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7 Feb

london 1.32pm 9C sunny friday 2020

4.04pm 9C sunny .

i have just comeback from a trip to upton park, east london,to their fresh market, to buy fresh chilli 400mg £1, and 4 bulbs of garlic. 50p. its the best value in town. i am so much liking fresh chilli nowadays, that i stopped buying those bottled chillis. they got suger in them, which is their attraction, because the suger makes them very more-ish. when i grew up in malaysia, those bottled chillis are a must have. practically every household in malaysia will have them, even though fresh chilli is abundantly available there. but we are so addicted to those bottled chilis, everyone would douse them in everything, or we wont eat those foods. but i noticed since coming to uk, they are quite expensive, so i dont buy them, and it seems i have weaned myself off them. so many of the food habits that i have grown up with, i find i dont crave them anymore. now it seems i have maybe developed the addiction to fresh chillis. haha, it is not a habit that you can over do, because the chilis are real hot, so i can never eat too many of them. i have just eaten some chilis, fresh ones, that i bought, and i find them very hot, even hotter than the frozen ones that i usually eat. i wonder if freezing them affect their heat. it might , in which case i dont mind, because it is really too hot the ones i just ate fresh.