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its the humans who make mistakes and allow breach of security

31 Oct

london 11.12am in library using a wifi that is outside the library. saturday 2015

my chrome allows this wifi, so i know it is safe.

but look at this link, it tells of google discovering that semantec the company that provides digital certificates of validity to websites have ‘issued 23 test certificates without domain owner’s knowledge to five organizations that includes Google and Opera’. google found out and scolded them for it, and askwhether they should be allowed to be given the role of providing these certificates. when they audit it they found it gave out ‘164 certificates for 76 domains and 2,458 certificates issued for domains that had never been registered’.

semantec says it is some of their employees who did it, who have been sacked now. but it is not a good excuse, the company should have strong safeguards against rogue employees.

google is very strict about security and rightly so;  so much so that it wont even allow my chrome book to access the library wifi, just because it has a weak diffie helman whatsist. and it must have used this valid certification as a strong front line in their wall of security. if that valid certification is not worthwhile or is breached,  people will start getting viruses from their chrome OS(operating system); all hell will break lose with the issue of trust in the company. no wonder google is so strict about it. and of course no one is going to  blame semantec for it, but blame google… shame on sematec. 

talking of human error, it was via an administrator account whose username was tim, and password was tim, that got the hackers through the talktalk security. and then it is those people who were fooled into giving out their password to bogus callers, or who were fooled into transferring the money into bogus accounts. the humans are the weakest link. 

news aggregators

28 Oct

london 7.56am rainy 12.5C wednesday 2015

i get my news from google , as well as other aggregating websites, so this news that the germans are sueing google and others to make them pay for linking their pages makes me wonder if they might not be cutting off their nose to spite their face.

after all, they tried to ban google from linking to some of their sites, and had to reverse that decision because the traffic to those sites dropped drastically.

so if they win this case, google and all the other news aggregates will stop linking to them and then they will be dead because not many will find them.

its one of the dilemmas that news websites have to contend with. give free content and u lose money, but charge viewers and people wont go to you. stop news aggregators from linking to your site, and you lose viewers. so what to do? if someone can come up with a formula which pleases everyone, they would win a fortune.

i wonder if they could do this. tell people that they cannot see everything on the website if they dont pay. i noticed now that the print newspapers contain stuff that is not seen in the website of that same newspaper. so allready we get the message that to get to see everything, u will be better off buying the print newspapers. 

for now, they have been pushing more and more intrusive ads on to viewers. i am beginning to notice it, but all it does is to irritate viewers. apple got a app that blocks ads, but it was too effective and they must have got a lot of complains because they took it off the market. their app blocks other adverts but allow adverts from apple. maybe there is some legal issues here that might make a successful case for sueing apple. that may be the only reason why it was pulled.

its a battle between viewers who want free content but dont want to see adverts that pays for it, and websites that need income to maintain their sites. in the end, perhaps viewers will have to tolerate more intrusive adverts just so they can still get the contents free. i can see a future when more and more power will be given to those sites that facillitate interaction between users. like google, or facebook, or twitter, search engines, the middle men as it were. its hard to call really, because the internet is evolving, and someone somewhere will invent something else that changes the game entirely. its rather exciting in a way. 

google changed its logo today

1 Sep

london 5.06pm sunny 17.9C tuesday

i noticed it just now. a whole new animation to the google heading in my search. sometimes i wonder why they change it. maybe they are human and got a bit bored with the same old thing and just want something to fiddle with. haha. and to get us talking of it hehe. publicity is all good. 

3 cheers for google chrome

30 Aug

london 4.36pm cloudy 20C sunday 2015

i had a really pleasant experience with the google store chap in the pc world store in the tottenham court road shop today.

i went there because my chrome book wont allow me to log on. it was working well as usual, until i was at the marylebone library and tried to log on to the wifi. earlier the library wifi at another library, in paddington where i went to earlier i could not log on, because google says it is unsafe. that is the first time i got that message in relation to the library wifi. but it wont even allow me to connnect to it, so i dont quite see how i got a virus or whatever to affect my chromebook. 

usually when i put in my password, it opens the chrome book and i get into my page. but this time, the screen went dark and then it returned to asking me for my password.

i left it and thought maybe it is a temporary glitch. but i tried to enter when i was on the bus near trafalgar square, as i was coming back from the marylebone library, and the problem still persisted.

