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google went crazy with doodles over the world cup

13 Jul

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i opened the page and since it always go to the google page i saw today’s google doodle. real complicated one today. a doodle within a doodle which seems to go on and on .

then i saw a symbol on the right side and i click on it and saw the whole lot of google doodles for the world cup came up. 62 doodles just on the world cup alone.

some i have seen , quite a number i have not, even though i open google everyday .

sometimes there were 2 doodles in one day. those guys are sure working overtime to produce such an abundance of doodles .

Now i am using chrome as my browser,  the google search page comes up every time and so i get to see the doodles. in the past, using windows, i seldom go into that page unless i am searching for something. 

Today is the finals match between germany and argentina. (germany won) even me who is not interested in football has got interested in it. not many events get this world wide attention, great for advertisers with adidas sponsoring both teams , they will get a lot of exposure than their rival, nike. (recently the world finds out how nike is pronounced … like nikey.

recently i went into a adidas store in westfield and was amazed at the variety and styles of the clothes there. even i was tempted. haha. i was wearing a adidas football short which i got free. my friend who works in a charity shop said they were throwing it away… i know… i am the kind of guy who  wear clothes that even charity shops throw away, haha. but it was a real nice pair of adidas. it was white though, which is difficult to wash and stay white.

sponsorship money is huge. this says adidas recently signed a 10yr $1.3billion deal with manchester united paying $128million a year . this compare with them paying real madrid $53million a year. no wonder football clothes are so expensive.

all the more surprising that i got 2 adidas football shorts for free, discards from the charity shop. this was 4yrs ago.

Though i have not seen any adidas football shorts for sale in charity shops since.