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a lot of baking programs nowadays

6 Aug

london 3.14pm thursday 2015, sunny 23.9C

yesterday was the start of another baking program on tv. i would not have known of it, myself as i dont bother to watch them, but the newspapers were talking of it, and that the betting shop has stopped taking bets on the winner because there was a huge amount being betted on and they suspect the winner has been leaked.

personally, i think cakes are bad for you. and i would not teach kids to bake as their first cooking lesson. it is easy to do, because teaching them baking is quite easy for them to master… but people should resist the easy way out and teach the kids to cook main meals, rather than desserts. i mean to say teach them to use appliances… a microwave, or  an oven, ( a halogen oven is the best way, so easy and easy to clean too) for eg, as it is really the easiest way to cook. for eg, roasting chicken, take a pack of frozen chicken pieces, thaw it out , then just season the pieces of chicken with salt, (add pepper , spices if u have them) and that is it, put in oven at 200C for about 1hr. if they want, put some potatoes , carrots , parsnips, in the bottom tray to roast.

teaching kids to stir fry would be another method i would urge people to teach kids. it is a bit more difficult to master but with that skill they can make a meal anytime anywhere. but my basic premise is dont teach them to bake. just as i would tell people dont give small kids sweet things or add suger to their food. that way they grow up in their early years never getting to like sweet things. and when they grow older and start being bombarded with sweet adverts, they might just not like sweets. i say this because that is what happened to me. as a kid , we never were given sweets, nor anything sweet… too poor. so i never got a sweet tooth. and that is a blessing now i look back on it. even when i started being bombarded with desserts,

when i came to uk, i was seduced at the beginning by desserts, but later as i realised suger  is not a good thing, i can very easily cut out these desserts from my life and never feel the lack of them. now i dont have desserts, (or starters, another waste of money) and dont eat sweets .

saves me a lot of problems in my old age now…avoiding  tooth decay and lots of dental fillings or extractions, being the best one. not to mention not being overweight. i can wear clothes that fit me now when i was younger. 

no flies yet

11 Jul

london 7.22pm 2015 saturday.

its really very nice weather we are getting in london now, and what surprised me is that there are no flies about, at least where i live in central london.

i wonder why? usually when it is this good , the flies start hatching from  their eggs which have been lying dormant all through winter…and u get a lot of them coming into the flat. but i look around me in my flat and there is no flies at all. not a single one. i daresay having said that i will be proved wrong tomorrow when my place will be invaded with them. haha. but for now i shall enjoy not having them around.

the absence of something is not noticeable, and people tend not to appreciate their absence. for eg i am really very glad that we dont have midges in london. there are tons of them in scotland, poor them. but we in london dont know how fortunate we are that we dont have them.

this also applies to good health, when we are healthy we dont think of it, and never pause to consider it and reallly appreciate it. it is only when we get ill, and than we appreciate its absence. then we look back on those days when we are well and realise how much we like those days and wished we were more appreciative of it. and then we get well, and promptly forget all about appreciating our good health. we start taking it for granted. haha. 

think again if u want to be an expat; uk is still better than any other country. (just my opinion)

3 Jul

london 9.46pm friday 2015.

people here dont know they have it real cushy. they want to go off elsewhere to live, thinking it is a better life elsewhere and all they can see is to live in a place where the sun is out all year round in their new country, and think that is all they want. 

i got an email from john, who lives in poole, in reply to my query about a mutual friend who had moved to torrevieja to live. john tells me he has major surgery and need more to come, and also that he could not sell his house there, when he wanted to live in a condominium, having discovered it costs a lot to maintain a private swimming pool. that was 5yrs ago. i thought he had sold that house when he moved into a flat in a urbanisation… but it seems he could not and rent it instead and now the tenant for the house has left.

it reminded me that health is the biggest unknown factor to anyone thinking of being an expat. it is inevitable that health problems will surface as you go older. say what u like about the nhs, but at least u can get medical care if u live here.

he lives in spain, and we hear so much of how much better their health service is than the nhs. but if u cannot speak the lingo, much good it will do you. and if the uk votes to leave the EU? what then? i doubt u will get to use their health service free. not being able to speak the lingo is the biggest disadvantage to living abroad. even if u can get by it will still be a lack, as very few expats ever get to be  fluent in it. i think if u are fluent in it, i doubt we can call you an expat anymore. i would venture to say that fluency in the language, or lack of it, will be what defines you as an expat. 

added 10.14am, i got an email from john saying that house of keith’s is another house he got, not the one with the swimming pool, which he did sell. and john says there is no problem with language with the doctors, and it seems keith is getting very good medical care. those major operations he got may not be available if he had been in the nhs here … so maybe i am wrong, it is good to be there…so maybe it is good to be an expat there and leave the uk.  in the end, it really is up to the individual. u can only give your opinion which will be biased to yourself and not to the other person. it might turn out to be a good move, to live in spain, or it might turn out to be a disaster… i guess each person will have to find out for themselves.

i have changed my mind about advising people not to be an expat. all i mean is that i dont like to be an expat outside the uk. haha. in a way, i am an expat from malaysia, so who am i to say no to others who want to be expats elsewhere. 

