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11 Apr

london 7.24am 9C rain at home wednesday 2018

i am at home now. in the ward, we are quite high up and even though i could see it is cloudy out the window, and even notice the high buildings have their tops shrouded in mist, it never registers the weather outside is cold. it is very warm in the ward. they have got the heaters on, and it can be too hot sometimes.

yesterday evening the pharmacist went through with me all the drugs i am supposed to be taking from now on, with a letter showing list of drugs and information on them. and i get to eat dinner , or supper as they call it. i find the meals getting more tasty but then i have learnt to chose meals with gravy or sauce in them… so that it is not too dry. anyway i was reading in bed, when the nurse came and asked me have i been told i have been discharged? i said no, and she said did i get a letter? only one about the drugs..and she saw it, and showed me the left hand side saying inpatient discharge letter. so it was a discharge letter haha. the pharmacist did not tell me, maybe she did not know, or rather she was more concerned about telling me how to take the drugs and their sideeffects…

so i had been discharged… haha. but thank goodness i did not know, because i get to eat the meal. at least i did not waste a meal. it was meat balls in tomato sauce , mash potatoes (which is really very good) and cabbage. and shortly after i found out i was discharged and packing my things, simon called , so i was able to tell him i have been discharged and will be home soon. earlier he wanted me to call him when i got discharged so that he can come fetch me, but i said no.  it is quicker for me to take the bus and get home, rather than wait for him to come.

i think i left at about 6.30pm or so. it was a short bus trip across the river to my flat. i went to bed at about 8pm and slept right through till about 6.30am today. lovely to get such a long sleep.

i just now read what was written in the letter…there was a summary of what happened. the letter i got was a copy to be sent to my GP…so i learnt that it was troponin, that was raised 28-59. it seems it can be raised for 14 days after an attack. 

added 9.13am . i am glad they did not need to put in a stent. it would be too much too quick. i mean i had no inkling that i had a heart problem at all when i was sent to the A&E. so to be warded was a bit of a shock.  is it really that serious.? and if they were to put a stent in, it would hit me real hard when i get home. from nothing wrong with me, to having that… it would be a tremendous shock to me. so i am glad they did not need to do that. i guess i need time to get used to the idea that my heart is not as good as i thought it was.

what was the cause of that narrowing of my artery? was it high cholesterol? no mention that i got high cholesterol, yet they gave me a drug to control it. but if it is high, there was no warning to me about my diet, or telling me to avoid fatty foods etc. no diet advise at all… i would have thought the first thing is to tell the patient how to prevent it, or stop doing anything to aggravate it by changing the diet or exercising. if u want to reduce cholesterol, surely better to prevent it rather than take drugs…but they did not ask me to…

which is just as well, because if i have to give up meat it would be rather awful. but i dont eat that much meat anyway… in that the meat is just a small addition to the vegetables and rice that form the bulk of the dish…it is the way we chinese cook meals at home. not like in western meals where u can have steak and that is the meal. or pork chop or roast chicken and you get to eat a lot of that.

still, no diet advise to give up anything… and no advise to do exercise or given a regime of exercises… i think they should, because i see those patients in the ward all sitting around not exercising and i think that is bad . in fact, i was reading the discharge letter they gave me in that package of medicines, and there was a page headed preventing hospital -acquired blood clots…it says 1000 people acquired blood clots every year, and two thirds occur during or after a hospital stay…i have NSTEMI

it seems it can lead to a complete heart attack within a few hours or months. no wonder they were so cautious about letting me go home.


a mild heart attack, i got

7 Apr

london st thomas emergency dept waiting room 1.30pm 16.9C saturday 2018

i did not realise i would be here when i got up this morning.

i experienced a constriction in my throat, a tingling in my jaw and left arm, and dizzyness and heart palpitations. i had it before , though not the tingling in the jaw and left arm; but it usually goes after a short time, but this time it lasted a long time. 3hrs.

i still manage to go by bus to the library in marylebone but i felt very uncomfortable with the symptoms and i left and decided i shall drop by my doctor’s on the chance that they can fit me in. they could and gave me an appointment for the same day in fact  i only have to wait half hour. 12.30pm. so i did and while i was waiting i felt really dizzy and unwell  and  decided to put my head between my legs and i got  better. the symptoms just went and i felt fine. so i felt a bit of a fraud for making that appointment. then my name was called by the doctor, so i went in to see him.. i wanted the doctor to check and find out what it was i got.

when i told him my symptoms which are all gone now, he took my blood pressure and it was normal. what he said next was a surprise. he said i had a mild heart attack, and said i have to go to the hospital. now, it seems… when he asked me how i am to get there, i said by bus, he said no , we will have to get you an ambulance. in the end they got me a taxi. to st thomas’… actually i could have got there by bus, as it stops just outside the surgery and the bus goes there…

well, now i am waiting for the nurse to do the ECG, and blood tests in case of MI… not sure what MI is, (myocardial infarction?)but it must be important or they wont go to this trouble. 

i had these symptoms before minus the tingling in the jaw and left arm;  though the last time was about 2yrs ago,  it lasted a short while, so the only difference with this time is it was a long duration and that must be the danger signal. it is strange to think that a heart attack can take 3 hrs… and then disappear with me feeling all right afterwards. all the symptoms have gone now. i always thought a heart attack is sudden and short and you die if treatment is not done quick.