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21 Aug

london 6pm 26C sunny  tuesday 2018

went to that pop up store, lush, for the free vegan coffee. the owner was telling me about how it is to raise awareness of disposable cups, and that they will be there till 7sept and asking me to come again. rather interesting these promotion ideas and freebies. are they effective in changing behaviour, i wonder.

a lady who came in after me wanted to buy 2 of their made -to- last cups, and when they asked if she would like coffee in it, said she actually came in just to buy the cups.

they are £4 each. (added 24.8.18. i misheard , twice, once when the assistant told me , and now twice, when a guy who was making a video at the shop today, was talking of the cups. i asked him why he said they cost £4 when the sign says they cost £12 and he said he did say £12. but i heard him say £4. i can only say it must be my hearing. even so these cups made from recycleable paper are expensive though elsewhere are selling at this price too, so it is the norm. but you do wonder why must it be so expensive. it wont encourage people to use them. ) i use mine, which cost me £1 from a charity shop. but i bought it years ago, now i doubt they cost that even in charity shops.

24.8.18 friday. the shop was empty of people today, when i went at about lunch time. strange isn’t it? earlier i was at berwick st, where there were lines of people queuing for the street food there. it was a short distance to that street, yet this free coffee place is empty… maybe people dont like vegan coffee… )

the almond milk does impart a strange taste to the coffee…cow’s milk dont cause such a distinctive alteration of the taste… or maybe it does but i am so used to it that i dont notice. i wonder if soya milk also alters the taste of the coffee. or maybe the almond milk dont disguise the bitterness of the coffee, unlike cow’s milk. and that is all there is, the difference in taste is just how effective they mask the bitter taste of coffee… 

i wonder if this campaign will succeed in persuading everyone to carry around a made to last coffee cup with them everywhere and use it to carry their coffee that they buy in the shops. what do u think? will it catch on? somehow i dont think so. the cup is bulky… and needs to be washed when u get home and dried. 

today my gmail looked different. i was rather taken aback when i opened it and their logo , an M on an envelope came up. i am still not used to it, and the initial response i got to it, is i dislike it… but i guess that is always the usual response with something new and i guess i shall accept it even though i will still like the old look. i only hope that i wont start getting adverts in it, like hotmail when they changed their look.

in fact a survey came up when i was in hotmail, asking me if i would recommend them and when i put a 2, very unlikely, they asked me why and i gave that as the reason. so many scam emails now and some of it with my own address, so i cannot block it. and i compared them to gmail and asked why hotmail cannot be like gmail, with no adverts and no scam. if gmail can filter out all those scam emails, why cant hotmail? of course, they could reply, then stop using our hotmail and go to gmail then, why dont you? haha. so even with all those scam and adverts i continue to use hotmail. habits die hard i guess.


what do british muslims think

14 Apr

london 7.50am 12C sunny with clouds thursday 2016

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

coffee in the morning is something i look forward to. and my coffee is not even brewed and so does not have that lovely aroma .it is only instant coffee and tesco’s basic at that, but it serves it purpose well enough for me anyway. haha. it is all psychological of course. now if they can produce the smell artificially, that would be perfect. because i like the smell of brewed coffee, but not the taste. 

i find this 100mg bottle was opened on 27.3.16 and it is allready close to finishing. so it did not even last me a month. and i like my coffee weak so i use only a teaspoon each time. i would imagine most coffee drinkers will buy the branded instant coffee and use up a lot more , maybe two of these bottles a month. and some of these branded instants can be £3 each. unlike my 50p instant. i used to drink nescafe instant, but they lost their aroma, which was the only reason i bought them. 

i did not use to drink that much coffee in the past, preferring tea, but it looks like i have got myself a habit now. still, it is a small habit and quite psychologically pleasing and enjoyable. so as habits go, it is a harmless one.

i still drink tea, during the rest of the day, as the way i drink it, the chinese way, weak without suger or milk, is a great way to drink water, as tap water , especially when boiled can be not only  be tasteless but does not taste nice. i think insipid is the word to describe it.

