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15 Mar

london 4.33pm 14C cloudy friday 2019

i tried to copy and paste one of his photos of the beach here, but it did not seem to take.

palolem beach goa (from john’s photos.)

i had a email from john, my friend in poole. he had sent me pics of him in goa, and in sri lanka. he went there for a 5wk holiday in feb this year. he must have just come back. those photos gave me some pleasure, seeing the beach and sunlight and him enjoying himself. even though at first it makes me want to go there, i know it is not the same for me. i would be quite bored after a week. sunlight and the beach sounds lovely, but it can be very monotonous after a bit. if u like chatting to the locals, that will help alleviate the boredom, as any human interaction is good. and i think in india, and also thailand, the locals are willing to interact with tourists, even if most of them just want to sell you things, or services. his photos reminds me this is one way of enjoying life, travelling and so forth. not for me though, as i seem to have gone off travelling. though maybe i should rethink it again. travelling can still bring in new experiences, and in india and thailand, you can eat delicious vegetarian foods. but my health makes me hesitate to travel outside london.

so what is there for me to enjoy. i thought i could enjoy foods, but now i got gout i have looked it up and it seems there are lots of food i cannot eat. i thought i could eat fish, and ate a sardine for lunch today but i found that is forbidden too. from the list below you can see practically everything is forbidden.

only lentils, peas, beans are left and vegetables. interestingly no mention about cheese being forbidden. i have always thought eating cheese is one big reason why you get gout. the list did not include beef, chicken, or pork. but i bet you they are forbidden too. it seems to me it might not be the purines in these foods but your own kidneys being unable to excrete them… that might be the reason why i got gout, my kidneys are not functioning well. if that is the reason, i dont know what is causing the kidneys not to function. 

  • All organ meats: These include liver, kidneys, sweetbreads and brain
  • Game meats: Examples include pheasant, veal and venison
  • Fish: Herring, trout, mackerel, tuna, sardines, anchovies, haddock and more
  • Other seafood: Scallops, crab, shrimp and roe
  • Sugary beverages: Especially fruit juices and sugary sodas
  • Added sugars: Honey, agave nectar and high-fructose corn syrup
  • Yeasts: Nutritional yeast, brewer’s yeast and other yeast supplement link

it seems i got gout

14 Mar

london 7.38pm 11.2C dry thursday 2019

i thought i had a fractured left foot again, when it came up about 3days ago. there was no reason for it, and i read that it might be a stress fracture. today i decided to go tothe A&E in st thomas hospital, to let them check it out, and to ask them if it will affect the prostate biopsy that i will be getting in chelsea westminster hospital on 21march. i thought i will just get an antibiotic from them, and crutches and told to rest the foot… but they took one look at it and said it was gout. it surprised me so much. and later the urate was found to be high in my blood. so it looks like the other time when my right foot got swollen might have been gout instead of a fracture. that time there was also no history of trauma to the foot. 

added. 3.48am saturday 16.3.19. i got prescribed colchicine 500micrograms , 4x a day for 3days.  then he told me he is also going to give prednisolone, but i take it only after a day or two of the colchicine, with the pain getting no improvement. and pain killers paracetamol. i allready made up my mind that i wont be taking the prednisolone or painkillers, and i know i can tolerate the pain. i am glad i dont have to pay for these prescriptions. it cost £8.80 for each medicine. i wonder if i can return them but i know they dont like taking back medicines .

today saturday, (about 2days) it is working. swelling going down and not so painful . colchicine is given to reduce inflammation. he was telling me not to take ibubrufen, whcih used to be given for gout, but i should not take it it seems. even though it is a anti-inflamatory medicine. 

i did not think i eat that much red meat… though they say it includes chicken and pork in the cause of gout. and that i do eat. so it looks like i will need to reduce my intake of those , if not cut them out entirely. and eat lentils and peas instead. oh well, i will change my diet if it will help prevent any more episodes of gout. i wonder if it is old age that is giving me so many medical problems these days. for someone who have no medical problems at all before i retired, it shocks me that i am getting so many now. 

gout ( latest, not gout, it is an infection.)

23 Mar

london 2.26pm thursday 2017 11C cloudy .

i have been diagnosed with gout. i saw the doctor yesterday wednesday 22nd,at about 3.15pm. it all started on tuesday but only got worse overnight so that by wednesday morning i was so bad, simon offered to take me to the surgery by car. it was raining too, so i was rather glad for the lift. we hope to be seen straight away , a forlorn hope, they were all busy, of course,so the receptionist said go home and the doctor will call me. he called me about 1.30pm, and said he can fit me in at 3.15pm the same day.

 what a strange thing to have, in that i always thought people who drink red wine and eat a lot of cheese are the ones to get it. i dont normally eat cheese, and i dont drink. though a few days ago my friend from usa made me a cheese omelet, and he likes cheese so he might have put a lot of cheese in there. but still, you would not expect just one meal of cheese to give u gout.

its a painful condition, affecting my left foot. not the big toe, which is the usual spot, but the ball of the foot. it is only painful when i touch it or put my weight on it. it got so swollen at one point i could not wear my trainer on it, and have to wrap a plastic bag over my foot and  have to hobble to the bus stop to catch the bus which takes me to the doctor’s surgery, which fortunately was just near the bus stop.

the doctor took a look and said it is either infection or gout. and he wrote a prescription for gout, and took a blood sample. he said if the blood test comfirms it is gout, i carry on with the medicine, if not and it turns out to be an infection, then he will give me an antibiotic.

i think it is more likely to be gout. makes u wonder if we can prevent these things. looks like we cannot really, no matter if we abstain from drinking, or eating cheese. so might as well continue to eat and drink. no point depriving yourself of these things if u like them. i dont like them, so it wont be much hardship for me to get rid of cheese and wine from my diet. but if it has effect on me getting gout, i doubt abstaining from it will improve matters. i think we dont really know what causes the build up of uric acid which is the culprit. 

Gout is caused by the buildup of too much uric acid in the body. Uric acid comes from the breakdown of substances called purines. Purines are found in all of your body’s tissues. They are also in many foods, such as liver, dried beans and peas, and anchovies.

no mention of red wine there. or cheeses. but i dont eat those things they mentioned either. so for some reason my kidney is not getting rid of the uric acid. i hope it is not a sign of some kidney malfunction.

so that is why i have not been very active. i am glad for the nhs, i got the medicines, 3 lots of them, free. there was a sign saying each prescription costs £8 something. i dont know if it is for each medicine, or for one form listing all three medicines. but anyway they never ask me to pay for it. thank goodness for that. 

i still need to hobble about the flat and did not feel like making my usual trip to the library. i am glad my flat is a one level flat, and there are no stairs to climb inside it. i wonder if others get gout too, and that it is just old age catching up on us. for someone like me who dont have any medical problems, it really shows me i am getting old.

added. 7.09pm,  i just now read the text message sentby the doctor. it says the blood test shows no urate. so it is not gout. but an infection, and they ask me to go and get the prescription antibiotic. but it is too late to go today. they sent it on 10.11am this morning, wish i had thought of checking my mobile for messages from them. i could have gone to the surgery today and be taking the antibiotics now instead of waiting till next morning. i have noticed the swelling is much bigger now.