i remembered there is a google store in the pcworld shop near warren st tube station, on the tottenham court road, so at the spur of the moment, i decided to leave the bus and catch the 24 to warren street tube.

 i know i had a lot of help from them last time, when i first bought the chrome book. they have a special section devoted to google store, where the chap there did all the work in sending a message via his ipad, to the google help line. it was a lady , we think she is in  america, who called back on his mobile, because i did not bring my mobile with me, and she talked him through how to power wash and reconfigure my chromebook like it is a new chrome book.

once that was done i could get into my chrome book but all my passwords and bookmarks were gone. but not to worry, she sent a email telling how to get it all back, and there was a link to my dashboard with more instructions. i was really glad the google chap was there to do it, as i doubt i would know where those settings are.

anyway, it is all done and i got my chrome book working again.

i dont know how this glitch happened. was it what i did? if so what did i do? or even not my fault but something else? but he said she seem to know exactly what the problem was so it must be something that happens.

thank goodness for google i think. to be able to get this help so quickly and thank goodness for living in london and have quick easy access to a google store. i would highly recommend buying a chrome book.

if it had been a windows laptop i would be unable to get such a lot of help to correct the problem. 

daily telegraph

20 Aug

london 6.28am thursday 2015 16.9C

yesterday i find that i have reached my limit for reading the daily telegraph website. they do have interesting articles that make me want to click on them to read. the other websites dont seem to have that. i got a pop up from them asking me to fill up a survey. i thought it will be just another survey asking me how much i like them, but no. it was a very interesting survey, asking me where, in which category, i would find the headlines they suggest. so it is asking me to place the headlines where i would expect them. and i found it quite difficult to do so because many of them could be placed in 2 or more categories and i am undecided which ones take priority.

for eg, there was the headline about drugs in athletics, i thought i shall put it under sports and athletes, but there was no athletes listed, so i had to return to the main menu to try to place it. actually to me i would just put it under news, uk, and put it on the front page. this is because whenever i enter the website i just read the front page where they put a lot of stuff, rather than go individually into the various categories. i think i may miss quite a lot of stuff because of that. but i find it rather tedious to be going into each category as most of it is quite boring really.

at the end of the survey, they ask me if i would like to be included in future surveys, but i said maybe better not, as i am clueless about these things and might inject errors in their samplings. i said that is why i like reading the printed newspaper. i just turn the pages and read from start to end. haha.

i wonder if that is the biggest downside of the websites… it may be difficult to find articles that might interest u, unless u can search for it by knowing the headline. in fact that is how i find articles, i read of it in the printed newspapers, take note of the exact words in the headline, and then type it on the search box of the online website and get to the online article that way. this i do if i want to link that article to my blog and comment on it in my blog. 

 that is why i like google news,(or other news aggregator websites) because it sifts through all the news of all the news websites and bring to my attention things that i might be interested in. and i can go to a lot of different news websites reporting on the same thing and get different versions of it…

in the end, i do like to read the news in a newspaper. it is  a perfect way to find new news, items that i do not know have happened, or interesting articles written that i would normally not know of if and hence miss, if i were to just browse the online news websites. the daily telegraph do have interesting articles that other newspapers dont have. that is why i have used up my quota this month. i find it quite difficult to resist clicking on the headline , because it is so seductively worded and the topic is of interest to me.

take for eg one article showing how you cannot just bring food from home to eat in certain venues or a seaside pier which wont allow u to bring your own food… most of us might suspect it, but they go out and find these places that wont allow u to bring food in and talk about it. 

added 8.12am. i saw this article about long scroll pages. so that is what it is called. i have liked that the telegraph, (and the dailymail website) have front pages that carry a lot of stuff, and scrolls down a long way; so on that one page u can read lots of stuff without having to move to one of their subsections. i like that, and i had thought that is the reason why the daily telegraph and daily mail websites are so popular, and this article says it is catching on with others as well.

 added 21.8.15 8.57am i re read that about the long scroll, and i think in the past with slow internet connections users hated long scroll, because it took ages for the page to appear due to the slow connection. esp when u click on something to expand it to read, and then return to the page and it starts it slow upload again…  but nowadays we have fast broadband, so that is not a problem.