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more thoughts of the day

14 Sep

london 5.38pm rainy 14.8C monday 2015

i noticed it is so easy to read of news happening all over the world and also in our own city. all these bad news come into our laptops piling up one way or another …  it makes u think a lot of nasty things are happening all the time, and seeing videos of people doing nasty things to each other must make u think it is dangerous and horrible world out there.

but i look at my life and see it is quite ordinary and safe and nothing happens to me. so how come so much bad things are happening to others? and then i come to realise it is not really happening to the majority of us. most of us lead very ordinary unhappening lives, it is just that the news coming at us all the time makes us think the whole world is full of danger and everyone is going to get robbed, or killed, or whatever.

it might be a good time to pause and get things in perspective.

planes will crash, people will drown, lots of others will get killed, but as far as your own life is concerned, it wont happen to you.

i am seeing a film on tv now, showing people with swords killing each other, it is a old fashioned swashbuckling film called saraband, a ealing studios film made in the 50’s, but so much violence and even though we all know it is make believe but it does give the impression violence is commonplace and is everywhere.

it is about sophie dorothea, wife of king george I and mother of george II. 

it has got really nice well made costumes though… which looked so clean and unwrinkled.

but i guess it is easy to get caught up, so that after being bombarded with all these depiction of violence it is easy to  think violence is everywhere and feel unsafe. but remember it is all make believe and  dont you believe it.

most of our lives are really very ordinary and non violent and hence safe. if anything, it is bad health that is more common with us all, rather than being killed or knifed or shot.

bad health is what we should all be afraid of. but no one is. we just dont notice it, until we get struck down with bad health. and if we are lucky to get well again , we soon forget that bad health and carry on doing all those unhealthy habits. 

A call for a 50:50 quota for male and female medical students in Pakistan | Justice for Men & Boys

28 Aug

Source: A call for a 50:50 quota for male and female medical students in Pakistan | Justice for Men & Boys

this is an increasingly common problem , not only in pakistan. it is also happening in uk. people might say pakistan has socially unique situations, being a muslim country and family comes first , but in uk, the female doctors are also leaving the profession to get married or wishing to do parttime.

it is not a problem due to culture but a problem innate in the women. they just dont like to work all their lives ( actually who would, haha. i think i would also give up work if i can find a husband who can earn enough for both of us; it is quite a logical wish, who wants to work all their lives when the husband can earn enough. and most of them do marry well, being doctors gives a huge boost to a woman’s marriage prospect.

if they can get married and have kids they prefer to stop work or do parttime.

it seems to me, women have the option to stop work and so no need to work for life;

unlike men, who are more career oriented because they have to be, no rich woman to pay for them.

here in uk there is not that muslim culture where women are expected to give up work to look after husband and children. (and from what i hear and read, the women in pakistan themselves dont mind and prefer it, rather than continue working. ) and yet it happens the same way in uk.

in uk none of that applies, but yet we are getting shortages of doctors because of women volunteering to leave the profession once they got married and have children.

for the university to ask that there is a 50;50 intake of medical students shows how desperate they feel the situation has become. so much money spent on the women doctors and they dont stick to it for life.

seems a lot of wasted money. not to mention the severe shortage of doctors even after all that money spent training them.

the uk laments that there is so many immigrants and foreigners (8million it seems) come to work here. but without them the country would not be able to function. in fact, one can argue that the uk is stealing all the trained people from other countries that need them , developing countries that can ill afford to have their trained people leaving the country to work abroad.

Big Win For E-Cigarettes: Nicotine No Worse Than Coffee | The Daily Caller

16 Aug

Big Win For E-Cigarettes: Nicotine No Worse Than Coffee | The Daily Caller.

this is good news. it is strange that the english newspapers have not shout this out, none of them publish this finding. this article i found is in a foreign news site. i have never heard of the daily caller. i got it via google news.

i think this finding sounds logical too, the cancerous effect of smoking, the emphysema ,etc,  is due to the other ingredients , the tar and all that, nicotine is like caffeine, in itself not dangerous; so the e-cigarettes must be the answer to cigarettes.

for me who dont smoke, it makes for a pleasant atmosphere, no smell that is why. so none of it on the hair, or clothes or furnishing. i think they should allow e cigarette smoking everywhere from now on. all the reasons for banning it is gone now.

simon is taking to it, so it is working for smokers,it is a good substitute for tobacco smoking when even a smoker is using it in lieu of their usual tobacco.


a lot of baking programs nowadays

6 Aug

london 3.14pm thursday 2015, sunny 23.9C

yesterday was the start of another baking program on tv. i would not have known of it, myself as i dont bother to watch them, but the newspapers were talking of it, and that the betting shop has stopped taking bets on the winner because there was a huge amount being betted on and they suspect the winner has been leaked.

personally, i think cakes are bad for you. and i would not teach kids to bake as their first cooking lesson. it is easy to do, because teaching them baking is quite easy for them to master… but people should resist the easy way out and teach the kids to cook main meals, rather than desserts. i mean to say teach them to use appliances… a microwave, or  an oven, ( a halogen oven is the best way, so easy and easy to clean too) for eg, as it is really the easiest way to cook. for eg, roasting chicken, take a pack of frozen chicken pieces, thaw it out , then just season the pieces of chicken with salt, (add pepper , spices if u have them) and that is it, put in oven at 200C for about 1hr. if they want, put some potatoes , carrots , parsnips, in the bottom tray to roast.

