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25 Jul

london 6.31pm 30.2C sunny/cloudy wednesday 2018

thank goodness for aldi, the budget supermarket; they have salads and fruits going very cheap, all about 50p. so i was able to stock up to make salads. cabbage , carrots (and i should have bought the onions too, but i did not realise that they would be nice in a coleslaw. it is really easy to make , all you need is mayonnaise.

and iceburg lettuce , tomatoes, cucumber all go to make veggie salad with dressing. it is very easy to make home made dressing. no need even to slavishly follow the recipes the cookbooks tell you. after all, you can make it with more or less vinegar, all up to your taste. i like it more actually. this warm weather makes it perfect to eat salads, and coleslaw.

in fact you can warm up some parts of the salads, no rule that it must all be cold is there? and no rule that says u cannot have meat in it. and u can have cold meats or warm meats. it all adds to the taste and gives it variety. in fact, i added melons in the salad. it adds a sweet taste to the mixture.

ah this heat is here to stay it seems. 

hot summer

7 Jun

london 1.57pm 24.4C cloudy but bright. tuesday 2016

this weather reminds me of malaysia, though not so humid , it being only about 50% . but i have to be careful that nostalgia is not biasing my memories…i doubt this weather now is anything like malaysia. malaysia will be much hotter. 

it gives  me some idea of what 25C is like. it is going on the top end of pleasantness… any higher and i think it will tip over into unpleasant… that is because today is cloudy and the sun is not out in its full force.  and it is forecast to rain a lot about now. 

but also reminds me it is nothing compared to the searing heat and humidity of malaysia when the day can be  32C and 80% humid. even the torrential downpours dont seem to make it cooler.  i have forgotten about that heat and cannot imagine it now.

i was at the library and they have anthony burgess malayan trilogy , a series of books he wrote set in malaya during 1955-57. i read a bit of it while at the library, but did not borrow it. those stories are so old now… he does sprinkle the story with malay words… kedai , kiri (which he use meaning toting up the bill on his shop account.) it is the story of a english man  working in the civil service in what was then malaya just before the country got independance, and all the characters he lived with during those days described from a british point of view;  at least that was my impression. i did not read it all… somerset maugham did a similar thing too, with his malayan stories… a lot of drinking and drunkeness i recall.

no mention of the lovely foods that abound in malaysia… unlike nowadays when it is all that people talk about now whenever u read blogs in that region. now that ramadan has started, there will be huge range of foods in the evening for sale.

it is a paradox really that at a time of fasting… is really the signal for such a vast array of foods to come out around now, foods that are not prepared or on sale any other time. and for feasting to occur in the evening. it does not only happen in malaysia, it happens in saudi arabia and that middle east region too… and for all i know, in pakistan too. i wonder whether in the edgeware road, it is all dead in the day time but come bursting to life when the sunsets… daylight is from 4.44am to 9.14pm. such long hours to be fasting, dont u think? 


Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

london near hyde park corner, that plot of green with wellington arch in it.

its quite cool here in london

19 Apr

london 8.38pm sunday 2015

Even though the official online weather websites say it is 11C, it is still quite cold as i felt this morning when i went to the library at paddington.

it is the library that opens on sunday morning, (the others open in the afternoon only, if they open at all) and it felt distinctly nippy as i walked out. i had to wear a bobble hat and gloves, it was that nippy. haha.

if u read the newspapers u would still find headlines saying we are having the warmest april etc etc. dont believe them. haha. but of course if u read the news about the weather u would long ago realise not to believe what they say.

i got a comment from garfieldhugs saying it is 35C and high humidity in singapore now. and it made me realise how easy i forget how dreadful it can be at those temperatures. its been ages since i visited s.e.asia. and i have forgotten how uncomfortable those high temperatures and humidity can make it for those who have to live there without air conditioning. 

i like the cool temperatures that i am getting now in london;  but for those who dont like it and yearn for heat;  just remember what 35C and high humidity is like and then u will be glad to get these cool days. we humans forget that extremes of temperature is no good so that anything below 0C and over 30C are bad. period. haha.

not much is going on in london now at least where i am concerned. it is a dull day, too and i am just glad that my routine of going to the library to read the sunday papers takes me out of the flat, and outdoors. otherwise with the grey weather i would stay at home.