The marigold miracle that saved my sight | Daily Mail Online

20 Apr

The marigold miracle that saved my sight | Daily Mail Online.

this article is quite old, dec 2009, but i googled it when i read a daily telegraph article today about it.  the daily telegraph limits u to 20 articles a month, and u could have exceeded it allready and so u wont be able to rea it online. macushields contain extract of marigolds, the flower, for treating age related macular degeneration. it sounds good. £150 a year for the pills, taken once a day. i have a neighbour who suffers from it. i wonder if it will help her. it is not available on the nhs. would boiling marigolds and drinking the broth get the same result? i wonder! or making marigold tea out of them get the same result? people make tea out of anything these days, so it is not beyond the bounds of reason to make marigold tea.

Most cancers are caused by bad luck not genes or lifestyle, say scientists – Telegraph

2 Jan

Most cancers are caused by bad luck not genes or lifestyle, say scientists – Telegraph.

interesting finding about cancer. seems it is part of nature, the more times a cell divides, the more the chance of errors in duplication and getting cancerous changes. 1/3 due to lifestyles and environment , 2/3 of cancers are random. but u can see how it is random because even getting cancerous cells does not mean u will die of it, because the body has other defense mechanisms that can detect these cells and destroy them . it is the coming together of failures in all these safeguards and defenses that will allow cancer to develop and even then it might be so slow that u die of other things. makes u see how random it all is, doesn’t it?

seems to me just natures way of killing us. a doctor said cancer is the best way to die, so maybe it is how nature kills off people, as we dont have many natural enemies. viruses and bacteria are our most serious enemies, that can kill us , but even then our own natural immunity plus our clever brains that invents medicines and vaccines have made them less killers than in the past. so there is only cancer left.  i bet aging is a factor, as we grow older our cells dont divide so good anymore and more errors comes in. that is why if u live long enough and escape heart and lung diseases or fatal accidents, u will get cancer even if u follow the lifestyle book and live a blameless life.

london 2015 friday

different jobs payments

11 Apr


I have been chatting to my friends from the usa, and he was saying that businesses have to contribute for your health insurance if they hire anyone who works over 30hrs a week.

so that is why many jobs in usa are parttime, to get round this requirement that lays costs on businesses who hire anyone working more than those hours.

And because working less than 30hrs means people earn less, many have to work more than one job. that explains why so many americans work in more than one job. and why so many dont have health insurance. 

but this is interesting,did u know that  when they get to 65yrs old they get free medicare. not many know that. my friend is 65yrs and he told me he was so relieved when he turned 65yrs without  getting a serious illness before than, or he would be made bankrupt.

but now he is over 65yrs old, medicare means he is safe from being bankrupt if he gets ill.

now i know why there was that theroux program i saw recently about people being kept alive and going through great lengths to prolong their lives even though they are in coma or in long term no hope illness. And there were whole hospitals and doctors there to help them keep alive even though their prognosis is hopeless.

at that time,when i was seeing the program;  i was thinking how come these people can afford that … now i know. medicare pays for it. that medicare bill must be enormous and it will fall on the taxpayer.

isn’t it a paradox! when u are below 65yrs old, u want to die quick if u get a serious illness, after 65yrs old u want to prolong your life even though the chances of getting well is hopeless and the doctors will want to keep u alive for as long as possible. this is in america the great big land of freedom and democracy. i am glad i live in the uk, with our national health. 

we were looking at a tv program on london live, a new tv channel, and they were showing a bunch of workers in the ritz cinema in brixton demonstrating for a living wage. the minimum wage in uk is £6.80, the workers were paid £7.70 and want £8.50 an hour. the ritzy is a small cinema in brixton, which is not really a rich area.

and not like one of the big guns cinema chains in leicester square charging £12 for a film. so it makes me wonder how the workers can justify asking for such high wages. they are actually paid more than the basic wage and they still want more. it makes me realise why businesses dont like to give workers more than the minimum wage if they can help it because it seems u start giving them more, the workers start getting ideas and want still more. 

now i ask myself do the workers in the vue, or anyof those cinema chains in leicester square make more than the basic wage or not. and if so do they want to strike for a living wage?

or do they get overtime and that bungs up their salary and so no need to fight for living wage.

perhaps  they are all  hired full time, seeing that in uk no businesses deliberately hiring parttimers only; because businesses dont have to contribute to  the  national insurance of their workers. it is related to pensions though, businesses will have to contribute an extra % to their full time workers’ pension pots. some businesses may only want to hire on a short term contract, so that they dont have to contribute to the pensions. you can see how govt rules can influence how businesses hire people. or they might want to hire self employed workers. that way they are not responsible for the pensions of those workers. sigh, there are all these bits and bobs that influence who and why and how workers are hired. 

daily exercise

14 Jan


Since taking up swimming, i have noticed that i want some daily exercise that i can do without too much setting aside time for it.

