyday even sundays as they are a convenience store and have different opening hours to the big stores which are governed by sunday shopping hours. since they open so late i always thought they dont reduce their prices. but this pack expires today, so i guess they have to sell it off by today.

people who shop there works in the govt offices nearby so they go for the ready meals. and the hot packs of takeaway lunch packs  which seem to be so popular. so maybe raw meat is not so popular. the pricss are higher than the main stores. 

whilst waiting, i cooked pork slices in ginger in my rice cooker when the rice is being cooked at the same time. i could substitute sliced beef for this instead of pork and it would turn out just as good. 



bird in the bush.

this is an easy dish to make. all cooked in the same time and pot as the rice. this one is slices of pork with ginger and soya sauce.

i keep up with news from malaysia by following some blogs there, and this one mentioned gurney restaurant closing, and i googled it and found out that they are planning to build a undersea tunnel from penang to the mainland in that area. it is surprising that the blog owner did not know of this development, he never mentioned it. and he is usually very informative of developments in penang, like the extension of land on the seafront near gurney drive.

and i only found out by accident. it did say it is  privately funded , so maybe that is why there is no public consultation which would be required if public money is involved, i suppose.  i wonder who are the private firms behind it. they hope to make back their money with a toll. but who would want to use it when there is allready a bridge that is now there.  the bridge has a toll fee, so this toll for the tunnel must be as cheap otherwise who would use it? . i fail to see the logic of this tunnel . must be quite  rich private developers to finance such an expensive project as an under sea tunnel… even then i would have thought it must affect penangites, and the owners of businesses or land or housing that will be destroyed to accommodate that so surely some kind of public consultation should be required. but no one seem to make a fuss about it… so different from our heathrow airport extension. 

a sunny day in brixton

6 Jun
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london 12.33pm 21.2C monday 2016 sunny

its a nice day, very sunny, and warm. though of course there is a downside… after all, nothing in life is an unalloyed good thing.

they say every cloud have a silver lining, but i think the opposite also runs true, every sunny day have its sunburnt skin… haha anyway my sunburnt equivalent is the hay fever that i get when the weather is this good. but i have to say, even though i got it, it is not that bad. it is only once in a while i get this bout of sneezing and my nose start running… but once i get indoors, or go to the top of the bus, it abates.

i know… mustn’t grumble. haha.

i was waiting at the bus stop in brixton, and this bus stop seems to funnel the winds down it, because it was very dusty and that started my hay fever. sometimes i wonder if it is not hayfever, but allergy to dust. but it was outdoors so i imagine there must be pollen in that dust. 

i was there to buy ginger. its the first time i been there in the early morning, i mean about 10.30am and so i see it at its quiet time. with locals sitting outside one cafe with menu that says meat , veg, rice for £1.45… no mention of what meat, nor what veg. haha. only the locals know what meat or veg. the price is certainly the cheapest i have seen…they sell coffee too. it certainly looked nothing like the trendy type coffee shops that are springing up and selling expensive coffee.

there is one on the end of this same street towards the main street where all the buses thunder past… those sitting outside must be getting all that traffic dust and dirt blown into their faces and food and coffee…


next time when it is emptier, i might go in and have a look at the menu on the board above the counter, though even then , it mightnot be the menu for those in the know, but for outsiders.  it reminds me a bit of the kopitiam type of local coffee shop we get in malaysia… where locals sit and while the time away.

the nice sunny weather i think brings them out, so that the tables outside were full of people. it must be a nice place to hang out and meet people. 


my daily life here in london

26 Sep

london 1.05pm sunny 18.1C saturday 2015

i went to brixton just now to buy ginger. still 50p, though not sure if it is still the same amount or less. i have never weighed it, as i am only interested in buying 50p worth. perhaps that is how they entice customers haha. it might well be they have gradually reduced the amount in each pack. i did notice that sometimes the pack i buy dont last me a month. the trouble is i dont always use the same amount each time so it might be i used more that is why it does not last me a month. ah well, fortunately it is a low cost item. also it is seasonal, sometimes they get a glut , or so i guessed, because you will find there is more ginger in each pack . then other summers, or winter time, the pack gets smaller. then there is the age of the ginger. sometimes it is quite more fibre suggesting it is older. but with cooking it does not matter if the ginger is older. in fact i suspect the ginger has more flavour if a bit older.

anyway it is a small concern and u got a small lesson in ginger usage haha.

ah nice and sunny outside as i type. i got a letter from talk talk telling me they have increased the simple broadband package by 2.50 to £7.50 a month. hmm, from my bill i noticed they have given me free broadband but only by giving me a discount of £5, so wiping out the £5 cost of the broadband. with this increase , it means i shall have to pay £2.50 a month from oct. i thought i was going to get free broadband for 18 months, but it is not so. typical of them, and businesses in general, to get u to sign up for a 18 month contract and then a few months later increase the cost. they do allow u to get out of the contract without penalty but even with the cost i shall be paying less than £20 a month, which is the cost of a relish.net broadband without a landline rental. so i guess i shall just stay with them till the contract runs out and see what fresh new discount i can dig out of them in future.

if ever the cost comes to more than the relish account, i shall ask them to completely remove my landline and lose the landline phone altogether. haha. and sever my sentimental liking for the landline. hope they realise that and try to keep us going by giving more discounts so that it is all kept well below £20 a month. that is the sticking figure that will keep me attached to it, any more and i shall cut and run.

in the letter, they offer a free sim for 12months  with a free 100 mins of talk, 250text and 200MB of data. not sure i shall take them up on this. i shall wait for the next bill and see if they will up their discount to £7.50 , since they have said they will give me free broadband when they told me on the phone. i may even get back to them and tell them that is what they said, and see if they will up the discount. haha. you never know, they might if i ask. 

life is very nice in london for me.

simon borrowed to read the kevin hearne ‘hounded’ and like it so much he ask me to borrow the next book in the series. and i found it in the library this morning. it is called ‘hexed’, and whilst i was there i looked up jim butcher’s harry dresden series. because it was mentioned in the blurb that hounded was compared to american gods by gaiman, (we have read it and we both like it a lot)and harry dresden. so i borrowed the harry dresden and another jim butcher series. i shall be busy reading these books . 

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i have been enjoying making sandwiches today… this was because i went to tesco last night and they were selling warburton’s white bread for 10p, reduced from £1 and the sell by date was 27th sept, too, so not even expired. i bought 4 of them, haha. they are rather good for sandwiches as they are so big slices. 

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