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salty macsaltface

17 Feb

london 1.49pm 11.5C sunny friday 2017

some time ago i remember a council asking people to name a gritter. and today i see it has been named as salty macsaltface. haha. i would have liked gritter garbo myself. i guess the garbo name must have a copyright on it. 


gritter garbo

24 Nov

london 2.01pm 11.3C cloudy friday 2016

this article gave me a good laugh. it is a council asking suggestions to name a gritter. and getting hilarious suggestions. gritty macgritface of course, was suggested. 

Oldham Council has launched a competition to name its new gritting machine, and has predictably been inundated with witty and pithy suggestions a la Boaty McBoatface

added. 5.29pm 10.1c cloudy . i was at the library and saw an advert by morrisons they are selling whole gressingham duck 2kg for £5. i was craving duck so i went there and bought two. i am roasting one now, the other i shall stew with chinese herbs. its not often we can get such ducks for that price. they got giblings included too , a long neck, heart, lungs or is it liver?. no gizzard though.pity that because i love gizzards. i included the neck to roast with the duck in the oven. but the others i shall stir fry i think.) and i have so much more of carrots left so i will roast another batch of carrots. it is very easy to eat roast carrots.  it is one of those strange effects that when roasted, veg get so much sweeter. have u notice that too? parsnips, onions, now carrots are so much sweeter when roasted.