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i think the british weather has got better over the years.

16 Jul

london 6.59am 19.3C sunny sunday 2017

another fine day, something i have to remind myself otherwise i forget to note it and take it for granted. and then years later when i look back on this summer i would not think it any different from the usual perception of summer in uk, that it is wet and cold.

we have been having fine summers in the uk for quite some time , many years in fact. i dont become aware of it, because it is such a gradual shift , but now it has become quite established , enough to be noticeable even to people like me who dont take note of these things.

if it is due to global warming, than all i can say is bring it on. as far as uk is concerned warm summers (and more importantly mild winters) from a warming cycle in world climate is welcomed. of course if u have been living in the part of the mediterranean that has ideal weather when u were growing up but now suffering drought, and wild fires and really hot dry summers, than tough luck. time to give someone else a turn at the good weather.



this is the snapshot of forecast for 22.7.17 saturday for europe. so much red, to some , they must be thinking great, such hot weather to holiday in and lamenting that it has missed the uk. but those people are foolish. these hot weathers are not anything to be excited about. they are murder for those living there.


i think climate has its cycles, some places have yearly changes , others maybe once in 10yrs, whilst others changes so much in a 20-30 yr cycle that once was lush lands are now deserts. and then there are the ice ages that comes round every 1000 yrs or so or whatever the interval is for these things.

the modern conceit is that we humans can influence it…i dont think so. what we should be doing is adapt to these changing conditions. in the old days people migrate. but there are no undiscovered lands anymore to move to. or rather long gone are those days when we can invade someone elses land and steal it from them. so i think we should use our intelligence and inventiveness to make our environment comfortable, airconditioning i mean, and by that harnessing a way of getting energy that is cheap and plentiful. that would be the holy grail to find. harnessing the energy of the sun i think. we should be putting our resources and minds into this rather than trying to carbon control . that is a problem for future generations to tackle.

but right now, we in uk can just enjoy our long warm summers and mild winters and revel in this ideal weather. 

added. 26.7.17 wednesday 17.8C cloudy. here is a report saying wild fires set alight by these high temperatures in the south of france is causing 10,000 to be evacuated.

summer sale now on.

17 Jun

london 2.56pm 29.1C sunny 2017

yes, that is the temperature now it seems. they have forecast it will be hot this weekend, and the thermometer seems to bear them out. there is not much breeze so that it feels hotter.

first sign that tells me there is something , an event, happening in whitehall is when the bus driver of the 453 asked me where i want to go. he was being diverted to go over waterloo bridge instead of westminster bridge . it seems whitehall is blocked off.

 i had wondered why they closed it. when i got back and googled it, all i could find was the horse guards changing of the guards… but that happens everyday so no call to close the road… it might be the queen is opening parliament. that has been postponed due to the election. it normally takes place in May. so this could be it. the delayed opening of parliament and the queen’s speech spelling out the agenda of the govt for the year.(that one, opening of parliament is on 21june it seems) it was only when i was looking at the tv guide that i saw today was the trooping of the colour, an annual thing to mark the birthday of the queen. so that was what it is all about. i thought it was last week,  10june. i remember it always used to be on the morning of the day the naked bike ride was on. but i think the election must have knocked everything out of kilter this year. this weekend was supposed to be the westend live show in trafalgar square or so i thought, but googling it i find it is changed to the 24/25june instead. not that i go there to watch it. it is too crowded and also i am not that interested in the musicals they do these days. it was better in the old days. haha. 

but the buses are still running, even though diverted. so that is all right then. haha. it is nice to see london so busy with so many people out and about. and the buses are nicely air conditioned so the waiting and delay is not a great inconvenience.

all along regent st, the shop windows were having signs that say up to 50% off and SALES in big letters. so it looks like the summer sales are on now. usually they gradually reduced the prices until at the end when everything that was not sold is then drastically reduced to get rid of it. but this year they are starting to cut it by half, right at the start. only some items of course, as they are not stupid.haha. but those things they know wont sell they are cutting to the chase and just reduce it by half to attract shoppers who might want to hang fire till the end of the sales. its a bit like a cat and mouse game with their customers. this way u get them coming regularly to the store just to check out their target choices for fear it might be reduced by half. allready reports are in that uk has got the highest spend  of the tourist money for the year. a record it seems. and not surprising when u consider everything is 15-20% reduced just from the fact of the £ dropping by that much. great if u are a tourist. i am glad i dont like all this stuff they are selling… haha. so never feel i am losing out to the tourists. they are most welcome to it all , that is what i say.

there have been lots of unsettling things happening in uk recently… so that these everyday scenes i see about me as i sit on the top deck of the bus, or even on the lower deck and seeing the guys walking about in shorts and flashing a lot of leg is harking back to what is a normal summer’s day.