even the newspapers were a bit dull, the headline is the one about the capsized boat carrying those refugees from libya. 400 died it seems. (some say 700, i wonder how they know. did someone count them? more likely they look at the ship, guessed its tonnage and estimated how many it can take, and add a bit more  if it is overloaded. it is said they all ran to one side of the boat when they saw a passing merchant ship  and it tipped over as the people smugglers have so overloaded it. that is also a guess, though a good guess but who knows, really.

 for any sensitive souls it would be anguished reading. but remember all you sensitive souls… if u make yourself saddened and depressed and despairing at this news, it wont help those who have died, your being saddened and depressed would not be of any use to anyone least of all to yourself. so dont be. the world is what it is.

i think the people smugglers have got europe by the balls, nothing we do will make us look good.

where did these refugees get the money to pay the people smugglers? it is not cheap, the amount they ask.

A fishing vessel of the type that sank at the weekend might cost $10,000 (£6,700). But 600 passengers squashed into space for perhaps 200, each of them paying a minimum of $1,000 provides a handsome earnings multiple – a return on investment of almost 6,000%. link

so are these so called refugees economic migrants  composed of richer- than- normal inhabitants of libya who can afford to pay to get out? whatever the case, europe has been presented with an impossible situation. thanks goodness i dont have to solve it. 

i am just glad i have such a mundane life and be happy in my life without feeling i have to solve the world’s problems. i am right glad i dont have to carry the burdens of the world on my shoulders.

added. 21.4.15.actually one country have been through it, australia. and here their pm has suggested that europe follows australia in dealing with it. 

hot day today

15 Apr

london wednesday 4pm 2015.

its only 22C according to the online weather website for london, but it felt hotter when my friend and i were out and about this afternoon.

he wanted to eat at malaysia hall, so we went and had their rendang.

delicious, even after all this time that i have not been there. i thought standards might have slipped but it is still very authentic. both of us are malaysians so we did not feel out of place, especially when there were prominent signs right outside telling everyone this place is only for malaysians. haha. and any others must be accompanied by a malaysian.

we arrived at about 1pm, which turned out to be a good time, because the main crowd has dispersed and it was more calm and we could eat in relative spaciousness and quiet.

we set on the same table as two women, ( my friend said they were indians, after they had left. i thought they were malay at first). and we got chatting, as u do.

she is retired having worked for a long time in london, and have now moved to weybridge to be with her daughter. her children are all in uk, she said she visited malaysia in 2011, but the long journey and the heat are the two things that she cannot abide.

i had told her about the rendang and urged them to buy it next time, but now i think of it, it might be a boo boo, because they might be indian, and beef will be taboo. they were eating the fried mackerel.

ah well, nowadays it is real difficult not to step on people’s toes if they are particularly sensitive about such things. fortunately the two ladies never gave us any inkling that they were offended, and really why should they. no one should be offended. it was always like that in malaysia in the old days people just dont get offended at faux pas like this. we dont expect strangers to know of our customs and taboos. 

it is only nowadays when people expect strangers to know what the  customs and taboos of your religion or expect strangers to even know what religion you belong to without asking that people start getting offended at the slightest thing. 

not liking the heat in malaysia i can understand, because as we left the place and took the bus to oxford st, we felt it too, and yet this is really nothing compared to what it will be like in malaysia. and allready we are feeling uncomfortable, and very glad for the air conditioning in the bus. don’t get me wrong, i am not complaining. it is very pleasant this hot weather, but thank goodness it wont last long. as usual in life, a little bit is good but a lot of it is not always better. 

are we terribly pampered do u think? or are we getting old or are we  so acclimatised to the cold weather here that we cannot take even small heat like today. whatever, i will be glad when the temperature reverts to the normal tomorrow. haha. 

a little bit of snow in london

3 Feb

london 3.2.15 tuesday 1C

about 6am when i woke up, i read online in the evening standard that london have snow. but when i look out of the window i did not see any.

after a bit of online surfing, i went back to sleep, and now i am awake, and look out of my window and see snow on the car tops. so it did snow after all, haha. and i see here that ice has formed on the fountains in trafalgar square. so if we are lucky in london, we might get a nice dollop of snow fall soon.

