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can we believe the news nowadays

11 Nov

london 1.34pm 13.6C sunny friday 2016 pimlico library

i could not find the times newspaper in this library. at first i thought someone had taken it away but then i looked at the previous days shelf and found there is no cardboard holder for the times.

so i asked the librarian and he said yes they have ceased to take the times paper. and showed me a notice , with its face turned to the wall, saying  they have stopped taking in the times and i newspapers. it is the first time i seen that notice, but maybe it had been there all along but with its face to the wall, i have overlooked it.

 hmm, i wonder if it applies only to this branch. different branches have their own policy as to what newspapers they take.

they still take the sunday times though.its the only sunday paper they take. i have noticed that the telegraph website is now introducing premium articles which wont allow u to read it unless u pay. previously they would give u a quota of articles that u can read free but i think they realise it can be side stepped by anyone clearing their computer cache.

so now we have the times website completely shut to non paying readers, and the telegraph website restricted certain articles. hmm, will it make a difference i wonder? i doubt it, in that i dont think it will make people want to pay. after all there are lots of other papers which are still free. i have in front of me the evening standard, and they are free. in fact they got the trump win ahead of all the other papers  because they come out in the afternoon. 

Digital StillCamera

the library shelves, now even the news can be fiction. what can u believe nowadays… there is no single authority one can turn to for true news.

actually i have noticed the websites of the free newspapers have a lot of click bait articles, usually with titles like ’10 things that …’ or ‘you would not believe what so and so did …’ just to get u curious to click on it to read it.

also it seems during the american elections they have lots of news websites that publish false news. and that fools so many into retweeting them or re posting them in other social media , like facebook.  and even facebook has taken to posting these false news websites and not differentiating them from legitimate news sources. so nowadays one have to take everything one reads with a huge pinch of salt and not automatically believes it. it seems the false newswebsites are paid for by advertisers who unwittingly have their advertisements placed in them by agencies who place ads. and this link says macedonian kids are setting up these news websites and making money out of it. can we believe that report? what is true nowadays… i dont know anymore. 

that seems to be one consequence of this free for all, and newspapers losing their place in people’s source of news. now anyone can post news items, and there is no way of knowing how true they are.

now newspapers are only good for telling me which supermarket is selling food cheap, or having special offers, or  giving away freebies.

 this twitter feed showed some of the false news seen by facebook users. i did not see them all, as i dont follow facebook, but even myself saw the one about hillary’s body double being reported in the dailymail. and that one about trump saying republicans will believe anything. it was in a mainstream news paper website . i was fooled by it and thought he did really say it and she did really use a body double. it makes me cross that i was fooled by it. so even the legit news website can get fooled by these false news enough to repeat it.

i get cross too when i read news articles where  some girl saying she  was kidnapped and  raped, and then i find another article saying police now say all that was false. i hate that girl and i really wish  that girl to be jailed and fined and the full weight of the law fall on her  for giving false evidence. i really do… and they still name her ‘victim’. grr. 

added. 10.29am 9.4C rain saturday 2016. this morning i saw this in my wordpress newsfeed, it was reporting that facebook had bought crowdtangle. and inside there was this quote

 Among other things, tools like CrowdTangle explain the eerie sameness you find on much of the web these days. When every publisher can see that a zero-effort post on the latest Game of Thrones trailer is outperforming everything else on a competitor’s site, soon every site is posting the latest Game of Thrones trailer.

that comment that there is an eerie sameness in the web is something that now they mention it, i begin to notice. and it is crossing over into the printed newspapers too… they all seem to carry the same news.

 i wonder if all these programs to find out what is most popular also are self perpetrating, and cause the very thing it is monitoring to gain in popularity, just in the very act of it being mentioned and picked. 

15.11.16 added. 6.29pm 15.2C wet tuesday  found this link that says google and facebook are finally stopping their ads from appearing in these fake news websites.