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i must remember not to believe anything tomorrow

31 Mar

london 5.51pm 12.8C sunny thursday 2016

today is the last day of march, and tomorrow is april fools day.

allready some wit is saying because of the leap year, april fools day this year will fall on  the 2nd of april. so expect more of that kind of thing tomorrow.

i shall be reading the news with a great deal of scepticism tomorrow. too bad if it is legit, but my advise to anyone is not to believe or  agree to anything tomorrow. and if u are going to ask anything of anyone dont do it tomorrow. dont have any advertisement u are thinking of doing let it appear tomorrow. otherwise u wont get any replies as everyone will be very wary of it being an april fools trick. 

personally i dislike april fool tricks. to me they are hoaxes and i dislike hoaxes, wherever they are done. i find attempts at generating laughter by using hoaxes are the lowest of the low form of humour.

what is not an april fool trick is that tomorrow all over 25s will get increased pay, as the new minimum rate kicks in. its good news for them, though they might find other benefits are removed , like higher rate for weekends and nights.

to understand why it applies only to over 25s read this.