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more free lunches

19 Nov


There seem to be a glut of new restaurants opening. this one is a chain called honest burger. selling £8 beef burgers. since 5guys opened  few years ago, london have seen a spat of these high priced burger joints. 

added 22.11.14 it just goes to show how behind the times i am. i saw an advert for tgi friday this morning and it prompted me to look at their menu, and i see they allready do high end burgers costing £12. so the idea of posh burgers has been around for a long time. the trend seems to be to upscale what used to be low-end foods for the masses. thus we see street food like pho, or burgers being upscaled and presented as posh. 

what is the attraction i wonder?

i got the chance to find out for free yesterday. honest burger gives 100 free burgers every day this week, mon-fri.

it was a long wait. i went to queue up a about 10mins before they opened at 11.30am i was 70th in the queue. got chatting to a punjabi guy who lives way out west of london taking 1hr 15mins to get to work;  with his wife.

he said he knew about it because he has seen the site being done up by workmen and then seen the notice on their window saying 100 free burgers for a week. the place is notable he said for being opened at 7.30am, for breakfast. not many places in the city do that. this one is very near liverpool st station in a side street that has many shops for let and done up. 

they gave us chips whilst we waited. but even when u finally get in, you still have to wait, when they give us the menu and asking if we want to order drinks. 

there were two people, a man and woman ahead of us, and he said they are colleagues , they work in the design section, whilst he works in another  dept. so i got in as part of their group , 4 of us.

the woman ordered a frizzy can drink whilst us men passed. at the table they plonked down a bottle of tap water and gave us glasses with a lemon slice in it. rather nice of them. and later i find out no need to pay for that even.

i ordered their house special, it costs £11. the others were a bit afraid of ordering more, and went for the honest burger.

when it finally arrived after a long wait, they were preparing it hot, so it is understandable there is a delay, the woman’s burger was too raw. and she asked to send it back, and had to wait a long time because she thought they will just cook hers some more, but no, they prepared another burger for her. she found out how raw it was when she cut hers up , whereas the one they gave her finally was whole.

her man friend had allready eaten his burger. it shows how small it was. the punjabi guy ate his burger but could not finish the chips, and pressed for time as he has long overstepped his lunch hour; asked for a doggy bag.

mine was larger, and had lots more things in it, chilli and what looks like a popadum. haha. and the meat was larger too. it was medium rare which i find is the attraction of these kinds of burger joints. they are quite thick and so have to be medium rare otherwise the outside will be burnt. i did enjoy eating it.

is there any difference in taste to the burgerking / macdonald burgers? not really. my opinion but i find raw beef has not the same huge difference in taste that u can get with raw fish.raw salmon, tuna has a totally different taste and texture to cooked version. so it is well worth eating , but raw steak? even when i tasted steak tartare, which is raw minced beef with raw egg, it just tastes of nothing really and the texture is quite slimy.minced beef burger is best eaten medium cooked or even well cooked. the smell of slightly charred beef is heavenly and tastes fab. so eating this is very nice as an experience but not something that is enhancing.

certainly the £8 ‘honest burger’ is not worth the money. my special might be worth it if u dont mind not being able to hold it in your hands and eat it with the hand, which i think is half the fun of eating burgers. this is because the stack is high and the base loaf disintegrates. they provide a knife so i expect it is meant to be cut into portions.

i was in the tesco the other night and got a 20p rustlers burger reduced from £2. i queued earlier on monday at the restaurant when they opened, but too late to be within the first 100. so i was kind of craving for a burger. i have to say that cheap burger  was rather nice. it is microwaved but the base was firm and solid so i was able to eat it handheld.

i think with these designer burgers they are just too thick to be able to eat it in a mouthful. i wonder if there is a trend , one chap gets the idea and opens a shop and it catches on and others see it so popular and so open up new joints. i wish these guys well, and hope they make a success of it. the servers are very good, cheerful and helpful even though they are not going to get much tips. i wonder how it works, will the management make up for it to them? otherwise the poor guys have to work extra hard and not get any tips at all. and it goes on all week lunch time, driving away normal trade. this is the first time i see a place offering free lunches all week.

they did say they are having half price breakfast as a promotion. so coffee(unlimited refills) for £1 normally and burgers normally £5 , will be half priced. so hope they will make a busy morning trade.

that might explain why lobster joints are now the craze. there has been 3 new places opened within a short distance of each other near where i got my free lobster lunch recently.

well, it is great for people like me who get to taste it from these free opening lunches.

office workers for which these places are aimed at might find the wait too long for their lunch hour. interestingly my punjabi guy says his wife makes his lunch. it was lasange that day. he is a sensible one.

as i left the burger place i walked past  a pizza place and looked in the window at the eaters. very thin pizza with not much toppings and they are paying abou £5 for it . it was busy , with queues.

sometimes i wonder why these guys dont pack their own lunches. though one explanation is that  it is quite isolating when u eat your own food alone in the office. the eating out with your colleagues is a form of bonding i guess.