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you can get too much of a good thing

25 Aug

london 9.55pm 21.7C thursday 2016

this morning the temperature looks innocent enough, but yesterday it hit a high of 32.4C in my area of london. for half an hour it was over 32C, between 4.48pm and 5.15pm. definitely it is the hottest day of the year so far. i slept through it haha. my bedroom is cool.

it was plenty hot,at one stage,after my nap, i walked into my lounge and a wave of hot air met me; i thought i had the heater on, even though i have no heaters in the flat. they are all stored away and never been used for ages.  it was that hot. haha.

it looks like it will be just as hot, though a bit less so today. but it all goes back to normal tomorrow. hooray.

the sun is one of those things that that old saying about too much of a good thing applies. just because a little of it is good, a lot does not mean it is better.

in fact, i find that is so of life. practically everything u can think of that is good, a lot of it does not mean it is better.

 added. 10.56am 26.1C  i got an email saying it is hamburger day today and to celebrate prime burger is giving a voucher for 20% off . i have been to them at the euston branch when they were giving away free burgers and i like their 2 patty hamburger. costing £10.90. so for today that will cost £8.10. tempting. it is two huge beef patties in that one bun. 

i like that they can cook it with a raw centre if u ask them. done like this, the hamburger is more tender and not so hard.

but this article says it is dangerous to do so, and warning households who are barbecueing hamburgers not to do it. (it’s a telegraph website and if u have used up all your quota of free articles u might not be able to read it. though i find if u clear your cache, u can )

it seems it is ok to do it with steak because the germs are on the outside and can get killed on cooking, so the raw insides are ok to eat. so it is ok to eat rare steaks. but with minced meat, the germs are mixed up inside the hamburger . so how come these posh hamburger joints can offer it? do they buy really sterile steaks to convert to mince and is there such a thing as sterile steaks?

so maybe i might reconsider asking them to cook it rare for  hamburger now. maybe another reason not to go eat these expensive hamburgers. stick with macdonalds or burgerking then haha at only £2 each with a voucher. and u get fries thrown in too. though everytime i am tempted to use that voucher i know i can buy 500mg fresh mince beef for that same money and make my own for that money and get 4- 6 hamburgers out of it and cooked the way i like too.

when i cook my home made hamburgers i like it cooked right through. but then i like searing the outer bits at high heat, to get that charred taste, and  that cooks the insides well. but when i do it i like the insides done well, because when i do it, the hamburger is not hard. 

all that charred meat…  just as well i dont eat them that often. maybe once a year if that. this is because there are so many many other easier ways to cook minced beef…

when i buy hamburgers from the fast food joints, they dont sear their outsides… maybe because of health reasons. we have been warned enough of charred meats and cancer… and so the insides can be raw, it makes it more tender to eat. i noticed if they cook it right through the meat becomes quite hard.


hamburgers with pink in the middle

4 Dec

london 3.40pm friday

i have enjoyed eating hamburgers where the meat is pink in the inside. but now i see a council in portsmouth winning a court case against a burger place for serving a pink in the middle burger.

it seems the council wants them to specify how the burger meat is produced so that the meat is not contaminated.

a rare steak is allowed because only the outside is contaminated and the germs are killed on cooking, so it is ok to serve a steak rare.

it just means more cost to get someone to work out the paper work. it is no wonder eating out is so expensive because of all these petty bureaucracy… though i suppose u could say it will stop fly by nighters serving unhygienic food to unsuspecting customers.

but dont complain when the food prices are jacked up, and it costs so much to eat out.  it just means anyone willing to go into this food business must allow for the extra costs in complying to all the food rules and laws that abound and all that cost means the customer have to foot the bill. now u know why it costs so much to eat out.

the owners sound like they are polish, so maybe there is some kind of politics in there somewhere. the local shops may be complaining as they provide competition.

once u taste beef that is medium rare, it is difficult to go back to eating well cooked beef.