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another post on the same day.

14 Nov

14nov 2013 9pm.
This afternoon my laptop won’t log onto my part of the laptop.
When we first bought this laptop about 5yrs ago, Simon and I use this laptop. He does not use this now, but it was set up for two users. Well, my part of the user has kaput. So I lost all the programs that I have put in there. As well as the pictures and notes.
Luckily, I could still log onto simon’s part of the laptop and because he is the administrator, I am able to create another user.
So now I am using that.

Fortunately, I use chrome, so I am able to log onto chrome and get all my bookmarks and programs back as it is stored in chrome online.
And I use drop box and smile box to put all my pictures. So I still got them to see.
So generally, it is not such a disaster unlike in the olden days when once a virus gets to it all is lost.
I have no idea why my user whatsit is kaput. And not simon’s. at least I should be grateful the laptop is not completely kaput.

But the live hotmail that I was using to collect all my emails in one place is no more, and for some reason I cannot download another to replace it. Since they changed it to outlook.com, things have not been the same. It is not possible to delete and block the messages in the outlook.com site.

I have no idea how to transport my emails into the outlook.com thingy.

So I am on the lookout for some thing to put all my email into in one place. what is the name for that kind of thing?I don’t even know what to call it to search for it. Any suggestions?

added 17.11.13 it seems that program i was using is called windows live essentials 2011, and it seems it is prone to information attacks. it seems there is a something i should have downloaded to correct it, but i was using chrome and not internet explorer so never got any of the notification.

i was using windows live mail to access all my emails, but it seems it is not available to download from windows vista. (sigh) all these names , the same thing seems to go under different names. 

In the meantime I shall have to go into each email address to see my mail. it’s a bother really as I have to type in the password each time.

Ah well, that is life. Haha.

added.18.11.13 found out how to block messages, and change the font size. takes a bit of getting used to as usual when there is a change. 

On the upside, I got a letter from centrica, with a check for £55.80. Dividends for my british gas shares. Haha.
And another letter from british gas , the company, telling me they are sorry they missed the appointment to remove my gas meter and they are going to send me a cheque for £20.

Well, rather nice.

And then I went to victoria station and got talking to those guys selling labara sim cards and bought one. I think it was a bit hasty, just because my asda sim card tells me they are going to close it from april 2014 and I have to get another card.
I was looking for a sim card that pays as I go without any monthly charge. The labara guy says it is so, and only 5p a min for landline and 10p a min for mobiles. Cheaper than asda that is why I bought it.
We shall see.

Then at the sainsburys, I bought the crunchy peanut butter for 62p, and put the exact money in, and the machine say I put in 47p and I still owe 15p. So I called the guard and told him, and he cancelled the sale, and the money dropped out consisting of 2 20p coins, 1 5p coin and 2 2p coins. I put in 3 20p coins, and 2 2p coins. So the machine must have got itself mixed up if it gives me a 5p coin to replace my 20p coin.
Just as well I buy such a small amount and can keep tag of what I pay. Most people may not realise it, or begin to doubt themselves. Not me. Haha.

The lesson from this is don’t put the money in quickly… wait till the machine registers each coin, before u put in the next. I put in the money too quick that time.

Life is full of surprises. Haha. Quite fun if u get yourself together and be focused… otherwise it will make u feel paranoid that someone is out to get you, or u doubt your sanity, wondering if u are going gaga , not know how much money u put in the machine.

I practise mindfulness… being totally aware of the now and being always present in the present, and not let my mind wander about… though sometimes even I get confused.

I always think nowadays we don’t get pounced on and killed by some predatory creature but we do get cash or goods taken from us if we are not careful. But at least we live to tell another tale. Unlike with wild animals where one mistake may be their last.