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men dominates in hairdressing and fashion

30 Nov

london 7.06am 0.5C (ooh, it has been gradually going down from 1.1C since i woke up at about 6am. we might get to 0C ) wednesday 2016

i had been talking about my friend, the hairdresser, who had gone old but still going strong as a hairdresser to his female clients who have stuck to him for all these years. and i read this article in the dailymail just now about how woman love their hairdressers and stayed with them for 20-30yrs. of course u wont get all women to like men hairdressers, and there was one eg given, bel mooney, but majority of them seem to prefer men hairdressers.

such loyalty seems to be peculiarly exclusively female… don’t you think? i cannot imagine a man being so loyal to his barber . if we stay with that barber it is because he knows what we want and so we dont have to say it everytime we go to a haircut with him. maybe because men style is very straightforward and any barber should be able to replicate that whilst it seems women are more particular about how they want their hair done, so they stick to that someone who can do it the way they want. and women also likes to change styles, and they would like someone they trust who knows their mind to do that.

with us men, we expect any barber to know his job, and to cut our hair. most men’s styles are basic, anyway… at least when i look at the illustrations in the window of a barber shop, there seem to be only about what? 5 distinct styles? illustrated , if that. maybe even less. mine is always short (zero cut)back and sides.  and i think that is another thing about us men, i think we stick to one style and stay with it forever. unless our thinning hair forces us to change. haha. 

and the women did say they would not trust their hair to a female hairdresser.

it is strange now i come to think of it, that men seem to have dominated such a field as this. it’s a bit like designer fashion in clothes, men seem to dominate there too dressing women.

 added. 7.54am 0.7C. (it went down to 0.3C but has gone up now, and the sun is out so i guess we wont be seeing anything like minus 0C ).

saw another article by the daily mail about families bingeing on credit and getting into  debt. average debt per household is £7,300.

i am puzzled why they are getting agitated about that. granted,if u are that  individual who is in debt it is not a good thing for you, (but it is your choice to get into debt. no one is putting a gun to your head to spend spend spend, right?) but collectively the nation benefits from all this spending. the economy runs on this willingness by people in uk to borrow and spend.

so why is it a bad thing? i dont think it is a bad thing at all. i myself am thrifty but i know i am not the kind of person that makes a country prosperous… no, i would not like to have too many of me in the country. haha.

and we can see it in japan, where there are lots of people there who are like me, and that country is stagnating. in a way it is good, inflation is close to zero, and prices are stable and low. and there are no new businesses and so old businesses continue and hang around for years. and with the same old prices too.  quite comforting to an old person really because everything stays the same year in year out…and nothing changes in the village. but for the young it is a death knell. no jobs to be had at all. 

added 9.02am 4.1C sunny blue sky. saw this article in the guardian 

For instance, the tagging of cows for automatic milking machines, so that the cows can choose when to milk themselves. Cows went from being milked twice a day to being milked three to six times a day, which is great for the farm’s productivity and results in happier cows, but it’s also faintly disquieting that the technology makes clear to us the desires of cows – making them visible in ways they weren’t before.

very interesting. the cows were fed as well as being milked. so i wonder if that may be a big factor in getting them to go to the milking shed. it might be urge to relieve the full udder is not that compelling to the cow as wanting to get food. haha. there is a similarity to all those humans going to shops to buy things with their cards. the pleasure of acquiring things, might be equated with the pleasure of food in the cows.