Digital StillCamera

all the snow had melted on the ground.

you would think it is cold , but not in my flat. i wonder why? it cant be the insulation is so good that the cold from outside does not get in.

i think it is heat from my downstairs neighbour. none of the flats here have corniches. that bit of cladding that runs all round the edge of the ceiling. they keep heat from disappearing up into the flat above. i asked someone i met in a sex party in a house where there were these claddings on the ceiling, what they are called, and he said corniches, but i googled it and it is used for a road on a mountain. so what are those things called, i wonder?

added. the spelling is different, it is spelt cornice. a disadvantage with google, i wrote ‘con’, and immediately google came up with corniche. when i tried later by adding ceiling to it, it then threw up cornice. still it is better than consulting a dictionary book. without knowing the correct spelling i would never find it. 

i know this heat loss into the flat above happens, because when my upstairs neighbour had wooden floors, it was always v cold in my flat. until they sold it in 2008, and the new owner put down thick wall to wall carpets and immediately i noticed my flat got warmer. that is why from 2008 onwards i dont have to put on the heating ever again. 

my carpets are rather thin, and dont fit so snugly wall to wall, that is why my downstairs neigbour’s heat comes up into my flat.

but i am rather excited that we might be able to get a good dollop of snow fall in london in the next few days. 

Chiang Mai – 700 Illnesses – More Provinces Declared Cold Disaster Zones « living in the ‘Land of Smiles’

23 Dec

Chiang Mai – 700 Illnesses – More Provinces Declared Cold Disaster Zones « living in the ‘Land of Smiles’.

At first i was amazed that chiangmai can be so cold. if it is true that the temp could be -1.4C that is colder than london.(its a record that happened in 1974)

Granted, it should not surprise anyone that it can get so cold in north thailand, as it is hilly and in fact is a factor in so many foreigners living there rather than in lowland areas. Though i think it is not so much the temperature, but the range, for eg, it can range daily from 13C to 31C all in one day; and the body is not used to such extreme range.

it is one of those paradoxical things about human beings, that having moved to thailand for its warm weather, they decide it is too warm and opt for the highlands instead as it is cooler. haha.

it is all very well to like hot weather when u are there for 2weeks on a holiday, but all year round to live in that hot weather is murder. and they soon realise that and run for the hills. haha.

it is easier to get used to cold weather , esp the weather in london, which seldom goes below 0C, and seldom gets higher than 30C. you soon realise that you can overcome the cold with fleece clothing, and layering, and hot food; but when it is hot, and you have stripped naked, and it is still hot, there is nothing u can do to alleviate it. and u realise you are fucked. haha.

so finding the heat too much after they live there for long, they  head for the hills, and then things like this happen. it gets too cold. haha.

that is why there is no need to envy anyone who have left the uk and  regals u with the their lives overseas in hot countries. you know they will suffer cold, or drought, or insects, or hurricanes, or have to move from hills to beach and back again, or have the air condition ( the cost of it!!) on all day;  constantly trying to escape the heat; that same heat that they have moved thousands of miles from uk to live in.  haha.

like i said, be careful what u wish for, you will get it.

hottest day in 7yrs

23 Jul

London Tuesday,

Yesterday, Monday, was supposed to be the hottest day for 7yrs. 33C or so(since july 2006) .

I cannot remember what it was like in july 2006, cant say it was particularly hot for me to remember. I daresay when anyone asked us what were we doing on the hottest day in july 2013 I bet none of us will remember. Haha.

I remembered I got a blog during that time 2006, so I went back to it, and read it. Nothing very memorable. Just me saying I don’t like this hot weather even though I am a nudist. And that I shall stay indoors.

And on the actual day when it hit a high, I did not say how I spent that day. Must be quite an ordinary day. Haha. I did mention I was not affected by hay fever, and it is still so this day. I would guess this is because I am not allergic to the grass pollen at this time; unlike earlier on in the year.

Well, this time let me put it on record so that I can comeback to it years and years from now to find out how I felt about it.