what do u think of last nights tv about what muslims think? about the survey of british muslim’s attitudes? i think it is a important survey and throws some light into why muslims as a religious group seem to be so willing to kill others because of their religious beliefs. 100,000 of british muslims sympathise with those who would kill others for their religious beliefs.

i get the impression, from the findings of what they believe in the survey, that islam is a religion which pervades a persons whole life. it is not something that they can take up on fridays only. in that way,it is very different from other religions. it is the only one that says if u are religious and a true believer, u will adhere and put to practise all the koran’s commands and injunctions without exception, nor can u pick and chose which u like . otherwise u are not a true believer.you are not a good muslim.  that practically stops all discussion and debate. if u dont follow the koran, u simply are not a true muslim. and so can be killed with impunity because u are an infidel. that is it. no wonder so many of them have no compunction in killing others who dont agree with them. it is self righteousness taken to its extreme level.

i know many muslims will say that is not how i interpret it, it is a good kind religion, and ask for tolerance of others. but the rest of us hear u, yet the koran do not say the same…no where can u find the koran  says turn the other cheek, love thy neighbour etc like the bible says… in fact it says the opposite.  so a ‘true muslim’, someone who thinks he is because he follows all the tenets of the  koran,  can turn round and say u are not a true muslim. you are not even a muslim because u dont follow all the koran asks of you. i think that is what makes a follower of islam dangerous. it takes only  100,000 followers like that to taint the whole religion and change society completely if u let them. 

i think the british will wake up from this survey to realise that just because in the past, refugees have integrated into the society and dont expect society to change to cater to them, that the islamic refugees will do the same too. but this survey shows it is not so. 

how can my towel be dirty when i only use it when i am clean?

20 Nov

london 8.15am cloudy 9.1C friday 2015 (you would think it is cold, but the reality is it is not. take it from someone living in it, surprising not cold at all).

i wonder why we wash towels that often. by rights the only time u need to wash a bath towel is if someone else wants to use it. i saw this cartoon here posing that question. it was not answered. it makes me think that quite a lot of stuff we do seem to be dictated by habit. it seems to me it is getting it dry that is the important bit. no one likes a wet towel. 

it may be useful one day

14 Jan


I had a bodum tea pot, a clear glass pot which I have been using for brewing my tea. It is very nice, and I learnt something from it… that u don’t need a filter for the tea leaves.

It is perfectly possible to let some tea get onto the cup as you can see it at the bottom of the cup. This can only work if u drink your tea black, no milk in other words as the milk make the tea opaque.

So that made me realise u don’t need a filter for tea leaves.

Then recently I broke that tea pot. I was rolling out pastry and accidentally shoved the pot off the table and crashed on to the floor.

And now I am using a old tea pot that I like and have its spout broken but kept all this time. I like it that was why I did not throw it away. Usually when the spout got broken u throw away the pot as it is not good anymore . You would think the tea will dribble all over the place when u pour tea out.

But since I broke my bodum, I was forced to use it and to my surprise I found it poured tea very well, even with that broken spout.

Hmm, so now I get to use a tea pot whose pattern I really like and back to square one as it were.

It was like my bodum stage had never happened.

The reason why I am writing all this down, such mundane goings on, u will think, is because I have been reading blogs saying declutter and throw away things that are broken, and u are not going to use anymore.

Well, if I had thrown this old tea pot away I wont be able to reuse it now. So I am beginning to think not all broken things should be thrown away. That chestnut excuse that it might come in useful some day, can be true. Haha.

Anyway it certainly came true for this old tea pot.

And I discovered another joy, it pours tea effortlessly, whereas the bodum one has a lid with a slot from which the tea flows out and that slot restricts the flow.

The set has lovely tea cups, with patterns both inside and out. But I don’t drink tea from a cup anymore. Though now I am using it I might.
The thing with tea cups is that u only need to pour out that amount of tea and drink it hot.

If u use a mug, as I have been doing, I realise I don’t drink it all and what remains go cold. So there is something to be said about using tea cups, and these are real pretty. So maybe this is another one of those things that I kept and can be useful one day, and their time has come. i notice my habits change when circumstances happen that force me to change and then i find i like the new situation. which is why i dont mind things changing. it can lead to better things. or different things that might not be better but just as good.