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more ‘free’ish hamburger

12 Oct

london 11.55am 17C ed diner victoria place thursday 2017

happened to be around and online here, and saw my voucher for a free burger at ed diner, and it expires 27oct so i thought well i might as well go for it. and found out that i can order any burger, so i ordered their double burger called big ed burger. 2x 6oz patties costing £10. well, i have to buy a drink and their cheapest was plain coffee at £3. so i might as well get the most expensive burger they got.

Digital StillCamera

its well done, rather than medium rare. its very filling of course so not something i would do on a regular basis.

free hamburger

9 Nov

london 11.24am 6.9C sunny wednesday 2016

yesterday i had the most filling hamburger ever, from byron restaurant in covent gdn, and it was free too. they were doing a promotion so were giving away 100 free burgers plus beer. and then for the rest of the 1000 customers free snacks and beer.

i got there at 5.20pm, it starts at 6pm, and managed to get within the first hundred and got chatting to the guy who joined the queue just after me. actually i thought all 1000 will get the free hamburger, but he told me it clearly states otherwise. funny i did not read that when i first read the email they sent me.

 his wife joined us later. she works nearby, whilst he is a student , doing his master of science, in a college near by. he cycles to his college he says. they live in tulse hill. they rent a studio for £800 a month.

we shared a table, and it was really free. no gimmicks. amazing. we all ordered the double burger, two 6oz of hamburger in the bun. that is 340mg of meat. it was so filling, even i found it difficult to finish. his wife could only finish half. he wolfed his down so fast i was amazed, but he could only manage one spoonful of his wife’s.

they are mormons, and so asked to change the free beer for milk shakes, which the restaurant allowed them telling them to keep it secret. haha. and he ordered a side dish of fries as well. i dont know how they managed to finish the fries. i was so full i could not eat another thing.

afterwards i was so full i could hardly walk to the bus stop to take the bus. and i was thinking the poor guy have to cycle back, whilst his wife have to take the tube to elephant and castle and then the overground train to tulse hill. not for the first time i am so glad i live so near. i can say this is easily the best hamburger free meal i ever had. normally that beefburger will cost £12.95. i think u can share that with another and still feel well fed and have room for dessert or a milkshake. 


i got this picture from their website. i tried to take a photo with my camera but it did not work. so this is the one we ate. ours have  a huge circle of fried onion ring on top.

byron hamburger

6 Oct

london 2.51pm sunny 19.5C tuesday 2015

i have just been to the charing cross branch and eaten their hamburger. i chosed the double cheeseburger, and boy is that the truth. there were two 6oz hamburgers in there between two round buns, and it was so high, i could not get my hands round it to eat it like a mouthful. i have to cut it up in pieces with the cutlery they provide. all i have to pay is 25p, and this one cost £12.50. so quite worthwhile to order. it was so good, i could not help telling the chap sitting on the next table to me to order it. i was craving hamburger and this one filled that crave completely.

i went there earlier, at about 12.30pm, but the line was a bit long, and since i am not a office worker with a limited time for lunch, i decided i shall avoid the crowd and go into the charing cross library nearby.

by the time i finished there and went back, there was hardly any queue and it was only near to 2pm, when the office workers rush is over.

the food came very quick too. all in all a very pleasant experience. and very nice of them to do this.