teaching kids to stir fry would be another method i would urge people to teach kids. it is a bit more difficult to master but with that skill they can make a meal anytime anywhere. but my basic premise is dont teach them to bake. just as i would tell people dont give small kids sweet things or add suger to their food. that way they grow up in their early years never getting to like sweet things. and when they grow older and start being bombarded with sweet adverts, they might just not like sweets. i say this because that is what happened to me. as a kid , we never were given sweets, nor anything sweet… too poor. so i never got a sweet tooth. and that is a blessing now i look back on it. even when i started being bombarded with desserts,

when i came to uk, i was seduced at the beginning by desserts, but later as i realised suger  is not a good thing, i can very easily cut out these desserts from my life and never feel the lack of them. now i dont have desserts, (or starters, another waste of money) and dont eat sweets .

saves me a lot of problems in my old age now…avoiding  tooth decay and lots of dental fillings or extractions, being the best one. not to mention not being overweight. i can wear clothes that fit me now when i was younger. 

no flies yet

11 Jul

london 7.22pm 2015 saturday.

its really very nice weather we are getting in london now, and what surprised me is that there are no flies about, at least where i live in central london.

i wonder why? usually when it is this good , the flies start hatching from  their eggs which have been lying dormant all through winter…and u get a lot of them coming into the flat. but i look around me in my flat and there is no flies at all. not a single one. i daresay having said that i will be proved wrong tomorrow when my place will be invaded with them. haha. but for now i shall enjoy not having them around.

the absence of something is not noticeable, and people tend not to appreciate their absence. for eg i am really very glad that we dont have midges in london. there are tons of them in scotland, poor them. but we in london dont know how fortunate we are that we dont have them.

this also applies to good health, when we are healthy we dont think of it, and never pause to consider it and reallly appreciate it. it is only when we get ill, and than we appreciate its absence. then we look back on those days when we are well and realise how much we like those days and wished we were more appreciative of it. and then we get well, and promptly forget all about appreciating our good health. we start taking it for granted. haha. 

think again if u want to be an expat; uk is still better than any other country. (just my opinion)

3 Jul

london 9.46pm friday 2015.

people here dont know they have it real cushy. they want to go off elsewhere to live, thinking it is a better life elsewhere and all they can see is to live in a place where the sun is out all year round in their new country, and think that is all they want. 

i got an email from john, who lives in poole, in reply to my query about a mutual friend who had moved to torrevieja to live. john tells me he has major surgery and need more to come, and also that he could not sell his house there, when he wanted to live in a condominium, having discovered it costs a lot to maintain a private swimming pool. that was 5yrs ago. i thought he had sold that house when he moved into a flat in a urbanisation… but it seems he could not and rent it instead and now the tenant for the house has left.

it reminded me that health is the biggest unknown factor to anyone thinking of being an expat. it is inevitable that health problems will surface as you go older. say what u like about the nhs, but at least u can get medical care if u live here.

he lives in spain, and we hear so much of how much better their health service is than the nhs. but if u cannot speak the lingo, much good it will do you. and if the uk votes to leave the EU? what then? i doubt u will get to use their health service free. not being able to speak the lingo is the biggest disadvantage to living abroad. even if u can get by it will still be a lack, as very few expats ever get to be  fluent in it. i think if u are fluent in it, i doubt we can call you an expat anymore. i would venture to say that fluency in the language, or lack of it, will be what defines you as an expat. 

added 10.14am, i got an email from john saying that house of keith’s is another house he got, not the one with the swimming pool, which he did sell. and john says there is no problem with language with the doctors, and it seems keith is getting very good medical care. those major operations he got may not be available if he had been in the nhs here … so maybe i am wrong, it is good to be there…so maybe it is good to be an expat there and leave the uk.  in the end, it really is up to the individual. u can only give your opinion which will be biased to yourself and not to the other person. it might turn out to be a good move, to live in spain, or it might turn out to be a disaster… i guess each person will have to find out for themselves.

i have changed my mind about advising people not to be an expat. all i mean is that i dont like to be an expat outside the uk. haha. in a way, i am an expat from malaysia, so who am i to say no to others who want to be expats elsewhere. 

The marigold miracle that saved my sight | Daily Mail Online

20 Apr

The marigold miracle that saved my sight | Daily Mail Online.

this article is quite old, dec 2009, but i googled it when i read a daily telegraph article today about it.  the daily telegraph limits u to 20 articles a month, and u could have exceeded it allready and so u wont be able to rea it online. macushields contain extract of marigolds, the flower, for treating age related macular degeneration. it sounds good. £150 a year for the pills, taken once a day. i have a neighbour who suffers from it. i wonder if it will help her. it is not available on the nhs. would boiling marigolds and drinking the broth get the same result? i wonder! or making marigold tea out of them get the same result? people make tea out of anything these days, so it is not beyond the bounds of reason to make marigold tea.