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what can one do ?

24 May

london 6.54pm sunny 21C sunday 2020

this classic editor is so nice to use, i want to write a post just so i can use it. i begin to appreciate it so much, after using the new editor , that it makes me happy to be able to use it, while i can, and am taking every chance i get to write even though i dont really have anything new to write. haha.

simon is cooking risotto, and that is something he seems to like cooking a lot nowadays. its quite nice, though it might not be like the risotto that the italians do. i have not eaten the real thing so i cannot say how authentic his is. but it is still very nice, which just goes to show you dont have to follow the real thing to make a nice tasty dish out of it.

  i read in a blog i follow that the person is learning new things. so that might be a way of whiling the hours in lockdown. it seems you can go onto free online courses, or do things like paint, or draw, and then you can post it on your blog and let others see what u have achieved or not as the case may be. in fact, i read elsewhere that there are some people who use zoom to make a live drawing class so it can be all online and people can keep their distance whilst enjoying a group activity. 

it sounds like a good idea. though it is not for me, because i am too lazy. also, i dont mind not doing anything. to me that is bliss. 


in the past, we take pictures, it is easy to do and that can fill up our posts, and give us new things to post everyday. but now we are in lockdown, we cant go out and about to take pictures. and our flats may be too untidy to take pictures of and show in the blog.

oh, i just remembered, we can take pictures of the meals we cook, and that reminds me i can take a pic of what simon is cooking to post here. i could do it, except i went and mixed his risotto with some previous fried rice i had , so i could not take a picture of that as it is not really his risotto anymore.

his risotto is delicious, but i did not want to take so much of it that there is very little left for him to eat later. that is why i bulked it out with my left over fried rice, so i can feel full. 

but learning new things is something i might think about, if ever i feel like doing something.

making a hobby out of film watching might be another thing to do. i am afraid my imagination fails me, i cannot think of anything else to suggest people do , to while away these long hours of time ahead of us. 




a night in

14 Jan

london 7.23pm 4.3C, dry, thursday 2016

i suppose most people will be doing what i am doing now. spending a normal night in, watching tv. haha. i think the tv must be the biggest form of entertainment for modern life now.

though perhaps in s.e.asia and other countries, people may use the tv to watch films, it is films that they hire, or bought from the black market, pirate copies, instead of tv programs.

here in uk, the bbc, and other commercial stations produce really good entertaining stuff so there is no need to hire or buy films. and they show films too, all for free, or rather for the tv license which is £145 a year. haha.

as for the other channels, the advertising is what pays for it. it is not intrusive. in all the times that i watch the commercial channels , i dont notice the advertising, they dont interrupt the viewing of the program and the adverts do not last long. unlike american advertising. and the programs are worth watching.

there is a lot of stuff, like reality shows, and soaps, that i am not interested in, but it just shows they cater to every taste, and i can find lots to watch to my liking.

this is so different from the time i am in malaysia, where the programs are dire. and having travelled a lot in my time, and seen what their tv shows are like, other countries may have wonderful programs but in a language i dont understand and that is as far as i am concerned useless to me.

so all in all, i am really glad to be in uk, and be able to see english language programs in all channels, and dont have to share it with other languages.

other english speaking countries, (and i am thinking of usa and canada, and australia, countries i have been and would be natural choices if u ask me if i want to live there). their tv programs are not so interesting as uk. at least when i was there. i can remember especially what strikes me with the adverts in usa. so  very intrusive and appalling in execution, just a talking head extolling the product and that is it. whereas in uk, the adverts can be entertaining in themselves. but what gets me is the many times it interrupts the program, and goes on for such a long time, so that u think you are seeing adverts really which  now and then get interrupted by the scheduled program.