These set of exercise in the link below looks like what i want. they can be done easily everyday without interrupting my routine, and can be done anywhere, anytime.


I shall add sit ups and chest press, and back stretches. i like that there is a breathing exercise included.

I think deep breathing is essential. we all think we know about breathing as we do it evryday so what is there to know right? but few of us breathe deeply.

I think the underlying goodness of exercise is because it makes us, forces us , to breathe deeply and the whole thing is to enable the tissues to get oxygen, by increasng heart rate, increase circulation of blood to brain and body, increase use of oxygen by the tissues etc. The secret of good health is to allow all the tissues to get their oxygen. 



some happenings in my life

4 Jan


Not for the first time am i glad for the national health here in uk. we can get treatment without any costs and very good treatment too. I have read some blogs about how the blogger finances were ruined by their illness in america, and am always very glad that i live in uk. 

simon tells me he had bought a hi definition tv screen 40inch . he did not tell me how much it costs him. well, he obviously wants to see football and whatnot linked to the tv screen, because our wifi router is not strong enough signal for him to get uninterrupted viewing in the kitchen. the new router is strong enough, but i could not get online with it, and have to revert to my old netgear router. I think it is a waste of money getting this new tv screen, but i suppose he wants it. i will see if he will let me pay half of it. just to relieve him of some of the cost. he said it wont be necessary.

added. the tv is set up now and i have to admit it is really very nice. it is really big, so it is v nice to see films on it. and what is more, some films take up the whole screen rather than have black borders top and bottom of the screen. it seems he was eyeing this, he went to lakeside shopping mall, and told me the curry’s (the shop) was crowded with people carrying these big screens and queueing to pay. he had seen this screen being reduced to £280 from over £500 and finally bought the last one. it seems this is old stock.

so even we have succumbed to the temptation to buy the high definition flat screen. Prices have dropped a lot and i guess everyone who wants one would have bought and so they have to entice people like us, who have resisted, by slashing their prices. I asked what the new stock has that this old stock dont, but simon did not know. 

added. 2C thursday. just to bring the info up to date. i have to admit i like this new tv screen now.  he found out that this screen is not a smart tv, and they offered to refund him the money or reduce the cost. he decided to opt for the reduced cost, and they cost it as £150, instead of the original £280. and gave him the difference. and he wanted to buy the box that will give us the wifi connection and make the tv a smart tv, but i didnot realise that and in hindsight it was wrong of me when i told him i dont want it. haha. so for a year, we never did get any high definition, or anything, until a year later when my phone provider sold me a package that includes a free youtube box, and so we got all those High definition programs and play back and iplayer functions. now we cannot do without it. 

Added. 7.1.14 saw an article in the quartz, about a poll in america which found 58% still owns a VCR. that reminded me i too have a vcr, in fact more than one, because i had been collecting them in case my one went kaput. but it has been sometime now, since the change of tv into digital  broadcast that i have used the vcr,since it did not work anymore. but like all those people who still kept their vcr, i was reluctant to throw it away. even vcr tapes are no more. at one stage i have been finding and retrieving old tapes to store up ; but technology has now made it all obsolete. 

my friend’s overweight

28 Aug

My friend is visiting me. He came on Sunday 25.8.13. And is leaving today. He is the one who bought the £9 one way fare by national express. 
I did not realise he has obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd). I think he may have told me but I forgot. But yesterday he said there was a surprise for me in my fridge and when I went to open it , I did not notice anything different until he pointed out to me that he cleaned it and arranged all the objects neatly in line.

Well, I am glad he did it, because he said the fridge smelled, and the fan filter at the back was so blocked up that ice was forming behind it and when it melted it caused streaking all down the back of the fridge.

added 28.8.13 well that was what he told me, and i take his word for it. but today i smelt the inside of the fridge and smelt cheese. and i wonder if that was what he smelt and it was not the fridge . simon has cheese lying around in the fridge. i would put them inside a plastic container but am reluctant to do it now, as he might not see the cheese if i put it in a container, and then it will lie there forever. 

The fridge could do with a clean. So I thought maybe that OCD may have its uses haha . People with it make good cleaners. just joking, though people who suffer it may not see the joke.

it might be good if they can see the joke. it is easy to get into this obsessive state. if u let your mind run away with you. u have to rein in the mind and tell it to be sensible and stop it. i remember once i started stepping on every line in the pavement,(or was it not stepping on every line, i forgot)  until i realise it is getting obsessive. and there was some bit of superstition involved too… so i told off my mind and deliberately did not step on the line. so there. 