Not really very much happened yesterday. It was warm, but to me, it was nothing different from the day before. That is the thing with our obsession with measuring things. If we have no instruments to tell us we would never know that day was the highest on record.

I went swimming at the queen mother swimming pool. It must be around 2.30pm. So I suppose I was in there during the hottest time of 3pm according to the online website when it hit 34C.

I remember I went to the library earlier on in the morning, and was staying on the shady side of the street and taking a route under the trees. Usually I like to walk on the sunny side.

There are lots of trees here, around where I live, so it was v cool under the trees. My flat is cool because it is shaded by the trees. The other side of my flat facing the courtyard is much warmer as the sun shines right through , so much so that I kept the curtains drawn on one window which gets the direct rays of the sun.

It felt very Mediterranean. It reminds me of the time I was in cap d’agde, the nudist town in the south of france. Then I was naked and it felt great. And it brought back rememberance of things past. Wishing it could be so now.

The Mediterranean gets this kind of heat every summer, whilst we in London only gets this every 7 yrs , if at all.

I think this time is memorable because it is for quite a long period that we are getting these temperatures in the very high 20s.… 3wks or so… that we are getting these temperatures. Other summers we get this temperature for a few days only.

Even so, it is nothing like in Malaysia. Though u wont have thought it if u hear people here complaining haha.

The library was cool making it very pleasant to stay there. After reading the papers, and borrowing a book, (clive barker, Abarat)I went to the queen mum centre and swam.

There is the initial shiver as I touched the water, then it is very pleasant. And I would swim and stay in the water, until my fingers start feeling wrinkled.

Then I would walk back after a shower there, and take a route that goes by the corner shop near me, where I wanted to get the evening standard. Its free and this shop stocks it. Usually it is handed out in tube stations. But it was too early she said, it comes after 4pm.

Then I must have slept when I came back, because the next I knew it is was about 7.30pm and I fancied walking to the supermarket to buy bread if it was going cheap.

There was Warburton bread half and half, in a different wrapper, so it must be a new line, which I found was hiding a 750mg loaf, instead of the normal 800mg ones. I bought it anyway as I like that kind of bread. It is half wholemeal , half white flour. Gone are the days when breads used to be reduced to 10p. Now they are 34p.

On the way back from the supermarket I walked through a lane, and the smell of the drains reminds me of Malaysia. U get this kind of smell only when the weather is v hot, as it always is in Malaysia, but not so common in London. Drains here don’t smell so this smell is unusual.

Anyway , that was that… hottest day in july for 7yrs.


12 Feb

Sunday 10.2.13
I had thought to post some pics of the Chinese new year celebrations in London round Trafalgar square and Chinatown. But it rained practically throughout the time allotted for it, a small drizzling rain.

I don’t mind the rain, as I was able to use my rain coat, but it cannot be very nice for those who want to celebrate it outdoors. And it cannot be much fun for those providing the entertainment or food stalls or souvenir stalls. And the day was too dull to make happy pictures. Haha.

But London is such a large city and have so many people I am sure even if a small number of those people who came there are young enough to enjoy the day and bring their boisterous nature to it, it will be enough to lighten the spirit for everyone else.

So if my friend and I don’t stay long, (my friend suggested we move on to the south bank); it does not mean the day was a washout.

We are too old to hang around. One of the things about being old, or older is that u really come to realise that new year celebrations are really for the young. They get to receive ang pows, and new clothes, and lots of food to eat… and they will be indulged in, with parents who are normally very strict the rest of the year, relaxing and giving tacit permission to play the fool a bit.
Not that my parents were strict, but I know my parents are unusual in this respect. A lot of my Chinese friends have very controlling parents.


I met up with a German friend of long ago who moved to panama to live with his Mexican boyfriend, and works for a hotel chain, and travels half the year abroad a lot for his work. He seldom come to uk, but this time he did and so we met after many years.

It is actually rather a sad and nostalgic meet. Because both of us have grown old… and all our friends have gone. Not gone away from London, but we lost touch with them even though they are living in London. So that there was only two of us to meet. We remember the younger us and those days of frolic in London, unlike now when we all have our separate lives and cannot even muster a big reunion of all our old friends.

