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shopping for food part 3

16 Apr

My food shopping for the period 9april – 16april. (2nd week)
This is prompted by Duncan smith the welfare minister saying he can live on £53 a week if he have to. This is to show how I am able to live on £53 a month. i have been doing this for years. 

Ceylon tea 125mg = £1.29
Bread800mgx2 =0.20p
Cocoa powdertesco 250mg =£2.28
peanut butter Tesco 340mg = 0.62p
Brocolli = 0.25
Onions =.50p
Tomatoes (cherry and ordinary) = £1.00
Garlic =0.50p
Carrots = 0.50p
Ginger =0.50p
2.5kg frozen chicken Sainsbury =£4.38

Total £12.02
Last week shopping was £13.33

So amount spent so far £25.35

shopping for food part 2

9 Apr

My life on less than £53 a week.
As you will know I actually live a life on £53 a month. And don’t feel deprived .

So here is how I do it.
So far I have spent £9.73

Below is my shopping list up to date.
Sultanas 500mg = .98p
Oats 1kg = .75p
Coffee 100mg = .47p
Cauliflower =.40p
gala apples = £1
Total £3.60

Total spend to date £13.33 (first week)