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its a lovely morning today

20 Dec

london 6.4C 10.36am sunny tuesday 2016

good morning all. 

Dec. 20, 2016 Rise Set
Actual Time 8:03 AM GMT 3:53 PM GMT
Length of Day
7h 49m
Tomorrow will be 0m3s shorter.

i have been reminded that the shortest day is coming. this is what it is today. looks like as the shortest day approaches the rate of shortening  decreases too. yesterday it says today will be 9s shorter, today it sats says (i think auto correct has a mind of its own and thinks it knows better than me) tomorrow will be 3s shorter. its been very foggy these last few days, but today that seems to have gone. it is sunny blue sky now. 

Digital StillCamera

this is when we realised we are missing the top bit, the handle. simon is now calling  their service line, and was told it does not come with a handle because that is how it was shown online. and on the box. but on the instruction manual, it is shown with the handle, and there is a slot on the arm which suggest that something should be slotted in it. 

Digital StillCamera

no handle see?

simon is hoping to persuade them to give us one . it is quite difficult to hold it without the handle . ah well, it is a small matter really.

we should try it out to see it works. having said that i told simon and he started it and it works. very effectively too. just moving it a short time over the carpet picked up such alot of stuff. i told him i dont hoover the carpet, just the floor round it. because the dirt does not show on the carpet. that is the nice thing about a carpet with such a fussy pattern. haha. u cannot see the dirt. so i said what dont show i dont bother with. haha. he said he do. which is news to me… haha. because i have never seen him hoover the carpet before. ah well, if this one makes him more willing to take his turn with the hoovering, all the better. oh, we found out the handle can be rachetted up to make it longer. so really that special handle may not be necessary. well, he has gone crazy and is hoovering everything in sight now. haha. what they say about men and their new toys is very true here. it is very strong and hoovers very well, but a bit noisy. well they are all noisy really.

i got a notice from wordpress just now saying i have made my 1337 posting with this one. i wonder what is so significant about that number.  as usual no sooner u have to ask, you google it. and here is the answer.

simon cut off the lead to the old vacuum i was using. he says he wants to save the plug and the lead. i felt a bit sad that that old thing cannot be used by someone else as a vacuum cleaner. it uses a bag, and the hoovering effect is not very strong. i use it for its hose that holds the attachments, because that still works. ah well, i guess it has come to the end of its life but still, i felt a bit sad that its working days are gone. i think if someone knows how to maintain these things, i think the hoovering mechanism still works, except it might need some cleaning. i dont know how to dismantle it to clean the insides that is why i could not make the hoovering mechanism work.

i always feel a bit sad when an appliance is completely disabled , cutting the lead line that holds the plug will effectively destroy its usage. but i can understand that nowadays no one will use a vacuum that needs a disposable bag. that design is now completely obsolete.

 i am still keeping the other one though. cant bring myself to throw it away. though i guess i will one day ,and when i do,  i shall keep it intact and not cut off anything, and put it in the recycling bins  as it still works and maybe someone else can use it.

i wonder whether another reason why i dont like buying new things to replace things that work well and which i got from the recycling bins, so i am keeping them in use. perhaps i am going old and realise that i have long gone past my productive life. and feel a lot of affinity with old things, that are not as efficient as they used to be, even if they are ever that efficient even when they are new; but am prolonging their usefulness and making them feel wanted. i guess it is me projecting my own wishes onto things. i too would like to be kept on and be given the chance to live and asking the fates to keep me alive and functioning.

i wonder if that is what makes old people help animals, or feed pigeons because they too feel an affinity to these creatures, that they too would like to be fed, and looked after and have some kindness shown to them. hence u often see old people scattering bread for pigeons. 

added 24.2.18. saturday.9.29pm 4C .overcast.  a few days ago i emptied the vacuum cleaner. first time i did it since we bought it. so it looks like it takes more than a year to fill it up.