In this occasion, there was a cross over of communication. He told me there was an old carton of milk and I saw a carton of milk there and thought why didn’t he throw it away, and I took it and poured it down the sink. I was expecting rancid curdled milk to come out but It did not look rancid. All the time he was saying the sour milk can be used to make scones.

It is only now, 1pm the next day that I realised I had thrown away his milk that he bought … oh dear how awful, he should have stopped me straight away and told me he had thrown away the old milk and this is not it.

So what I mean to say is don’t assume the other person is spiteful when he does something bad to you. I can see how it would look , my actions. That is why I always put up excuses when I hear others talk of another person’s unreasonable behaviour. I always think there might have been some break down in communication and that there was a misunderstanding.

I think my friend is forgiving… he is very easy going that way. But he had been suffering pain lately. Firstly he had found out he has very high blood pressure , it fluctuates between 140 to 200. It is strange for such wide ranges of readings, but he said he gets so anxious when the reading is taken , that is why. 
And he is overweight. 100kg. He is so fat that he said he split his shorts when he fell, (at about 5am on snow in Bournemouth!! What is snow doing in august???)when he was going to catch the bus to london and had to go back to get another, as he did not pack another in his luggage. to find that he only had a pair of old trousers at his place that fits him. And that made him miss the bus, luckily national express allowed him to catch the next one.

Yesterday he said he got swollen glands under his jaw, and then migraine developed on his left temple. And he said he got the runs, which he thinks is his irritable bowel syndrome acting up.

Such a lot of things happening to him. He is only 54yrs old.

A friend of his came to visit him, bringing along some old clothes of his, ones that he could not wear anymore. He was at fat as my friend, but now when I see him, he is very slim. He said he exercised and ate fruits only. 
I have heard of this diet, and followed a blog of a guy who did it and was very successful at losing weight. He lives in the usa, and travels all over the usa and used the car battery to liquidise his vegetables and lived on that. He also exercises.

So he had 2 suits, that he is giving to my friend. The jackets fit well, but the trousers did not fit. Too small. Just goes to show how fat my friend is.

One of the trousers he says has been attacked by moths and have small holes in them. I thought that means they must be thrown away, but he said they can be repaired; it will cost £100, but he said the suit costs £1000 when new. I think if it fits my friend it might be worth it to repair the trousers, but the trousers did not fit. So that saves my friend spending the money.

Anyway, I think my friend should just haunt the charity shops to see if they have trousers his size, maybe track trousers because they are elastic. Or better still lose weight. 
I think I have noticed that if u have one thing , that one thing can cause hell of a lot of problems. 
His is the weight. 
It is like having a car, that one thing you possess, you get along with it all kinds of problems. 
Get rid of the car, and in his case, his over weight and u get rid of a lot of problems. At a stroke.

I got rid of my car, just like that. 
To me it should be just as easy to get rid of the weight… but that is not the case for a lot of people.

I doubt I shall make a good weight loss trainer. I have the discipline but I don’t know how to motivate another to get that discipline. 
Short of being a dictator and hold my friend as a captive and force him to undergo the kind of exercise and diet routine that I would enforce on myself if I were that fat, I don’t quite see how he can get thinner.

I was reading  ivan’sblog who says he used to be thinner when he was younger, but eating unhealthily, but now he is heavier, even though he is eating healthy. 
Makes me realise that just eating healthy is not enough to compensate for the slower metabolism as you grow older. You have to eat less too; and do endurance exercises. 

added 29.8.13 what a coincidence, here is a blog showing patterns that will make an OCD person climb up the wall. 

spaghetti has suger in it.

21 Jul


I was reading this blog where he talked about suger and in his list, he mentioned spaghetti as having suger. i was very surprised and could not believe it… why would anyone put suger in spaghetti. so i had a look at my value spaghetti and sure enough, the guideline table in front of the pack  says 1.9g . then i read at the back every 100g contains 2.5g suger.

Going back to that signposting i saw it was for 75g . so not only do they put suger in it, but they deliberately put a lower figure by using a lower standard of measure. clever. 

I am not that fanatical about wanting to remove suger in the common everyday foods we eat. everything in moderation is my motto. so no harm in suger in foods as long as u dont eat a lot of one kind of foods. 

Basically dont add suger to your drink or food and you should be ok. 

but it is still rather a revelation to know that even spaghetti has suger in it. i think take as a rule of thumb , any processed foodstuff will have suger , salt, fat in it. i mean even spaghetti has 1.5g of fat.

though it is not really anything to worry about, esp when people add parmesan cheese to their spaghetti and that is like 1000% more fat there. it is why i dont add cheese to my spaghetti bolognaise haha. or why i dont eat pizza either.