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living in london pt 14

11 Jun

london wednesday 2014

I finally succumbed and bought a chromebook today. I am typing this on it now.

i had been mulling over that £185 samsung chrome book 11.6″ which i saw on sale , a one off, in john lewis in the westfield stratford. deep down i really want a google chrome operating system.

I just notice something, where is the delete button on this keyboard? I have to shift the tab forwards and then backspace to delete.  

so this morning after the laptop acted up a bit, i decided i shall go to the westfield and buy that £185 chrome book.

i reasoned to myself there is no need to buy another laptop, even though one can be bought for £239 , a hp 500Gb and 4G RAM which is really very good value for money except it got the windows 8 which i dont like.

but guess what, when i went to the john lewis and  saw it is still on sale, the only one at that price and no one has bought it;   i saw a toshiba chrome book 13″ selling for £230, and that make me hesitate.

i would dearly love a 13″ chrome book, and after a chat with the shop assistant to find out what is the difference between them all( some are heavier than others and have more or less battery hours), who told me basically they are just very basic things to surf the net and nothing else, which they are really… it is just that i dont do anything else (he said they are useless if i want to use word processing for eg and that is true). I took the plunge and bought the 13″ toshiba chromebook.

Considering everything it is rather a lot of money for not a lot. unlike a laptop with all that processing power which must cost money for them to provide, this one is just a box to get connected to the net and that is it. haha.

but it is fast and no need to bother with downloading anti virus stuff or keep uploading new add ons like i would have to do if i got a windows. And maybe no need to keep defragment .

I have got so used to using google chrome on my old laptop, that i just cannot bear to go back to using windows. what a strange thing too because in the past i used to be such a fan of windows.

AT first i had trouble getting online when i took it home and unpacked it and tried to get onto my wifi at home. it refused to accept the password. Even when i changed the netgear box and used the new one talktalk gave me… so i left it alone for a bit, and tried again with the old netgear in place.

And tried it again and so glad it took, and it started downloading the upgrades and so here i am all set up.

The only thing is i cannot find the delete button. I am really glad i bought the 13″ screen.it is very comfortable to use. the 11.6″ felt restrictive to me. 

Today is my birthday too. i dont celebrate it, but it is a nice coincidence i guess that this becomes a birthday present to myself. haha. I got a nice birthday card from ian , he makes them for me. I just realise there is no right or left click to the mouse … so i cannot copy and paste the image to here. well that is one disadvantage. i wonder how many more i shall find. ah well, nothing is ideal in life.

i found another disadvantage. i cannot download pictures from my camera . well well, it looks like this thing is not allpurpose usage. u still need the laptop for most things. I daresay i shall be finding out more of its limitations as i use it. hope it wont be too irksome.