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my kitchen waste pipe is blocked

22 Feb

london 5.53pm 11C dry saturday 2020

i am having trouble with the waste pipe that drains my kitchen sink. the water is not draining. i was hoping it was just a calcium blockage but it is not. it is some kind of blockage in the junction with the main waste pipe that runs up and down the block of flats. simon went to ask the upstairs neighbour whether they have the same problem, and was told that they had a plumber clear the pipes in their flat recently (it seems it is the same plumber who have been treating their leak in the bathroom which i had complained to them about and they asked him to clear the kitchen waste pipes , and that seems to be the cause of our blockage. the gunge they pushed down their waste pipe must have piled up at our level and blocked our outlet.

added. 7.53pm. it seems the blockage is further down the common waste pipe, so that when the upstairs flats run their washing machine and the water comes down, it is unable to go straight down to the ground, but collects above the blockage and goes into our outlet pipe and comes up into our kitchen sink. so interesting that these pipes makes all of us connected to each other, so that actions made by some will affect others. i had visions of overflowing sink at night if ever any of them decide to operate their washing machines when we are asleep and cannot monitor the kitchen sink to bail out the water. so i thought of putting the plug into the sinkhole and sitting a full heavy water bottle directly over it. hope it at least stops the flow or limit the flow of water coming out of the sink. 

so i will have to tell the estate management to see if they can clear the blockage by accessing it from the bottom of the common wastepipe. i have seen that pipe, it is very small bore, which is a bad design fault. blockage must be very common.

it is the weekend , so the estate office wont be opened that means i wont be able to tell them till monday. so we shall have to manually bail the water out and throw the waste water into the toilet. ah well, i suppose this is par for the course if u own a flat. and if we have to remove the waste water manually , so be it. 

the news worldwide is not good either. more cases of the coronovirus, big jump in number of infections , italy this time, where only the other day it only has 3 infections. now suddenly 39 or so, (added,sun 23.2.20. 89) as well as  2deaths. it is so much so quick because it is from a cluster. meaning it is from a superspreader.

its disturbing to read there are deaths from it. if people get infections but dont suffer more serious illness,and then recover, it is less frightening then if they start dying. and these are secondary infections and not from a traveller with china connections.

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