Reunions are not always a happy affair, and can be more of a chore. I know we Chinese always rapsodise the family get together reunion at Chinese new year, but I know it can be rather a bore . Like taking a holiday to the same place every year. And with added horribleness in having to socialise with those in the family if you cannot get along with them in the first place.

I get along well with my brothers and sister, but I am glad I don’t have to go back to Malaysia for a reunion.

That is the reality of life. We grow old. Friends come and go. And we change too, and as we go older, our outlook does tend to concentrate too much on musings on health a lot more than when we were young.

I don’t recall we talked of our health that much when we were young.

And the interesting thing I noticed with our conversation, is that instead of curiosity to hear what the other’s sexual adventures are , we tend to talk of our own adventures and for me anyway, comparing theirs with mine and realising that I don’t really fancy their adventures.

So different from when we were younger, when we have not done things and are not experienced in sex. And when we hear of some unusual sexual practices we are just agog to hear more, even though secretly thinking how awful, I don’t like that.

Not realising that many years later , we will be doing it, liking it and doing it a lot now.

My friend says he goes to saunas a lot during his trips abroad on business . He works for a hotel chain which have many branches worldwide.

And I remember thinking when he said it that I don’t like to go to saunas anymore. Haha. At least not in London. I daresay if I were to be on holiday in Europe, or s.e.asia. I will go because most of the gay action is in those places. And it is a way to meet other gay guys for sex without a lot of complications or danger.

Everyone who likes saunas always say they like how clean they can be and how everyone else is clean too. My friend is no exception. He too praised the cleanliness.

So much emphasis on cleanliness… I guess they have not yet experienced the joy and sexual excitement of guys’ natural scent.

Some guys give off really exciting natural body scents.

It was too rainy to hang around outdoors or to watch the Chinese new year shows… and he was not that interested in them anyway, seeing most of the time u are looking over people’s heads, which is bad enough but this time there are the umbrellas to contend with as well.

So we walked across the river and after going into the festival hall and a number of others places to find a place to sit so we could chat, and finding them so crowded with people there was no room to sit, we finally settled on benches outside the film institute. I think not many sit there because the coffee is very expensive. Or maybe it was a cold day for them. The staff very kindly turned up the open flame heaters without us asking.

It was nice to catch up with him. And to have a glimpse of another life lived differently from mine. He told of his dreams to retire. Though interestingly enough his idea of retirement is to find another job , and set up a B&B in panama!!

I think he was just musing and testing out the possiblities, as he said he wants to buy a place elsewhere, in florida he said for the weather, and move between panama and that place. And of course that is not compatible with running a bed and breakfast in panama. Haha.

There are hurricanes in florida, and the summers are very hot. But I did not remind him of it. After all, we all like to dream and why not!

In fact, even now in panama, he tells me they have bought a place in the mountains near the panama city where they live, just so they can go there over the weekend, to escape the heat. So even though he likes the hot weather, I can see it can be too much sometimes, if not all the time.haha.

I know how it is like. I am from Malaysia, and the weather he said is rather similar in panama. Hot all the time, and either wet during the winter, or dry during the summer months. In Malaysia it is the other way round.

Makes u wonder why they live there when they cannot stand the tropical heat. It seems temperatures in panama is like Singapore. my friend’s reason may be to be with his boyfriend, so that might explain why he lives in panama now. And also explains why he likes going to the highlands. it is very similar to the british when they governed in malaysia, going up to cameron highlands or fraser’s hill , near kuala lumpur to escape the lowland heat. They do it in india too. 

People I find are very contradictory. And they say these contradictory things in the same breath and don’t seem to be aware of it. Haha. I don’t mind, I am very indulgent when I hear guys talking to me about their visions of their future and what they would like their life to be .

I made the observation that in terms of ideal climate, London is the best. Neither too extreme in heat or cold and so pleasant to live in all year round. I know not many will agree with me. Haha. But to those of us who have travelled the world and seen it all, I can assure u London weather is the ideal.

I like the rain. Because it is a nice contrast to dry days. I would be bored if the weather is sunny and dry all year round. It is too much the same. And today’s rain is rather pleasant, a small drizzle with not much wind.

But ‘say that to the marines‘, I hear your collective shout from you all who are currently living under these rain darkened clouds. Haha.